Olaya Sport Women’s Golf Dresses Review

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I’ve found some ladies’ golf apparel you need to know about!

Shopping for high quality, modern, attractive women’s golf clothes is like, to quote Cher in “Clueless,” searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. It can be comical, sure, but is mostly confusing, frustrating, and a complete waste of time.

When I first started playing golf in the summer of 2018, I was intimidated by all of the “rules” about what I could and couldn’t wear on the course or at the range. What I was searching for were clothes I could golf in that I LOVED. Cue the shopping spree!!

But what I got when I started shopping was cheap fabric, uninspired prints, and boxy, unflattering shapes. Or I had to settle for clothing designed for other sports, like tennis or yoga, and sacrifice much-needed functionality.

Nothing I found resembled anything that approximated my style.

But, I wore it because I didn’t know what else was out there. And, I discovered that not only was there a lack of style in women’s golf apparel, but there was also a very surprising lack of functionality. Ill-fitting cuts made for discomfort through the swing; pockets were either absent or awkwardly sized or placed. Even worse, I didn’t feel confident in how I looked, which, coupled with the insecurities of being a new golfer, created a lot of anxiety about walking on to the range or the course.

Over several months of desperate searching, however, I found there are brands designed for women who golf, by WOMEN WHO GOLF!! One of these brands is Olaya Sport, created by Lauren Olaya. Lauren is a golfer, who became frustrated with the lack of functional, stylish golf clothes available (sound familiar?), and decided to do something about it. Her dresses have become popular very quickly, seen on all over the golf course and social media on the likes of golfers like Savannah Vilaubi and Paige Spiranac.

Here’s some information about who Olaya is from their website:

I fell in love with golf when I was 12 years old. Unfortunately for me, when I started playing women’s golf clothes were limited. After I graduate college, I was trying to get on the LPGA. When that dream came to an end, I knew if I couldn’t play golf I still wanted to be involved in the sport. Knowing how much I struggled to women’s golf clothes, I decided I would create my own. I always felt, there’s no reason you can’t look great and also play great!

In the beginning, it was all just an idea and a sketch. I’ve always loved dresses but could never find a cute one for golf. I set out to make fashionable, comfortable, functional golf dresses that I felt didn’t exist. Over the last few years in our development, we’ve worked hard to create something we hope you love as much as we do! It has always been important to us to make sure our golf clothes are unique and different but in a good way. Ultimately our goal is to bring fashion to women’s golf and creating the best women’s golf clothes available. I’m very excited for what’s to come…

Lauren Olaya

Founder of Olaya Sport – Women’s Golf Clothes

Ready for a funny story?

Last summer, I decided to purchase an Olaya dress to try it out for myself. The day the dress was scheduled to arrive, I had a TERRIBLE round, in an anticipated scramble tournament no less!! It was one of those “I’m never playing golf again!!” rounds, which I swore to myself as I angrily drove home from the club. However, as golf fate would have it, I was also scheduled to play in my weekly 9-hole ladies league that evening. I let them know I was out for league night, and maybe for golf in general (we’ve all been there, right?) And then, I saw the package on my porch with the DRESS. I decided: If I love this dress, I’ll play tonight. Well, obviously, I played AND had a great round.

That’s golf, right? Sometimes we need something to give us a little extra confidence, even if it’s just what we are wearing!

Here is my overall take on Olaya Sport dresses.

I purchased the Align Golf Dress in Black, and the Balance Golf Dress in Black, both in size Small.


The quality of the material is excellent. Soft but also with a little structure to hold you in in all the right places. I have black in both styles and have not noticed any fading of the color. Also machine-washable.


Olaya Sport’s styles are very trendy, particularly the sleeveless dresses with the mesh detailing, which may be a turn-off for the more classically inclined golfer. However, if you look through all the styles, there are options without the mesh cutouts or lower necklines (the long-sleeved dresses are a great example). Length may be an issue for taller women. I am petite, so I appreciate the length of the skirt but realize some women prefer longer lengths. Wide range of color options, both neutral and seasonal. I am really in love with this season’s array of gorgeous color choices, from on-trend pink and lavender to the classic navy.


My main issue with Olaya Sport dresses is their built-in shorts. Other brands offer separate shorts that go on under the dress. The shorts for OS dresses are integrated into the dress, which makes a quick run to the bathroom at the turn a little less convenient. However, the shorts are comfortable, no riding up at all.


Fit is pretty true to size, maybe tending towards the smaller side of the spectrum. I tend to run between XS and S. I purchased S in both styles, and the fit is perfect.

Sport-friendly functionality:

This is where many golf and non-golf styles fail. Pocket placement, size, number of pockets, ease of getting into and out of said pockets, ease of movement, ability to swing the club comfortably, etc. etc. OS dresses quickly check all the boxes here, and then some! Easy to move in, pockets everywhere that actually hold balls, divot tools, phone, ball markers, whatever you need. It is crystal clear that these dresses were designed by a woman who golfs.


Customer service is excellent. I reached out via Instagram before ordering my first dress with questions on styles and fit and received responses almost immediately. When I ordered my second dress, I received a delivery notification; however, no dress. I contacted Olaya Sport, and they resolved the issue within hours. And it’s a plus in my book that these dresses are made in the U.S.

So, there you have it!!

I am super excited for warmer weather because I know these dresses will be a staple for both practices and on the course! And, who knows, they *might* just save my golf game again!

All of these dresses and more are available on the Olaya Sports WEBSITE.

They are highly recommended, especially for petite women.

Make sure to give Olaya a follow on their social media pages:


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