Puma NXT SOLELACE Shoe Review

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Puma brings a new look to their golf shoe line with the IGNITE NXT SOLELACE

My first interaction with the new shoes from Puma came last year when we reviewed the new IGNITE PWRADAPT. With so many shoes available for golfers nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to come up with something fresh. Puma, however, has been at the forefront of new and hip for several years now. With this unique NXT SOLELACE style, Puma Golf brought in some new features and created an entirely new shoe.

Puma Logo

There are four versions in this new NXT line.


For this review, we’re going to focus on the NXT SOLELACE we received. In short, the NXT LACE is a standard laced version. The NXT DISC is Puma’s BOA version for tightening. And, the NXT PRO is an all leather version that eliminates the mesh toe top. Replacing it with leather.

Some of the features you’ll find in the NXT SOLELACE.

  • SOLELACE Closure System
  • IGNITE Foam
  • Performance Mesh + TPU
  • Organically-Altered Traction
  • Molded Comfort Insole
  • 1 Year Waterproof
  • Fit: Fits slightly long, consider going down a ½ size.
  • Size 7-14
  • Style #: 192224

Also, some additional information from the Puma website:

The iconic IGNITE spikeless franchise has been taken to the NXT level! Built from the ground up with Pro-Form TPU outsole with an Organically-Altered Traction pattern. A full-length IGNITE Foam midsole, wrapped in SoleShield for added durability, provides unparalleled comfort and energy return to help you feel and play your best all day long. The upper features a flat-knit waterproof mesh vamp with PWRFRAME reinforcement. Integrated with the SOLELACE Closure System, TPU SOLELACE units allow the lace to completely wrap the foot and secure the midsole around your foot. The innovative materials and progressive design provide the performance you need on the course and the style you need while off it.

Since the LACE version is very similar to the IGNITE PWRADAPT, I asked Puma to send us the new SOLELACE for this review. For one I love new tech when it comes to shoes. Also, I was so impressed with other Pumas I was eager to get my feet into another pair.

When the package from Puma arrived, I was excited to see what was inside.

There are several colorways available in the SOLELACE, and I had no idea which one was inside.

I was so happy when revealing the contents. Inside I found a fresh new pair of the NXT SOLELACE in a unique colorway.

Puma calls this variant; Burnt Olive / Puma Aged Silver / Puma Black

The sole or “tread” of the shoe is a vibrant Puma Orange that would make Rickie proud. The sole is unique, and unlike anything, I’ve seen from Puma in the past. It instantly reminded me of the ECCO sole. The more I studied the tread, the more I noticed how vastly different of a traction system it incorporates.

From the Puma site about the sole of the SOLELACE:


More than 100 strategically placed directional hexagon lugs in proper zones for increased traction throughout the swing delivering even more grip and power.

I haven’t decided if I’m a spikeless guy or not.

I do love the comfort and feel of a spikeless shoe. However, in my history of wearing a spikeless shoe, you do lose some stability and traction. It’s the main reason I went with the spikes in the PWRADAPT from last year.

The NXT SOLELACE sole though has been very impressive. When you first glance at the sole, you wonder a little on how this is going to provide traction. But, once on my feet and walking around on the golf course, it was clear, Puma figured something out.

NXT Solelace

I even took them with me to the mountains when the family and I headed up in elevation for a snow day with the kiddos. I thought it would be a good test for traction and waterproofing. The snow was compacted where we went, so I didn’t get the chance to dunk them in some powder. That was a bummer.



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The NXT SOLELACE is a BIG golf shoe.

For reference, I wear a standard size 8. You may recall I found the IGNITE PWRADAPT shoe to be large as well, but it didn’t bother me. And, even with this new shoe, the more substantial toe area hasn’t been an issue. You do need to be aware though with the sizing. Puma says to go down a half size; I would suggest going with a full size. It’s that much larger of a shoe.

The toe area is massive. A quick comparison; My first pair of TRUE KNIT shoes are a size 9 (early in the release, sizes were limited.) and the Puma NXT SOLELACE shoes are longer, in overall length than the KNITS. That’s a size eight from Puma that is bigger than a size nine from TRUE.

Even with the extended toe box, the shoe is still very comfortable.

That is once you get your foot inside. The insert offers good quality support, and I didn’t find it obstructive in the slightest.

My biggest gripe about the NXT SOLELACE is the actual Sole Lace. It can be challenging at first to understand how the laces work. It’s very different from a traditional lacing system, and it takes a little bit to get the hang of how to tighten the shoes.

Everything needs to be loose to get the shoe to slip on without a struggle. Then, once on your foot, you start the battle with the laces to get everything nice and tight. Because the laces cover so much surface area from one side of the “sole” to the other, there is a lot. More than once I found myself trying to tighten a section that was already tight and missing the ones that needed to be.

It was frustrating. However, once I realized you had to loosen everything up and then start the process, it became much a lot easier. These aren’t your grandpa’s laces, that’s for sure.

Comfort wise, the NXT SOLELACE is a winner.

All troubles with laces aside the NXT SOLELACE is a damn good golf shoe. I’ve played a multitude of rounds in them and was impressed with the comfort as well as the superior traction system. Up here in the hills of Henderson, our golf courses have some crazy elevation changes. That makeup allows some good solid intel for determining how a shoe will do in a “sticky” situation.


Revolutionary and proprietary midsole foam provides energy return, responsive comfort, stable cushioning and superior step-in comfort.

Whether it is a practice session at the Revere range or walking 18 at Streamsong Red, the Pumas have been a surprise. Mainly because it’s so different than the other shoes, I’ve seen from them. It’s a fact; there is nothing worse than having a shoe be a nuisance when you’re trying to enjoy an elite golfing destination like Streamsong.

NXT Solelace


Not only did the NXT SOLELACE hold up over the 18 holes at Streamsong. They also powered through the 7-hole short course called The Roundabout, and The Gauntlet putting course. By the way, you need to go check out Streamsong as soon as you can! We didn’t get a chance to play the Black but being at the clubhouse and enjoying the short course and putting green was an absolute blast!



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The support makes the NXT SOLELACE an excellent golf shoe.

From the Puma Website regarding SOLELACE Tech:

A strong, lightweight TPU attached directly to the midsole allows the laces to completely envelop the foot, offering 360-degree support while securing the midsole and outsole directly to your foot for the ultimate ground feel.


Everyone wants support from their golf shoe. There is a ton of pressure that is placed on the foot during the golf swing. With a lack of support, you can “lose” some of your swing skillsets. We’ve all been there. Standing over your shot in a tricky stance, just praying you can maintain your balance throughout the swing. Those certain situations where the stability is tested stand out more than others. It’s the common swings where you don’t realize just how important a stable golf shoe is.

NXT Solelace

Don’t believe me? Then find a pair of shoes you own that offer very little stability and take some swings. It’s one of the main reasons I’m still on the fence when it comes to spikeless shoes. The good news is companies like Puma are figuring out ways to add stability and support to spikeless shoes. The innovations are fantastic to see.

Cutting edge style that you’ll either love or take a pass.

New trends and styles are not always met with rave reviews. For a lot of golfers maintaining a traditional saddle shoe, much like the Jack Grace shoes we recently looked at, are never going to be replaced.

Puma isn’t one to shy away from making a bold statement with their shoe releases. The high-tops created a ton of buzz and that’s, I’m sure, exactly what they were looking to achieve. I for one love seeing a large brand take chances and put out products that create a wide range of emotions. Be it good or bad. At least everyone is talking about it and that’s better than being passive and releasing the same shoe over and over.

Say what you will, I think Puma is killing it over that last few seasons. And, after seeing what’s on the way at the PGA Show last month, I’m sure their status as disrupters and envelope pushers is not going anywhere!

solelace colorways

The NXT SOLELACE shoes come in four different colorways.

  • Burnt Olive / Puma Aged Silver / Puma Black
  • Puma Black / Puma Team Gold
  • Gray Violet / Puma Team Golf / Quiet Shade
  • Peacoat / Puma Team Gold

I love the Puma Team Gold accent color. It enhances the shoe so brilliantly but in such a subtle way. However, I’m finding out, via Instagram, not everyone is a fan of the look. It could be the Burnt Olive & Black; I’m not sure. But I profoundly disagree with what our followers on Instagram believe. I love the input but judging a shoe just on looks is tough. That is what IG is all about though, so I get it.

The Puma NXT SOLELACE is a viable option for today’s golfers.

After the rounds spent in the Puma’s, I’m a believer in the tech they added to this release. My main concern was the stability, and with the TPU in the SOLELACE you get precisely that. A ton of stability. The Puma engineers created a highly functional sole tread that gives you superior traction for a spikeless shoe.

Retailing for $120 they are reasonably priced as well. The high-end shoes can carry a price tag that stretches all the way into the upper $500 range. And I’m not sure they offer much more support than what you’re going to get out of the SOLELACE. It’s a fantastic golf shoe for the money.

You can order directly from the Puma website or find a local retailer that is carrying the new line.

And as always be sure to give Puma a follow on their social media outlets to stay up to date on all things happening within the Cobra/Puma Family: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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