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You have to read that Post No. 300 title like you’re a resident of Sparta about to go into battle.  Come on, do it. Go ahead, no one is watching. Fun isn’t it?

Just the other day I realized I was approaching the 300 post mark and it kind of perked my ears up a bit. Never in a million years when I started this blog did I think that I’d still be going at it almost four years and 300 post later.

It’s been fun that’s for sure and I’m enjoying every minute of it and hopefully three to four years from now I’ll be talking about post 600! I’m not sure if there is a photo worthy of borrowing for that one.

300 Logo

It helps that there was kick ass movie made a few years ago to help me commemorate the moment!


So I have round scheduled out at Bali Hai here in Las Vegas for Sunday. I’m really looking forward to it because I’m knocking another course of my Vegas Bucket list.

This is one I’ve wanted to do for a while now but just haven’t had the right schedule to make it happen. I finally got it figured out though and Sunday I’ll be making my way around their course for the first time.

Bali Hai


Be sure to look for my follow up of the round next week. There’s one other reason I’m pumped to play that round as well…


During my trip out to Mesquite last weekend I had a rather informational experience in the area of club lie.

When I first got my burner clubs a few years ago my swing was dramatically different than it is today. Back then I was much more bent over and because of that the club was a lot further away from my body. That setup helped me get the club to impact the ground in the middle of the club, where is should be impacting the ground. One of the first things Wade and I worked on when we started was getting me to be taller at address.

Being taller has helped my game tremendously but I never even thought once about my club lie being changed because of it. Mike out at Ready Golf and Gear was dead on right when he asked if my Burners had been bent at all to match my height. We tested out my swing on a black board and sure enough the toe of my club was making impact not the center. Mike went ahead and bent all my clubs to the correct lie and even adjusted my putter as well.

I have a few practice sessions this week in the garage and so far I like the feeling I’m getting from the swings I’ve taken. It has been at home so I haven’t seen any ball flight results but the idea is certainly appealing.

That being said, anyone want to bet I go and bust out a triple digit score!! HA! Let’s hope not!

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! We’ve been riddled with muggy nasty humid weather over the past 6 days and it finally started raining today! The great thing is it’s supposed to rain all day today and tomorrow, skip Sunday then resume on Monday!

I can only hope the forecast comes true but much like a $3 bill in the casino a meteorologist in Las Vegas is completely worthless.


3 Dollar Bill

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