Full swings are exciting and so is practice!
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I’ll repeat it, full swings are exciting especially now that I can practice again! It seems like it’s been forever since … Read More

My Love for the Slow Motion drill
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This past weekend I took the hour and twenty minute drive to Mesquite, NV to partake in what I was … Read More

The Dreaded Pull
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This last week and a half my practice sessions have been off the chart outstanding. I’ve committed myself to practicing … Read More

We’re talking about practice!
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“Practice?” Yeah, I went there. I couldn’t resist with the topic of todays post. I was talking with my swing coach … Read More

Things ARE getting better!
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Henderson, NV –  February 28th 2013 Its taken 10 weeks, 4 days and 5 hours but I’ve finally managed to … Read More

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