The Revere Golf Club Concord Course

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The Revere Golf Club

Concord Course

I’m at the range, and it’s HOT, like REALLY, REALLY HOT. One of the good perks about living in Vegas is if you can handle the heat, outdoor activities are a lot cheaper in summer then in spring, fall & winter. I actually prefer to play in the heat. In my opinion its way better then having to bundle up to keep warm when it’s cold as hell out.

Since the course is so close to my house I decided to get there way early. I was there probably about an hour and a half before out tee time. I wanted to get in some good work at the range with the Demo club and Revere has an awesome chipping and putting area. Free range balls with the round, you know I love that. I hit for about 30min and I was soaked. It was a little bit more humid than normal for this time of year. It was going to be brutal by 1pm.

Revere Golf Club - Concord
Dan swinging away at Revere Golf Club

After the range I went over to the chipping area and chipped for another half hour. They have a ton of range balls at the chipping area, and they even have a PVC pipe ball sweeper so you can quickly collect up more balls. I was practicing from about 20 yards off the green then moved to a couple feet outside the fringe. Had some good success, I need to do this more, a lot more.
So everyone else shows up and we make our way to the first tee.


Revere Golf Club - Concord
Me, Randy, Dan & Jimmy at Revere Golf Club

First hole is an incredible downhill dogleg to the right. Now on the range I was killing it with the driver, so I step up and crush a ball that sliced so far to the right I think it went over the 9th fairway! Breakfast ball! So my Re-drive was a lot better, not where is should be but because of the dogleg I had a nice shot at the green. 2nd shot came up short; I chipped on and left myself a thirty footer for par. One little tiny freaking inch short from making par, man that pissed me off! Bogey number one and off we went.


Revere Golf Club - Concord
That’s me teeing off on #15 at Revere

I had a good time, even with the high score. This round ended my improving my score every round streak at five. Have to start a new one. The next time we play here I think we’ll play Lexington. When I played it I liked it more than Concorde. Concorde is a tough course, a lot of elevation changes. Some long up hill holes that are very challenging. I hit the most fairways I’ve ever hit before with ten. I only had four penalty strokes, which is a about where I’ve been the last couple of rounds. The bad is my Greens in Regulation. I’m getting killed at this stat, only two GIR. Maybe with time and practice with the new driver, yes I’m going to order it, I can improve that stat. My putting stunk, except on the first hole. I just couldn’t get it going. Three, 3 putts and a 4 putt, ouch. No birdies, no pars either. Five blow up holes. That number needs to go away!

Next up, ordering “my” driver and hitting the range!



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