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Back when I was working at the Hilton Country Club I was swinging a sweet set of Prima III’s. Some kick ass Ping knock offs, yeah right. So how does one come up with a “set” of Primas you ask. I was buying them one club at a time from the “These are some cheap ass clubs no one will buy so were gonna put them over there in the corner” section at Sports Authority. It’s all I could afford at the time.I even had the matching bag to go with them!

Well, one afternoon a pro shop employee (can’t remember his name) asked me if I would be interested in buying his clubs off him. Apparently he saw the quality stick I was using and offered them up to me. He was moving away to the East coast and was going to buy some new clubs when he got there and didn’t want to haul his set across the country. So, before I knew it, I was the proud new owner of a (slightly used) set of Lynx Black Cats. Man was I pumped. Fred Couples was swinging these sticks at the time I got them and when compared to my clubs it was definitely an upgrade.

That was a long time ago, and those clubs have seen a lot of rounds. It was my first REAL set of clubs. You see I’m a natural lefty. Problem with being a natural lefty is you’re in a minority. Not like today where you can go to any sports store and multiple left handed options are available. My choice, back then, was either swing right handed using my friends and my Grandfathers clubs or don’t play. So I taught myself to play right handed. You can only go so long borrowing your friends clubs before it’s blatantly obvious you’ve crossed a line. It was time for me to start getting some clubs of my own and let me friends be. That’s when I started my one club at a time shopping. After I had bought a few clubs I thought why not try out some left handed clubs and see what happens. It was too late though, my swing had developed into a right handed swing and grabbing a club from the other side just felt really akward.

I’ve know for a while that if I ever started playing golf again, consistantly, I was going to need some new clubs sooner or later. My Black Cats were aging pretty quickly and starting to fall apart. My 6i had relocated to Oregon when my friend Pete moved away. Don’t remember how that club got in his bag but regardless, I’ve been playing without a 6i for about twelve years. My 8i flew off the end of its shaft one night at the range and due to Lynx “advanced flared shaft technology” getting that club head re-shafted isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.So I’ve been playing without the use of an 8i for about six years, and I wonder why my game has never progressed. HA. The one thing I did do was buy a decent driver. A Cobra Ti, 10.5° that was back in 97’. Wow, time flies by.

I started looking last week on craigslist for a set of clubs. Something that was at best, better than what I had. Golf club design seems to changed so fast and I’ve been swinging sticks that were leading edge technology back in the mid 90’s.

When I was outside the house the other day doing some chores I saw my neighbor outside also. I know he’s a golfer, I always see him coming home on Sundays and pulling his clubs out of the back of his truck. So I chatted Bruce up and ask him if he knew of anyone that had a set of clubs that they were looking to get rid of.“I got two sets in the garage that I don’t use I’ll sell you one if you want them..” My first thought was, YES! Second thought, please don’t be Primas! What he did have was a real nice set of Ping i5 steel shaft 4i-SW with the UW. Steel shafts, YES! My Lynx clubs were graphite. He said “Go take them to range and see how they feel. Then let me know if you want them.” I took off to Willow, got a bucket and hit away. What a difference to what I have been using. Bruce gave me a great price, less than half of what I wanted to spend, and that made the wife happy. So I feel a little bit better. I’ve got some new sticks to go along with my new found passion for the game. Looks like it’s time to start doing something with it. Range, here I come!

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