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The new iPhone 6 Case from BirdieCage is a fun new product aimed at golfers.

Aside from being a golf fanatic I consider myself to be a bit of a tech junkie and for me, I have one personal electronic device I hold near and dear to my heart, and that is my iPhone.

When I purchased my iPhone 6, I diligently scoured the internet, reading reviews and browsing websites looking for “the perfect” case that would not only protect my investment but also carry with it some style. I’m not one of those hip toting cell phone guys and I’m not one who believes my phone should be able to survive a 10 story fall, so the phone cases I like are slim, lightweight and for the most part keep the phone as compact as possible, in other words, the less bulky, the better.

I’m a huge fan of the case I have now. It’s from Spigen and has performed flawlessly up until this point and for the price point, I’ve been rather pleased. My golf obsession, however, decided it was time for some change, even though there was absolutely no need for it when I saw the new iPhone Case from Birdie Cage, it’s quite the attention grabber as you’re about to see.




You may not be familiar with them so here’s their about blurb from their site:

“Here at BirdieCage we eat, drink, and sleep golf. And now when we reach for our phone, our  cell has one purpose… set our next tee time! Because our passion for golf is so immense, we decided to treat ourselves right and back our phones with the sport that we love. As if we need the reminder, right? But hey, it’s golf, so you better believe we remind ourselves as much as we can. Grab a case, protect your phone, and get out to a course to play. That’s where we’ll be!”

There’s not much I could find wrong with those statements!

BirdieCage also has a tremendous following on Instagram; I’m talking 51,000 followers! I was fortunate enough to get a mention by them one day and have been a fan of their page ever since.


Needless to say when I found out they had created a golf-related iPhone case I jumped at the opportunity to get one and so far I like it, a lot! The case fits my likes perfectly. It’s not even close to bulky; in fact, it is as close to the phone without a case as I’ve found. The sides are much like they typical phone cases; it’s a durable material with some flex for installing the phone and also offering some protection.

The front edge is raised creating a lip

That lip allows you to set your phone face down and not have the glass screen come into contact with whatever you’re resting it on. The screen not touching the surface is a huge plus in my opinion. I’ve had cases on previous phones where the sides of the case were either lower or flush with the glass and in no time your screen is all scratched up.

Because the iPhone has curved glass along the edges I have yet to install a screen protector, in my opinion, the screen protectors make the phone look hideous. My previous case also had a raised edge preventing the screen from coming into contact with tables or desktops, so I was happy to see this case had the same feature. It’s allowed me to keep the beautiful screen of the iPhone free from an ugly screen protector.

BirdieCage iPhone Case

The volume buttons and the on/off button on the sides are not obtrusive

They flow nicely with the overall look of the case. On the side of the case, you’ll find the BirdieCage logo. I like the placement of the logo here; it doesn’t overpower the rest of the case yet still stands out in a very effective way.

BirdieCage iPhone Case

The cutouts for the mute button and accessories on the bottom are perfect. Nice and wide so there’s no issue switching the phone to silent, which I can’t say was easy with my other case. The speaker cutout is precise and looks great.

BirdieCage iPhone Case

The only issue I foresee in the future maybe with the cutout for the lightning adaptor.

It’s rather large, and because of that, the area at the base of the case is much thinner than compared to the top. The lack of material makes this area of the case very fragile.

Featured on the back of the case is a durable shell replicating the dimples of a golf ball. The backing of the case changes it from a simple one to a case that easily represents a golfer. It’s thick and durable, but not too think and this allows the phone’s lens to be safe when your phone isn’t in use or your pocket.

BirdieCage iPhone Case

It’s instantly recognizable as a golfer’s accessory.

My youngest daughter belted out to her sister “Daddy has a golf phone now!” it was hilarious.

The only downside I’ve experienced with the case is how smooth the backing is. Even though it features the textured golf ball dimples the surface is very slick.

Nothing terrible has happened so far. But, where my other case would show some friction or resistance when I pulled from my pocket the BirdieCage case slips right out. Sometimes too quickly and I’ve had to showcase my phone catching skills. I now way does this negatively affect my opinion of the case; it’s just different from what I’ve been used to carrying.

Overall I’m incredibly pleased with the case.

It fills all my needs as far a phone case goes. Plus it adds just a little bit of the golfer’s lifestyle to a piece of my everyday carry!

The Birdie Cage phone cases come in 5 different colors; Coral, Golfer’s Green, Gun Metal Gray (this is the color of the one in my photos), Matte Black and Royal Blue. In talking with them I was informed there are cases in the works for other phones as well so for all you Android users be patient, versions for your phones will be available in the future.

The cases sell for $29.99 and can be purchased directly from their Website.

Be sure to give them a follow on their social media outlets as well.

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  1. Chris Ryan
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    This case looks super and seems to very durable. I think this will make a super gift for the Golfer – Technology lover!

  2. Charlie Belliston
    | Reply

    We love the review, and we love the new golf backed phone cases! Thank you!!

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