PXG Fitting and Performance Center in Las Vegas

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The high-end brand comes to Vegas with its new center at DragonRidge Country Club

PXG is no stranger when it comes to making waves. For a few years now they have been proclaiming “Nobody makes clubs the way we do. Period.” It comes off a tad bit arrogant at first, but once you see or in my case, learn, what goes on in the process, you get a better understanding of why Bob Parsons is so eager to make those claims.

I’m not going to go into the history of PXG or talk about any of their clubs, at least not in this post. There is a magnitude of articles written about PXG, and I encourage you all to read up on the person behind the company. It’s a great story.

Today I’m just going to talk about the new Performance and Fitting Center that just opened up here in town.

PXG Fitting & Performance Center

PXG Studio


The PXG Studio is located just off the practice facility at the DragonRidge Country Club in Henderson. They took over one of the hitting bays, did some remodeling and then added some PXG flare to the studio. Now it is a permanent home for what was only a mobile business.

The PXG Studio Master Fitter, Peter Curran.

Meet Peter Curran, an avid golfer, and PXG Master Fitter.  After graduating with an M.B.A., Peter moved from the NorthEast to California to pursue his passion for club fitting and to work in the golf equipment industry.  Peter has worked for some of the top golf companies in a variety of different roles surrounding management, sales and most importantly, custom club fitting.  Peter has more than 15 years of experience in the golf industry and is the first ever PXG mobile fitter to cover Nevada.


As part of the PXG mobile fitting team, Peter serves golfers throughout the state of Nevada.  Although he is based in Las Vegas, he does cover Mesquite, Reno, and Tahoe as well.  His home base is at the newly formed PXG Studio at DragonRidge CC in Henderson.  He can be reached at PCurran@PXG.com or directly at 480-489-4988 for any fitting needs.

Are you looking to add some PXG gear to your bag in 2019? This is the place!

Peter invited me up to check out the new Studio. I was looking forward to seeing all that PXG had done to the place. Some of you may recall I was there taking lessons from Dustin when it was The Nicklaus Academy. And, recently I was there with Sam from Impact Custom Fitting where I went through an extensive driver shaft fitting. The turnover there has been surprising considering what I believe to be a great spot. But, things do come and go, but I think PXG has found themselves a sweet place to put a foundation down in Vegas.

The Studio features all the clubs in the PXG lineup. From Drivers to Fairway Wood, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges, and Putters everything is there, on site, for you to get fit.

As eager as I was to see the new studio, I was even more excited to check out the new GEN 2 Fairway Woods!

GEN 2 Drivers, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids


The new woods are incredible. I’ll lead with that. I’ve been a fan of the irons since the first time I hit one. They’re a fantastic iron, but unfortunately, just a tad bit out of my price range. So, for the time being, my current setup is staying in place. However, with the new pricing structure PXG has implemented, there’s a good chance you might see a PXG 0811 X Driver in my bag!

Due to my ankle injury, I showed up in jeans and sneakers because I didn’t want to take any swings and further damage an already lingering issue. But, after taking a look at the new woods, I couldn’t resist. Peter even prepared the session by having the new UST Mamiya Helium shaft all ready to go for me!

I couldn’t resist, so I stepped up and hit a few to get a feel for the new driver. WOW, it was so different from the GEN 1, I enjoyed hitting a ball. The previous generation was not a winner in my opinion, but this new GEN 2 line is outstanding.

More to come later about the new clubs.

Once I get my ankle healed up, I’m going to take Peter up on his offer to come back. I need to see what I can do with a full swing. Even though I was limited to what I could do the numbers were impressive. Ideal launch, perfect spin and overall good distance.

The PXG Studio utilizes the latest from Trackman to get your stats. So not only can you see the ball flight with your own eyes. The studio has a bay door that opens up to the DragonRidge range. But, you can also get the Trackman data we all geek out over when going through a fitting.

In the studio, PXG has all the shafts they offer in the clubs. You can get fit perfectly by Peter to the right shaft and know when your set or club(s) arrive they will be the same version of what you hit during the fitting.

I certainly have a change of heart when it comes to PXG.

I take my hat off to Peter. He did some damn good work educating me on PXG and what they’re up to for 2019. And, I also got some lessons on what PXG is doing that makes them one of the innovative leaders in the golf industry.

I’m looking forward to getting healed up and going back to the Studio so I can grind out a session with the new driver. I hit it way too good with limited abilities to not consider a full session with the club.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s more to come down the road from us and PXG. As much as I learned in this first meeting with Peter, I’m excited to expand my knowledge with PXG. Hopefully, in the near future, we can get some clubs in our bags to test out and bring you all some great content on this powerhouse.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to get into some PXG clubs, reach out to Peter and schedule a fitting. Besides the number and email listed above, you can also find him on Instagram.

PXG has revamped their pricing structure in 2019 and getting into some of the best clubs available is now more affordable than ever. Well, maybe not to all of us. They are still considered a high-end brand and the prices reflect just that, but, in my opinion, PXG has done a great job with the restructuring, and they are showing how they want to get their clubs into the hands of more golfers!



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