Peak Vision GX5 Sunglasses Review

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Can Peak Visions Dual-Zone lens help you on the course?

We’re going to find out.

I was excited to see the Peak Vision GX5 sunglasses show up. Living in the bright sunny skies of Southern Nevada I wear sunglasses pretty much everywhere I go. I’m not the kind of guy who wears them indoors though; I keep them for their intended purposes, I’m not trying to be that “cool” in his shades in the movie theater.

These Peak Vision sunglasses come with something very intriguing to me. They call it Dual-Zone.

Here is some information from the Peak Vision website:

Peak Vision GX5 Sunglasses

Upper 20% Neutral Gray

  • – Provides protection from all UV rays.
  • – Enhances long distance visibility.
  • – Reduces glare from the sun.
  • – Lessens eye fatigue, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love.

Lower 60% Contrast Amber

  • – Provides protection from all UV rays.
  • – Enhances clarity.
  • – Provides 3X the visual information as your naked eye, allowing for an impeccable read of the green, court, or field


What does all that mean for a golfer?

As much as I love being in the sun, I hate the brightness. My eyes are covered continuously with sunglasses whether I’m in the yard, at the park or just driving around in my car. I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself an expert, but I certainly have a decent resume.

For golfers, the one annoyance of the sun is the brightness. Yes, we all hate hitting drives into the setting sun, but that isn’t the case with every tee shot. However, a bright sun in the sky is almost guaranteed out here in the desert.

The bright sky above and the vibrant green grass below are two entirely different light patterns, and yet the majority of sunglasses are only designed around one or the other.

With the Dual Zone lenses from Peak Vision, you’re getting that detailed look at the fairways and greens, but you’re also getting that protection from the glaring sun above your head.

I’ve noticed a difference in the time I’ve been wearing the Peak GX5 sunglasses

Not knowing that this type of eye protection was out there had me wondering if there was any merit to the claims from Peak. Zero visual distortion is what they say you’ll experience. Here’s some additional information from the Peak Vision website regarding why golfers should not wear a Polarized lens.

Polarization, while it does reduce glare, also flattens your depth of field, causing your eyes to misread distances in your preferred sport. This causes most people to remove their sunglasses while on the course.

Over time, this causes prolonged eye damage and can result in serious injury.  It took us four years to find a solution for these problems, and we did.  Our Dual Zone lenses combine anti-glare protection, Zero Distortion, and cutting edge technology to change your game.

I’ve never realized how the two different way the light outdoors hits your eyes when you’re on the course. I’ve been playing “golf” lenses for a while now, and until I went outside in the GX5, I was oblivious to what was happening. The way the upper part of the lens calms down the brightness of the sky and how the lower half enhances the details around you is impressive.

With just a tilt of your head, in a downward position, so you’re looking through the upper zone instead of the lower to see the difference. It’s a unique concept, and I’m on board with the idea.

Peak Vision GX5
Dual Zone Lens Example

Is the Dual Zone worth a try?

Yes, absolutely. Now I haven’t been out on the course as much as I would like to this year. Ankle surgery has put me on lockdown since early February. But, I do get out back a lot and have been putting and chipping with the Peak Vision sunglasses, and they have been a please to wear.

Now that I’m able to drive and get out on the course to practice putting and chipping, without my boot, I’m looking forward to getting more in-depth with the GX5 sunglasses. I think if you’ve never worn a pair of sunglasses that have a dual zone feature I would recommend giving it a try.

A classic look with excellent comfort. You’ll like wearing the GX5

Of course, if a pair of sunglasses are unbearable to wear, nobody will. The frames on the GX5 sunglasses are lightweight and have a very relaxed fit.

They’re not tight by any means, but they do stay in place very well. My ultimate test is placing the sunglasses on my hat facing forward. That’s where they go when not needed. Then I bend over in a manner like I’m picking something up off of the ground, like a golf tee. If they fall off, I know it’s going to be an issue ou ton the course. The GX5’s passed the test with flying dual zone colors.

After many hours of wearing them, I’ve found no discomfort at all. The lightweight frames make wearing the GX5’s very enjoyable. They are not large or bulky either. I have several pairs of SPY Sunglasses, and even with my “large” head, they look enormous on my face. Think eye surgery big. The Peak Vision Sunglasses are a perfect fit for my head. That was a big win-win for me.

Are you interested in winning a pair of the Peak Vision GX5 Sunglasses?

Along with the pair Peak Vision sent us for this review, they also included a second pair for us to do a giveaway.

Here’s your chance to win a pair if you happen to be on the fence. We’ll be running the giveaway over on our Instagram page, but if you’re not active on IG don’t worry Any comment left below will count as an entry into the giveaway as well. And, if you’re on Instagram, you’ll be able to have more entries into the giveaway.

Peak Vision, I think, is on to something.

The sunglasses are very comfortable and have been a pleasure to wear. They have a stylish look about them and have been my go-to pair of sunglasses since their arrival.

Be sure to check out their WEBSITE, and give a follow to their social accounts:

Let us know what you think with a comment below. Remember, every comment is an entry into the giveaway, There are not a lot of golfers who wear sunglasses while playing, but if you are one let us know what you’re wearing and why.


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