Wilson Staff Golf Balls. What’s New?

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Wilson Staff brings a few new versions to the market for 2019.

Golf balls are one of the little things in the game that mean so much to each player. It goes without saying, with no golf balls there would be no golf. This little white, dimpled, sphere has such an impact on what we do. However, it can often be overlooked. Today we’re going to look at some of the offerings from our new sponsor, Wilson Staff. So, kick up the recliner or take a break from the stresses of the 9 to 5 and enjoy the following.

Let’s first look at the new offerings from Wilson Staff for 2019.


Wilson Staff Duo Pro


  • At 60 compression, Duo Professional takes urethane cover technology to new heights, blending tour-level performance with our best-feeling player’s ball.
  • LOW 60 COMPRESSION: For incredible feel
  • LONGER: Flies at least as far as any competitive 3-piece ball
  • TOUR SPIN: 6% more spin off irons

This new ball from Wilson Staff features a Urethane cover and has a 362 Dimple count. It comes in four different colorways. White, Yellow, Green and Orange. The colors are all a matte finish but still a Urethane cover. A Urethane Matte finish is new to the industry, but it’s starting to been seen in some golf ball manufacturers.

The white still comes with the typical gloss finish, and I’m glad Wilson Staff went this route. The white matte balls I’ve played over the last couple years deteriorate so quickly they lose the joy of playing a ball with this finish. This ball has been in my bag since it was released late last year. It has excellent performance off the tee and it near flawless around the greens. It’s more of a players ball because it has workability the other balls in the lineup don’t have. The Duo Pro sells for $34.99, and I believe it is the best value for a premium golf ball on the market today.

Buy the Duo Professional by clicking HERE.


Wilson Staff Fifty Elite

  • The ultimate balance of distance and feel, Wilson Fifty Elite is a fast, 50 compression golf ball with powerful acceleration.
  • BALANCE ACHIEVED An advanced rubber core delivers big distance with high greenside spin. Likewise, a responsive cover combines a low driver spin for powerful acceleration with effective softness around the green.

The Fifty Elite from Wilson Staff is a two-piece ball with an Ionomer cover. The Fifty Elite is a distance/feel ball according to Wilson. With a price point of $14.99 a dozen, this is an incredibly affordable ball for the weekend golfer. With its durability and cost the Elite Fifty from Wilson Staff is something to consider if you’re looking for value and hate spending money on a higher priced brand.

Those are the new balls from Wilson Staff. The crew here at BBGB is currently playing the Duo Professional, and we’ve been nothing but impressed. However, when I was in Florida, I put the Wilson Duo Soft in play to see how it did for me, and I was so impressed. So I also wanted to share the other golf balls that Wilson Staff offers.

Buy the Elite Fifty by clicking HERE.


Wilson Staff Duo Soft

  • The original low compression golf ball that started a soft revolution is not only still the softest, longest and straightest, now it’s even longer, more durable, higher launching and even faster. Demand to play the world’s softest. Demand Duo Soft.
  • SOFTEST: At a ground-breaking 29, DUO Soft has the lowest compression, best feel of all competitive premium 2-piece golf balls*
  • LONGEST: Longest distance performance of all competitive premium 2-piece golf balls**
  • STRAIGHTEST: The lowest driver spin rate of all competitive premium 2-piece balls for straightest flight off the tee**

    *Based upon internal ball compression testing performed at Wilson Innovation Center on 3/14/17.
    **Distance and spin claims based upon internal flight testing performed at Wilson’s Research Test Facility in Humboldt, TN on 5/20/17. (90 mph driver test)

The soft compression makes this a distance ball, and I would have to agree. It’s long, straight and shockingly it spins like crazy on the greens. That’s not a typo. Yes, it is a distance ball that spins. I had several shots out at winter park with my wedges that backed up way more than I had expected. It even shocked Ryan a few times. Not bad for a ball that retails for $21.99

That performance was a surprise

It opened my eyes to what Wilson Staff has been up to lately. The Duo Soft, despite its name, held up brilliantly over the nine holes and showed little to no signs of wear. And, it is without a doubt the softest ball I’ve ever experienced. During the round out at Winter Park, I found putting with the Duo Soft to be very enjoyable. However, the ball does come off the face with a muted sound so players who like the audible feedback may not be in favor of the sound, keep that in mind.

Buy the Duo Soft HERE.

More Golf Balls Information Coming Later.

The next post I do on the Wilson Staff golf balls I’ll cover some of the other balls in the Wilson lineup. Like the DUO SOFT OPTIX. Do you want to talk colored golf balls? Then just wait for that one, WOW, I’m talking crazy vivid colors that would make the Volvik guys blush.

In the meantime, go follow the social accounts for Wilson Golf and stay up to date on all the new gear they have coming out. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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  1. Karun Malik
    | Reply

    I play the Duo Spin, and absolutely dear by it. Affordable, long yet soft and it lasts. Made my first eagle on a par 5 the week I started gaming this ball!!!

    • Mathew Wangrycht
      | Reply

      Thanks for the comment Malik,

      I’m so glad to hear you’re finding success with the Duo Soft. As much as I’m a fanboy of the Duo Professional I think I’m going to be gaming the Duo Soft for a while.

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