Cleveland RTX4 Wedge Review

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One of the hardest things for me to overcome in reviewing products is expectations. I was so geeked about getting the RTX4 Wedges in my bag to test them out it never occurred to me that they were going to perform differently than what I had been used to seeing. Had I rightly continued to work the wedges and seek out some advice sooner rather than later I might have had a better overall experience with the RTX4’s.

That by no means is a condemnation of the quality behind the Cleveland design. It took me a while, and that falls all on me, but now that I’m confident in the shots I’m hitting with them, it’s clear in my opinion the RTX4 Wedges are a valid option for a wide range of players.


As more and more clubmakers come out of their garages and start getting their work out to the masses, prices in this segment are going to fluctuate. I high quality forged wedge from some of the best clubmakers in the world can fetch over $300 for just the head. Companies like PXG are bringing innovation to every new club they release, and they get up in the $500 per club. Now, do we all need $2000 worth of wedges sitting in our bags? Hell no, but they wouldn’t be making them and selling them if there wasn’t a demand.

Cleveland is in an ideal spot in my opinion.

They have an understanding that quality, looks, and performance come at a price. But, with their ability to mass produce and distribute they can do it at a fraction of the cost compared to those high-end clubs. Will the 10-18 HDCP every notice the difference in $500 head compared to a $140 one? Nah, no chance. They might catch one flush and get the overwhelming feeling of pure joy as the ball reacts to a perfect strike, but for the mid-HDCP’s that happens rarely. Hell, I know a few mini-tour players that wouldn’t put a $500 club in their bag even if they loved it cause there’s no way 1) they have the extra funds to pay for it and 2) the chances of it outperforming their current club are minimal.

Cleveland is doing it right. They’ve brought everything a player wants in a wedge with options and a price point that is fair and reasonable.


If you want a great looking and performing wedge, then the Cleveland RTX4 Wedges are an excellent option. With three different finishes, four different grind options and lofts from 46° to 64° there is a combination out there for you. And coming in at $140 per club it’s a high value for the money. Whether you need three or four wedges in your bag, you can’t go wrong by adding the RTX4’s. You’ll be getting the performance everyone wants, and you’ll be adding some bling to the bag.

You can purchase directly from the Cleveland Golf Website, or visit a local retailer. There probably isn’t too many out there not carrying them!

Be sure to give Cleveland Golf a follow on the social accounts as well: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Head on over to PAGE 5 and see the clickable gallery of photos for the RTX4 Wedges.

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