2UNDR Mens Underwear Review

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2UNDR, not underwear as you know it.

With golf apparel continuing to promote an athletic fit and finish, it is with no surprise that premium undergarment companies have risen. It hardly makes sense to accompany that great new (insert favorite golf apparel brand) – for myself, Travis Mathews, with old fatigued boxer briefs and old crusty socks. Now how do you quantify what a great athletic boxer brief is, and more specifically an excellent golf boxer brief? Well, we will be diving into 2UNDR today and uncover how they intend to provide comfort and support that all of you golfers desire.


Using the most advanced construction techniques and materials, the 2UNDR™ range provides more support than a standard brief with the best fit, comfort, and style man has ever experienced. Taking inspiration from the kangaroo-pouch, 2UNDR™ features the unique and revolutionary “The Joey Pouch” to separate a man’s most valuable assets from bodily contact to reduce unwanted skin-on-skin contact, providing less chafing, more control, and an altogether more luxurious feel. The innovative design also delivers improved airflow keeping you cool when involved in strenuous activity or simply going about a busy day.

This is no normal underwear range.

It will change perceptions of men’s support. It is NOT UNDERWEAR AS YOU KNOW IT. The vision of 2UNDR™ was simple. To create a high-performance men’s athletic underwear line, with the versatility of everyday use. Using the most advanced construction techniques and materials, the 2UNDR™ range provides more support than a standard brief with the best fit, comfort, and style man has ever experienced.

When I received a hand full of pairs of 2UNDR’s product, I was blown away. I feel it’s important to go ahead and be transparent early on.  I’m not going to waste your time telling you about fancy color briefs in this review. The product design is unique and so much thought was put into keeping your twig and berries comfortable.

For our readers specifically, golfers, we continually bring you the latest technologies from various brands all across the board. Getting you longer off the tee, balls that fly better, range finders that are cheaper, putters, wedge, etc. You name it- we have told you about it. I know if you haven’t tried a pair of 2UNDR you haven’t felt this underwear design anywhere else.

Some may look at all athletic style underwear for men the same way. It’s either cotton or a compression style poly blend. With not much left in between-pun intended. Cotton was the only choice for athletes for many decades. Things evolved, and the poly blend/compression style hit the market, and I would have to assume it is preferred when it comes to any physical activity. The new material certainly favors physical activity, but never really changed the cut for the most part. This is where 2UNDR owns the market- changing the way it offers the “boys” support.



The Joey Pouch™ is a soft and comfortable environment for your most valuable assets. Constructed with premium fabrics, the pouch delivers the perfect fit while preventing unwanted skin contact (Patent-Pending).


The Fly is an essential element of all 2|UNDR™ garments. No need to drop your pants in the men’s. The fly allows for increased airflow to your nether regions and provides in-your-pants air conditioning.


The No-Drip-Tip™ moisture control layer is designed to wick away unwanted wetness for a faster drying garment that provides a soft, cool, and dry feeling every time.

With this new game-changing technology, 2UNDR has expanded this offering in multiple product lines that are most appropriate for your needs. Everything from casual loungewear, to extreme activities in the full compression line. For me, this is what they have knocked out of the park. Offering the extremely comfortable Joey Pouch for the goods, but not limiting you to a specific material.

2UNDR Current Line Up

  • Swing Shift: Active Comfort- The swing shift is made with the finest beech wood fiber in the signature modal fabric. Pure heavenly softness.
  • Day Shift: A new day has arrived with a new material blend. The familiar texture and breathability of cotton combined with the silkiness of bamboo and the stretchiness of elastane make the new Day Shift perfect for the everyday hustle. Paradise in your pants.
  • Night Shift: Using the most advanced construction techniques, the Night Shift features a new innovative laser-cut Joey Pouch™ design that simplifies the construction of the most important area of the product. The ultra-soft micro-nylon waistband is sonically welded to remove stitching for a seamless fit and feel. Combining all these methods with the silky Nylon – Poly blend keeps you comfy and dry for those sultry nights when expectations run high.
  • Gear Shift: Training- The Gear shift was designed with an athletic cut for compression like feel. The quick dry poly blend helps you keep your cool.
  • Power Shift: Elite Performance- The Power Shift provides a poly blend that provides the best support and quick dry performance for top levels of competition.

On The Course Review

With anything in life, there always will be products on both sides of the pricing spectrum. 2UNDR gear falls right in the middle of store brand boxer pricing and designer brands that you may find at a Nordstrom, type retailer. Companies will continue to make products that they believe improve what came before it and you the consumer will decide if the juice is worth the squeeze. With activewear, I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. In this case, 2UNDR has without a doubt, improved on men’s apparel.

After playing about ten rounds of golf in Texas heat in these, I can justify the technology behind this product makes sense to almost any athlete. The unique support structure, with an emphasis on keeping you dry and comfortable, makes all the difference. Far superior from anything that I was used to wearing. I had all the support I needed but also never once had to “adjust.” I hate to give you the impression that it felt like wearing nothing, but my best description would have to be un-noticeable support. Weekend warriors you deserve this upgrade.

What I appreciate the most about 2UNDR incorporating this technology into their underwear, is that none of the other big sporting brands would have. Relying on years of household name brand recognition, never made them want to challenge such a core of an athletes clothing. Every year, they offer almost the same in men’s underwear with new colors and different stitching. 2UNDR saw an area they could improve and ran with it.

What’s to Come

Down the pipeline comes radical new pattern designs for all product lines. Some of which will be your favorite collegiate teams, as well as crazy print work. 2UNDR plans on expanding its product offerings with loungewear and accessories.


Be on the lookout for them in our Christmas Gift Guide. And for more information regarding their new releases just in time for that perfect gift. They have a great website that beautifully displays their colors and options, which I encourage you to look over thoroughly. Then, once you have found that perfect pair, or 10, enjoy some savings on us. We have a BBGB exclusive promo code. Just use BKBgolf20 for 20% your entire order at check out.

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