Starting 2015 with a new adventure.

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Tomorrow is the official five year anniversary of this blog. [pause for applause]

It seems like it was forever ago when I logged into for the first time. The decision to pen my thoughts to the internet for the world (or about 3 people) to see was so new. If had a blast learning how to make this site better and I have no plans to change what’s been going on. I still find it hard to believe that I’ve been at this site for five years. It was first published on blogger then I moved it to and after learning how I could self-host the site and gain control of the look and feel I bought the domain and was born.

It has been a fun ride, and I cannot wait to see what the next five years bring me.

Over the past year, I have had a little bit of an evolution where I’ve decided to dabble a little bit in some reviews. I don’t have any plans on turning The Breakfast Ball into a review site, that what my work over at Three Guys is for, but I do want to expose my readers to items that I use and feel can help in some way or another. For the most part, I plan to keep on writing about my progress as a golfer and bringing you stories from the course, be it by pictures, videos or just some rants that I thoroughly enjoy writing.

Thanks again for reading the site. I try hard not to get caught up in the numbers but by far 2014 was my best year for traffic, and I have all of you to thank for that.

I’m looking forward to 2015; it has a chance to be a special year!

OK, got the mushy stuff out of the way and now I can talk about my first adventure for 2015.

Wednesday afternoon Andrew, from Journey to Augusta, and I are packing up the Jetta and heading down to Maricopa, AZ to compete in the Saguaro Amateur. By compete I mean Andrew will be playing and I’ll be on the golf bag making my Caddy debut. That’s right, me on the bag for world-renowned Andrew Ganey. Lookout golfing world, there’s going to be a rift in the space-time continuum.

Four days in the Valley of the Sun with a chill in the air. Even though the weather is going to be a tad chilly it looks like it’s going to be better than the 2″ of snow the Vegas valley is expected to get hit with on Wednesday night. Yes, for all of you who believe the weather in Vegas is perfect 365 days out of the year, it can get nasty around here now and then.

The last time we had a “snow” warning my neighborhood got hit with about 8″ of the fluffy white monster. Two inches pretty much shut this city down so you can only imagine when I woke up the next day and saw this out my backyard.

Vegas Snow 2008

It’s a gorgeous sight unless you have to try and get to work.

Vegas Snow 2008

I hope this upcoming storm is a little less disruptive. I can only hope we make our way down to Phoenix without any hassle.

Aside from lugging Mr. Ganey’s bag all weekend

We plan on making a trip over to the newly opened TopGolf in Gilbert. The rumored plans of a Vegas TopGolf have yet to grow any legs. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this trip just to get some hacks in a TopGolf. I’m curious if the buzz they’re creating is legit.TopGolf AZ

The start of 2015 looks promising.

A little golf at Southern Dunes with Andrew, some TopGolf Gilbert action and some time spent with a good friend.

After that, I need to get my ass out of the course and start playing again. It’s been eight weeks since I’ve tee’s up a ball on a golf course. That’s way too long between outings for anyone let alone someone trying to improve.

I hope everyone has a great New Years holiday as always be safe and have fun!

Thanks again for reading!


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  1. Joe Arndt
    | Reply

    Nice! Looking forward to your thoughts on TopGolf, heard the buzz you spoke of and know I will get a legit perspective from you! you’re not getting any sympathy from us here in PA over you’re chilly weather, hahahaha! Good stuff as always!

    • Mathew Wangrycht
      | Reply

      I’m sure I’ll have a quick write up on TopGolf, the hype is too high for me to go silent! I can only hope it’s as good as I hear.

      Thanks for the comment Joe. Happy New Year!!

  2. rickyleepotts
    | Reply

    Did you play #miniDunes? #PlayTroon

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