Coobs Golf Scorecard Holder Review

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When it comes to Scorecard Holders Coobs Golf is a company we’re thrilled to share with everyone.

In the days of smartphones and tech gadgets, I find it extremely gratifying to track my play manually. You know, pencil and paper score card. Some may forget what this process is with all the fancy apps, yardage tools, algorithms and whatever else. But the feeling of making notes about your play and manually keeping score just feels right.

Heck, if all else, you simply look cool doing it. But some people can be deterred from a scorecard holder. No argument this is an area of golf gear that is not made by every company, with multiple product releases throughout the year. Scorecard holders are certainly a niche market. It brings me the great excitement that someone has figured this market out.

Coobs Golf

The guys over at Coobs Golf golf specialize in scorecard holders and card holders. They offer many color variations, with all types of stitching and interior coloring. OK, so these guys picked some fancy colors and made a score card holder, what’s the big deal?!? Well, my friends, the big deal to me is this. It does not take much time at all to figure out CG golf is run by a young, consumer friendly and new age group of individuals. In the realm of golf gear, unless you are buying 3-year-old products, you pay top dollar across the board. These guys boast the opposite!

Coobs Golf

Corey at Coobs Golf states;

“Looking for a brand new scorecard holder can be tough! There’s so much choice available on the market, but how do I decide which brand and which product is perfect for me? You want a scorecard holder that does the essential job of score keeping, but at the same time you desire a quality scorecard holder – the likes of one Woods or even McIlroy would use. And lastly, we don’t want to just hand-over hundreds of dollars for one scorecard holder! Looking Classy – Style Matters! The feel and touch of crocodile-like leather definitely emits class, to me. Forget those plain old black and white scorecard holders that those other companies sell – yuck. You have choice now…”

No, you are not delusional. Yes, you just read a company head figure in the golf industry which says he does NOT want you paying top dollar. This type of new age, customer-centric thinking immediately gave me a high level of appreciation for Coobs Golf.

Coobs Golf

So by now you must be thinking, well you get what you pay for right?! And while I typically won’t argue this point with tires and underwear, this category opened my eyes. I was honestly floored when the products arrived at my doorstep. Each cover offers a crocodile style leather exterior, the interior matching the stitching, and appropriate elastic straps for your pencil. It is truly a first class product, at the price of a coach seat.

There was a definite trial and error process spent with the shape and size of the holder. It is thin enough not to become to be bothersome during the round, but thick and sturdy enough to last you for many years to come.

Coobs Golf

CG stays on top of their game by offering fun color combos in a wide selection of offerings. This gives you a more custom feel to your order, without having to pay for a custom design at checkout. And with the flash sales and social media coupon codes, you can easily purchase a couple to match all outfits. The croc style covers in various covers are priced at $30, cheaper for multiple orders. And the cash covers will run you about $25. Most color options can be found in both, if you prefer to match.

Coobs Golf

The cash cover, to me, had an opportunity to appeal to the ladies of the course. I already utilize a card holder style wallet on a day to day basis. When I was unpackaging my products from CG next to my wife, I pulled out a beautiful black and Tiffany blue colored card holder. I hadn’t looked it over 5 seconds before my wife said MINE. But it was truthfully an incredible idea for her. She spends almost every weekend on the course playing with me, and at the bag drop, we always have the hide my purse in the car game. With this appealing card holder, she could throw a few cards and a driver’s license in, and be ready to rock and roll.

Coobs Golf

Overall, I was floored by the company’s business model and product offerings. CG can appreciate making a quality product at a fair price to the consumer. I think any true enthusiast of the sport, can appreciate this way of thinking.

They do a fantastic job staying active on Instagram, always offering substantial discounts or coupon codes. A beautiful gallery can also be found on their website of all their products and color choices. For $30 you can have a custom colored scorecard holder, that will ultimately make you look cooler, which obviously will make you play better, which in turn will make all your friends jealous. The logic is sound; this should be in your back pocket in 2016.

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