My common ground with Tiger

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Never thought I’d get to say that! Don’t think for one second it has anything to do with what got him all screwed up a few years ago. I happen to love my wife and kids to death and can’t imagine a world without them. No this has to do with Tiger’s recent injury to his Achilles Tendon.

I have to admit, when I hear the word “Achilles” the first thing that comes to mind is this:

Not this:

It was a few months ago when I first started to feel a little discomfort in my Achilles after the round I played at Revere. I honestly didn’t think it was golf related at all until I started going back to the range to practice and as the range sessions went on so did the pain. After the little break that I took last month the pain had subsided and I started practicing again. That’s when I was 100% sure it was my swing that was causing the discomfort in my Achilles.

I went through a severe case of Racquetball Elbow back in 2009 before I started up golf again, I know it’s called Tennis Elbow but the cool kids all play Racquetball and I’m much better at it than I am at Tennis so it just makes more sense for me to call it that. Anyway, I was just a few days away from cortisone shots being administered before then tendinitis started getting better. That pain was amazing unbearable. I never fully understood the pain that people with tendinitis go through until I was at home one morning and found myself unable to pick up an empty coffee cup with my right hand.

It seemed like everyone had an opinion on how to cure Tennis Elbow, especially when they see you wearing that stupid little forearm brace. I heard every at-home remedy you could imagine. A co-worker of mine, who was an avid golfer when he was still with us, recommended a product called DMSO Gel, I won’t go into all the details about it, that’s what Google is for, but I will say this though that stuff worked like a miracle drug and I haven’t had an issue with my elbow since!

That batch of medical woe behind me I’ve been pretty much healthy when it comes to injuries related to golf. I’m mean I still get the occasional sore muscles after a round but nothing that sticks around for more than a day. This injury though is causing me more trouble than I thought. The number one recommended treatment I can find for Achilles Tendinitis is rest, rest and more rest. That worked fine for my elbow. It was easy to park that sucker on my side and only use it when I had to, but my foot is a completely different story. I’m on my feet most of the day at work so resting it or keeping it iced or whatever the medical field recommends is kinda hard to do.

The next obvious step was to go back to the DMSO Gel and give it another go. I’ve used it twice in the past two weeks and have zero success and that’s very depressing, I was hoping for another quick fix and things would be back to normal and I’d be out in the swing studio rather than typing the post up! Well, that hasn’t happened yet, but what did happen is as I sat my ass on the couch and watched the final rounds of the WGC event unfold this past weekend I saw Tiger’s swing along with his grimace, and I saw some very familiar body language. I wasn’t too surprised when I found out it was an Achilles injury.

Not exactly the common ground I was hoping for. A course record 62 at Rio Secco would definitely be something more exciting to boast about, but that’s not the case, and I don’t think I could shoot 62 if I got to start at the approach shots on Rio! So what I’m hoping for now is to have the people over at The Golf Channel do and expose on Achilles injuries and interview some of the medical fields most reputable doctors and surgeons and explain (in Layman’s terms of course) how the injury happens, how to fix it and how to prevent it from happening in the future. Now that would be sweet! No practice time for me this week. I’m going to try and keep my foot out of my golf shoes until Saturday.

I have a big day coming up and I don’t want to jeopardize it by doing something stupid and not being able to play!

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