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Welcome to The Breakfast Ball

I recently had the pleasure to play a few rounds of golf with some close friends of mine. We have known each other for years. That’s an understatement; the guys have been my friends for what seems like forever. Pat and I go all the way back to Elementary school in the early ’80s. Wengert Wildcats baby! Randy and I have been friends since my sophomore year at Chap. Let’s see that was 1988-89. Wow, Twenty years went by fast. Hopefully, they’ll be adding to this blog as it grows with some of their stories as well.

The Breakfast Ball

The Breakfast Ball

Anyways, I was disappointed with the way I played. Not without reason, I haven’t swung a club in what seems like forever. It was depressing to see them make shot after shot while I struggled to get the ball in the fairway, let alone the cup. I had a great time and loved being out on the course again. Then it started festering in my head. How much more would you enjoy this if you could compete with these guys?

The Breakfast Ball

The Breakfast Ball

Along with me doing what I’m doing to better my game, I’m writing this blog to share my story, my journey or whatever you want to call it, with anyone who’s willing to listen. Hopefully, I’ll have some good stories to share, some funny tales to laugh at and most of all a scorecard I’ll be proud to show off.

So it began my journey to become a better golfer.

To be competitive and to enjoy the game of golf the way I wish to enjoy it. You know, Pars and birdies not snowmen and “Give me double par”It didn’t take long for the thoughts of playing better to start growing in my mind. I do love the game of golf and have a lot of respect for the golfers who star in the Pros. That’s not what I want. 72 would be fantastic, and maybe one day I’ll get there. I want to be competitive with my friends. Be the one collecting the cash, not the one sitting there thanking the golf gods that I didn’t partake in today’s wagers.

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Writer and founder of the golf blog The Breakfast Ball. My wife will tell you I'm obsessed with the game, she's right! It's that obsession which drives me to become a better player and make this site enjoyable for everyone.

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    My wife found a ad for Breakfast Ball Rangefinder, yet I cannot find it on our website. Is it affiliated with you? How do I find out more?

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