One week until the Death Valley Challenge!

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Well, we’re exactly one week away from our schedule departure to Death Valley and the 2013 Death Valley Challenge!

I cannot even begin to express how excited I am that the DVC is so close. I’ve put forth so much time and effort into making this year’s DVC a success that the reality of actually getting out to Death Valley and playing is going to be a massive stress release!

That’s the main reason the blog has been so quite over the past few weeks. I haven’t wanted to bore you with details of my practice sessions and anything else that’s taking place hasn’t really been story worthy.

Alas though, today I have some news I wanted to pass along to everyone.

Just yesterday we hit the $1,600 mark for donations so far! That is such a big deal for us I can’t even begin to explain. Last year we raised right around $700 so in comparison this year’s DVC has been a major success over last year’s!

We’re not done though. With 7 full days before we tee it up there is no way we are stopping now. The push continues and we still have our goal of $4,000 in our sights! It’s a stretch, I know, but we’re not giving up and neither are our sponsors!

I Need The Ball has thrown in one of their new hats as a drawing prize for anyone who makes a donation over a $1. Yuup, that’s right. Make a $1 donation to the DVC, between now and the 20th and your name will be entered into the drawing for this I Need The Ball hat that isn’t even available for sale, yet.

I Need The Ball Hat

Unless something groundbreaking takes place this will probably be the last post I make until we get back from Death Valley. I’m going to be updating what’s going on through my Twitter (@BBGolfBlog) and Instagram (thebreakfastball) accounts so if you curious about what’s going on be sure to follow me on those social media platforms.

Lastly, but most importantly, if you haven’t already done so do consider making a donation. Nothing would make us happier than being able to say we hit our goal of $4,000

Here is the link to the donation site: DONATE HERE!!!

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