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It’s what I’ve come to expect from TRUE Linkswear, fantastic comfort.

Time and time again, TRUE does what it takes to keep me interested in their brand. This time, in a year of uncertainty, they have come out with a shoe, the OG FEEL that is, as expected, comfortable as hell. But, they also kept the gear heads’ minds reeling with a new design that is turning heads.


When I first laid eyes on the shoes, live not via photos, I instantly thought this was an intended mashup. The two shoes I’m referring to are the KNITS and the OG. With the KNITS, you have an incredibly lightweight breathable shoe, but it lacks some stability. With the OG, you have a stable shoe with fantastic comfort, but it lacks the lightweight and breathable features you find with the KNITS.

So a mashup of the two was utterly brilliant.

What’s different about the OG FEEL?

Compared to other TRUE Linkswear shoes, you are going to find a lot of similarities. The tread or sole of the shoe is the same you’re used to seeing on the OG line. It’s not too aggressive but has enough grip and tread to do the job.

The KNIT part of the shoe has a different structure than the original KNIT line, and for me, I think it’s done very well. From a distance, it doesn’t have the appearance of a KNIT style shoe, and I think that has caught a lot of people off guard. More on that in a bit.

The laces are thinner than what I’m used to finding on previous TRUE releases, and you’ll be happy to know that they come with two different colors. I’ve had zero issues with the lacing system. They hold firm once tied, and I’ve never experienced any problems in the rounds I’ve played in them.

Out of the box, or should I say “bag” the one feature that instantly stood out to me was the addition of the heel cushion. It’s not over obtrusive, but as someone who is getting accustomed to wearing below the ankle socks, this was a refreshing sight. It adds just the right amount of protection for your Achilles but also adds some level of comfort I’m not used to having in TRUE shoes. The padding is an excellent addition, and I’m glad that TRUE decided to add this to the OG FEEL.

The details on the OG FEEL via the TRUE Linkswear website:

  • Fully breathable, one-piece sock-fit knit upper with DWR shell(durable water repellent)
  • A flexible outsole and upper for ultimate on-course feel
  • Zero-drop construction for optimal feel and power
  • Reusable shoe bag in lieu of the traditional box
  • Ultra-lightweight (8.7 oz)
  • Leather saddle and ORIGINAL lacing system for a stable fit
  • Wide toe box accommodates up to 4E
  • Aggressive rubber tread for on-course traction and versatility

Slipping your little piggies into the OG FEEL

Immediately after slipping on the OG FEEL shoes, you experience how lightweight the shoes are. I liken it to some flip flops. They’re that light, And, in TRUE fashion (see what I did there) the ZERO drop feature of the shoe is more prevalent in this version than others, The KNITS have a little rise in them and to counteract that I’ve been swapping inserts between them and the OG. But the insert in the OG FEEL is minimal. That keeps the ZERO drop in place and really accentuates the barefoot feel TRUE wants the players to experience.

Playing in the OG FEEL is as close to barefoot golf you’ll get while wearing a shoe. The knit or Sock-Fit upper is very flexible and gives a ton a relief to your toes. A crowded toe box is something you’ll never hear described when talking about the OG FEEL. As per my usual routine when getting new golf shoes, I wear them around the house for a few days to help break them in. But, these unique shoes did not need a break-in period. Just like the KNITS, they are READY TO GO out of the bag.

And if you’re not sure I’m honest about that, I sacrificed my feet for this review. The first time I played in them was during my Bandon trip and my round at Sheep Ranch. And EVERYONE knows you don’t wear new shoes at Bandon.

Performance is on PAR with the recent releases from TRUE Linkswear.

From the first steps on the PURE and I mean PURE tee boxes and fairways of Sheep Ranch, I knew these were some TRUE’s I’d be gaming. The comfort is unreal, and I say that as a fan of the ZERO drop element. Those who do not enjoy that feeling will feel equally uneasy in these. However, for me, the mashup of the OG and KNITS is a winning combination.



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The upper saddle adds the stability I craved the KNITS had. And with their new SockFit, I’m a huge fan. The shoes made the round at Sheep Ranch a joyful experience. I know there’s a community of golfers out there who like playing barefoot. While I can appreciate being in touch with nature on the golf course, I’m not punishing my feet that much, especially when you can get as close to a barefoot as possible, rocking the OG FEEL.

You’re never going to please everyone.

Much to my surprise, there were several players out there who voiced their displeasure with the shoes. The images TRUE used didn’t show how flexible the toe box area is, and that upset some folks. Because of this, TRUE was taken out to the woodshed by a few accounts that I feel were unjustified. I mean, read the description.

But, much as I expected, TRUE showed their TRUE Colors and welcomed the feedback and informed those accounts that they’d gladly taken them back and offer a full refund. A pissing match could have quickly ensued, but they kept their heads high and let everyone know they are not here to gain instafame by blasting customers. Its an aspect of their brand I enjoy very much. Make a good product, have excellent service, and treat people with respect.

You’ll be impressed with the OG FEEL.

Whether its a Frankensteined mashup of two of my favorite shoes from TRUE Linkswear or an entirely new design, the truth is it’s a fantastic golf shoe. It’s a shoe you’re going to want multiple colorways of because it’s so good, you’ll want to wear them round after round.

Retailing for $139 in the realm of golf shoes is pretty affordable. I’d challenge anyone to find as comfortable as a shoe with the breathability and lightweight features the OF FEEL encompasses. TRUE has a winner, surprise surprise, and I’,m looking forward to adding the other colorways to my shoe closet.

The OG FEEL shoes come in three different colorways and can be purchased directly from the TRUE Linkswear WEBSITE

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