Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor Review

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The Rapsodo MLM is going to change the way you practice.

That is a bold statement, but it’s true. The technology Rapsodo has compiled in such a small, mobile, device has a lot of heads turning, including yours truly.

The first question I always get asked, “Is it as good as Trackman?” Which, in my opinion, is just silly, we’re talking about a $500 unit vs. a $25,000 one. So even though the Rapsodo has some damn cool features, please don’t expect to open up a fitting studio with this little guy. Its intended purposes are vastly different.

There are a ton of features we’ll go over in this article to help you get an understanding of what the Rapsodo is all about. Chances are after reading this, and seeing some of the cool features, you will be intrigued, and more than likely want to add one to your bag. With that being sais, let’s dive into what makes the Rapsodo not only a fresh product but a fun way to enjoy your training sessions.



What you get with your Rapsodo purchase

Here is the WITB from the Rapsodo MLM Website:

  • MLM includes: MLM unit, USB-C Cable, Carry Case, Quick Start Guide
  • Professional Accuracy: Carry Distance, Ball Speed, Club Speed, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, and Launch Direction
  • Provides Video Playback with Shot Tracer
  • GPS Enabled: See exactly where your shots land on the driving range or pinpoint a flag for a closest to the pin contest
  • Bag Mapping: See your shot averages and trends by the club, so you always know what to use when you’re the course
  • Shot Library: Store all of your shot data and your last 100 videos. Additional Video storage is available with a subscription.
  • Share Your Shots: link your account and post videos to your preferred social network.


The factors that make a launch monitor such a valuable commodity

Data. We all love the data. And nothing has changed the game more, in my opinion, than the data overload PGA Tour players are now obtaining. This wave of information has transitioned from the select few tour guys to a must-have for anyone attempting to be a fitter. There is too much valuable information you can obtain from a high-end launch monitor that helps a fitter, or a player, understand what is going on with their swing.

From my assessment in dealing with launch monitors and analyzing my swing, the most critical data points to obtain are the following:

  • Ball Speed
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Attack Angle
  • Launch Angle 
  • Dynamic Loft
  • Swing Path
  • Spin Rate
  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance

While there are other data points, the Trackman’s, FlightScope’s, and Foresight monitors collect, I think the ones I just listed are the most vital for analyzing your swing. Here is the data you’ll obtain when practicing with the Rapsodo MLM:

  • Total Distance (option for Carry Distance on woods)
  • Ball Speed
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Shot Type
  • Launch Angle
  • Launch Direction

That is some precious data, but the MLM doesn’t stop there. What makes this launch monitor unique is the other features it has that others do not.


What the Rapsodo brings to the table that other launch monitors don’t.

Basically, where’s the bang for your buck with the Rapsodo MLM?

There have been a handful of MLM that have come to market over the last several years. And for the most part, they all produce similar information: Ball Speed, Clubhead Speed, Distance. As technology has advanced, more information is becoming available such as spin, launch angle, and smash. So to differentiate themselves from the other MLM in the space, Rapsodo has brought video playback to the forefront with their unit.

Within the first ten seconds of watching the demonstration at the PGA Show, I knew they had a hit on their hands. The software takes care of all the editing, and it does so brilliantly. There’s no need to go back into your swing capture and edit; it’s all done for you. BUT that is only part of the prize — Rapsodo employes something else that puts it ahead of other MLM.

The shot tracer feature is a 10/10

During the demonstration, the Rapsodo team had their phone synced to a large TV so everyone in the booth could watch what takes place within the app. And when we all saw the shot tracer, there was a collective “ooooooooooh” from everyone watching. It’s an aspect that no other mobile launch monitor has, and it’s perfection. Utilizing the powerful AI in the iPhone, the Rapsodo MLM has brought a social sharing feature to the MLM space and users are going nuts over, who knew shot tracing golf swings could field so much entertainment? Well, EVERYONE!

Social sharing makes the interface with users a blast

Because of the simplicity of the interface, uploading and sharing a swing to your favorite social media sites is as easy as it gets. And the Rapsodo team is doing a fantastic job of showcasing users that agree to have their swings made public on their pages as well. It’s made the Rapsodo a very desireable device for accounts on Instagram. More and more IG Golf accounts are finding the feature to be ideal for sharing their swings and maybe even boosting their egos as they drop 330-yard bombs! I’m not going to lie; it’s been fun to watch!


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What I like about the Rapsodo

Data Collecting

I’m a total stat nerd, and having all the data from a practice session is awesome.

I mean, this is why we want these units, right? Rapsodo does an excellent job of providing the user with a lot of data. I went over it a little bit earlier, but it’s the vital feature of any launch monitor. How much data can your dollar get you? For the price point, I feel Rapsood has done it’s customers an excellent service. Knowing what you’re getting ahead of time, I can’t foresee anyone having any issue with what information you’ll be obtaining.

The App Interface is outstanding.

The user interface with the MLM app is simple and will not require a “Rapsodo for Dummies” book to understand how it works. You can quickly swipe through your videos of your swings or bring up a table showing all the shots with a specific iron.

There is also a feature where you can get an overhead (via the GPS) of your range session and see how your session went.


Where I think Rapsodo went above and beyond is how you can select a specific shot. Then it brings up the data from that swing, and you can drag the data to the left or right to see more. Or, you can click on the video icon and see that swing. It impressive, and I think it’s one of the best features of the unit.

Lightweight and compact.

Because the MLM utilizes your phone to capture the video footage, no camera system is in the Rapsodo. That freed up not only space but weight. With the included bag clip, attaching the carrying case to your bag is simple, and it doesn’t hinder the functionality of your bag one bit.

There are a bunch of features packed into this little unit. However, there are a few areas I feel need to be discussed.

Where I feel the Rapsodo falls short

There is so much tech in the unit; it’s almost shameful for me to say there are areas for improvement. But, if I’m honest with all of you, there are some shortcomings with the MLM that I have found knock it down a few pegs compared to other similarly priced units.

You have to use the Rapsodo MLM outdoors.

And by outdoors, I mean a range where the tracking software in the unit can follow the golf ball from tee to ground. That means no nets, and it also means there has to be daylight. These are not at all reasons to NOT invest in the MLM; they are, however, a few reasons I feel the competitors have an advantage.

As much as I love heading over to Revere and spending time on the range, I can’t always make it there. I can nine times out of ten, spend some time, every day, in my garage hitting balls into my Rukket net. Because I cannot do that with the Rapsodo and get the data from the swings, it’s not ideal for my situation.

No spin

The other factor I think that will disheartening for several golfers is the fact the spin rate is not a data point. By far, this has been the biggest gripe from colleagues when they have messed around with the Rapsodo MLM.

iPhone Only

And lastly, even though this does not pertain to me, the Rapsodo is only compatible with the iPhone. I was told they hope to have the Android version ready by the first Quarter of 2020. If you’re an Android phone user, that will keep you from purchasing one until that release happens. Or, you could do the smart thing and get an iPhone! (not a paid endorsement)

If you love the social sharing aspect, the shot tracer, and the other key features I mentioned above, the Rapsodo is right for you. I think they are way ahead of the game when it comes to those features. It’s what has a lot of people going out to purchased a unit.

Data Inconsistencies

I can say until you step up to a $25,000 launch monitor, expect some discrepancies.


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This video I posted led to some heated exchanges with a few people. They felt I was trying to prove I was a bigger hitter than I am. To which I found hilarious. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a bomber. I was even surprised when this data came back. But, what the hecklers didn’t take into consideration was this was total yards, not carry.

Even with that taken into consideration, the likely hood of getting a ball to travel that far is unlikely with the ball speed and clubhead speed I was creating. Just be aware that not every swing you take may have the most accurate data. Use your brain and decide if what you’re seeing is legit.

In Conclusion

The fantastic tech world we live in is expanding to golf. The tech companies are flying to the golf space. I see more and more mobile or portable, affordable, launch monitors heading to the market. I’m excited to see what the PGA Show has in store for us come January.


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I’m very impressed by what the Rapsodo team has accomplished with this first golf unit. The social sharing is incredible. The ability to see your shot pattern from an overhead view is outstanding. Being able to dial in your clubs by keeping track of your data over many sessions is so valuable. And, the video playback with a shot tracer that requires NO EDITING is worthy of a standing ovation.

To pick up a Rapsodo MLM head on over to their WEBSITE.

The Rapsodo MLM retails for $499, and right now, they have a $50 discount. We also have a unique coupon code you can use


With that code, you’ll receive one year free of the Pro Subscription service offered by Rapsodo. That is a savings of $99.

Be sure to follow Rapsodo on their social channels

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