New Adidas Tour 360’s shoes in the bag.

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I picked up a new set of shoes today. They’re an early Birthday gift from my darling wife!

Adidas Tour 360 Golf Shoes

Adidas Tour 360 4.0 and they are very, very nice. I headed to the range to hit a quick bucket and give them a test run. Incredibly comfortable right out the box. They felt great and the traction is sick. Feels like your firmly planted in cement! This is my first “real” set of golf shoes I’ve ever owned. I’ve been getting by with the closeout specials and clearance models that are really just crap. Hopefully, these will last me a long time and I can get a ton of use out of them.

With this last purchase, I think I’m ready for Florida, I have one more range session scheduled for the upcoming week and have a few things to wrinkle out before  I hop on that plane. Today knocked me back down a peg or two on the confidence scale. It was a different story out there today, I hit the Driver great and my irons stunk the place up. It was real, real, windy and a headwind at that. I wasn’t feeling very well either, this past work week was a long one and I think it finally took a toll on me. I couldn’t get into a good rhythm and nothing seemed to be working.  I’m looking forward to a much better session on Tuesday.

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