CHASE54 Ladies Apparel Review

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The name CHASE54 comes from the idea of carding the perfect golf round:

18 straight birdies for a low score of 54. Such a score has yet to happen in competition on Tour. The facts show 25 players, according to the Golf Channel’s website, have posted rounds under 60. Including Annika’s 59 and Furyk’s 58. But that doesn’t stop all of us golfers from striving for perfection and chasing that elusive 54.


I was initially intrigued by the name of the company, and then after looking at the website for CHASE54, I realized they make what seemed to be some very fashionable and very functional ladies’ attire.

I started my search on their site with the DryFUZE® line; it’s their moisture-wicking fabric. It was over 100 degrees in Las Vegas when I was looking at their clothes, and the idea of the material being able to transport moisture from my body to the clothing exterior was a definite positive. I know I am going to sweat my booty off in Vegas, but I don’t need to show that to the world!

I like that most (if not all) of the clothing from CHASE54 comes in sizes X-small to XXL, so everyone has an option, and most of their clothes have some form of UPF protection, which is necessary for how long we are on the golf course and out in the sun.

They have a lot of new options up on their site.

With so many cute colors and awesome designs to choose from, I wasn’t sure which to pick. I finally decided on trying out their COVE skort paired with the LOCH sleeveless polo. Both the COVE and the LOCH have UPF 40+ and use a 90% polyester and 10% spandex makeup. The LOCH is described as a zip polo with mesh trim, and the COVE skort has an 18” inseam.

The blue of the LOCH matches the COVE and is an adorable outfit together. But, I liked that there is also black and white mixed with the design. So I could have the option to mix and match my new top and skort with clothes I already have, like a plain white polo with the COVE or black shorts with the LOCH.

I don’t like when the colors are just off from standard enough that you only can match the designated top and bottom together and you can’t switch it up at all. By adding the black and white to the design that their designer, Lulu Faddis, gives you more than one outfit out of the two pieces, and if I am going to spend $88 on a skort, I want to be able to wear it with more than one particular shirt!

I finally made my decision to get the blue COVE and LOCH. The ordered went in for my two-piece outfit, and it arrives in Vegas while I was out of town. Bad timing, but it was like Christmas morning after opened my little CHASE54 package when I got home.

I was super excited and tore open the box right away.

I opened it up, and the material was so soft coming out of the packaging, and the colors were even prettier than in the pictures online. Eager to feel the fit, I proceeded to try my new outfit on before I had yet unpacked my duffel bag, but unfortunately, it was too big!

For this review, I ordered a small in both top and bottom. Which is what I wear in most clothing unless it runs small and I have to move into a medium. So the fact that the small was too big was pretty unexpected. Thankfully, I am the little sister in both age and stature, so my big sister, Corey, got a new golf outfit that day. The outfit fit her perfect, which I was pleased about and it was perfect timing as she was able to wear it the next day for a significant charity appearance where we both entertained golfers during the Gelson’s annual golf tournament in Los Angeles.

The following is her review of the clothes for The Breakfast Ball since she was able to wear the outfit I had initially been so excited to try out:

CHASE54Overall, my thoughts on this outfit = Love.

I am a huge fan of the tucked in look, but for whatever reason, it always looks terrible on me. I’m not sure if it is because I have a relatively short torso. But for my 5’7 frame, I typically can’t pull it off.

I was so happy with the COVE skirt because I could tuck my shirt in and it looked great. The fabric was so comfortable, with plenty of stretch and flexibility while still staying in place. I didn’t have to worry about readjusting constantly.

I wore it for a Long Drive appearance for a company golf tournament, and I felt great all day. The LOCH shirt was super comfortable too and fit great. Sometimes sleeveless golf shirts make me feel very square-shaped, but the side paneling made for a very flattering silhouette. Also – loved the color and design.

Final Verdict: I would recommend CHASE54.

Side note: The COVE is pictured at full length here. After I wore it for the first time, I felt it was a little long for my personal preference. So I ended up getting my Nana to hem an inch or so off the bottom.


Big thank you to Corey for helping me with writing this review, though I am still a little jealous she got my cute new outfit.

All in all, I think CHASE54 has done a great job, not only on their COVE and LOCH but their women’s clothing line in general. I definitely would recommend them, just like my sister has, and can’t wait to get myself a new CHASE54 outfit – though in an extra small this time.

Let’s be social, shall we?

Something else about CHASE54, I love is how they are very active on their social media pages. Most notably Instagram.

You can see, from the above IG post, they are not bashful about sharing their women’s line. Go ahead and give them a follow if you’re not and frequently check in on their feed. You’ll find some great looking pieces and maybe even the next one you decide to wear for your next outing.

Here are some links to their WEBSITE and social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

We hope to have a review of some of the clothes for the guys in the future. With how much I loved the ladies line, I cannot wait to see the Mens line from CHASE54.

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