Dormie Workshop Headcovers Review

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When it comes to custom work, Dormie Workshop has you covered, literally.

My first ever encounter with Dormie Workshop came on Instagram. I saw what they were doing, creating some great looking headcovers, and I was hooked. Then last year I had a second encounter with them when I stumbled across some of their work while dumping cash at the Cabot Links pro shop. I saw the name and went “Oh Yeah, I remember these guys.”

Standing there holding a custom-made headcover was pretty cool I had been following along watching Dormie Workshop for a while, and now, up in Nova Scotia, their work was right in from of me.

The Vegas PGA Show changed me.

It started with a following and some likes on Instagram. Then seeing some of their work in person at Cabot was cool as well. But, nothing had me prepared for what I saw during the PGA Show here in Vegas. As far as a “Show” goes, you’d be more entertained at a Cirque show on the strip than walking the small Vegas PGA show. It needs a big spark with some big names and a better venue, but that discussion is for another time.

The booths are small, and so is the room the show is held in, but Dormie Workshop took advantage of the limited space and put on a tremendous display.

The craftsmanship was remarkable. Seeing the variety of products they had to offer put into perspective just how talented these guys were. The creativity alone for some of the products they were showcasing was terrific. That was the starting point of my obsession. Since walking that carpeted floor of the Venetian back in August, I’ve been a Dormie Workshop fanboy.


Who is Dormie Workshop?

Born in Nova Scotia, raised in Nova Scotia, golfed the world, and back to Nova Scotia. The dust has settled, and we offer you this – A handmade leather product, that’ll rock your socks. Dormie Golf Workshop was created by PGA Canada members and brothers Jeff and Todd Bishop, with the intention of bringing fellow golfers really cool covers and allowing the customer to be involved in the process! We are pumped to give a high-end product that represents our passion for design and individuality combined with functionality and practicality.


What to choose, what to choose?

I reached out to Dormie Workshop a few weeks later to see if they would be interested in review here on the site. I was thrilled they got back to me so quickly. We exchanged some emails, and then I needed to come up with an idea for the covers.

While I do have a smidge of a creative mind, I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to design some crazy, time consuming and costly covers for a review. I just knew that I wanted to have The Breakfast Ball Logo present in the design and I wanted to steer away from my red phase. So I left it up to them. I asked them to create something that would showcase their custom side and still provide a functional product. As much as I understand the trend of collecting covers and displaying them on a shelf, I wanted these covers exclusively for my bag and the course.

Here’s what Dormie sent over with a photo of the finished product.

The second I opened up the attachment I knew which one I wanted them to make.


The covers arrived from Canada safe and sound

I received a notification from UPS. The covers had arrived. Now I had to sit back and watch the clock tick by ever so slowly for the next several hours. There’s nothing worse than knowing you have a package waiting for you at home and you still have the second half of your work day to go. But, I prevailed as always. LOL. I walked in the door, opened up the package and then headed right outside to get some fresh out the box photos.

First impressions were up there. You can tell right away the type of leather you’re holding. Like I wrote in my TRUE Linkswear review recently, the good stuff stands out immediately.

Dormie includes a card that explains, well, just have a look.

Dormie Workshop

It’s a nice added touch that showcases how much pride they take in their work, and rightfully so.


The Look

Headcovers are all about the look. It not only matters what it’s made off but in the current stage of the game, it matters what’s on it as well. Just take a look at the bag line up at every PGA Tour event or even a weekend scramble. People are passionate when it comes to choosing the covers that will protect their clubs.

The purpose has gone way beyond just club protection. Which is honestly what these are intended to do, don’t let anyone else fool you. A form of protection is one thing, showcasing what you love is another, and lately, the later has been the big winner.

I remember the first time I saw Tiger’s headcover and thought, man that’s cool.

I’m not sure how prevalent custom headcovers were before the early Tiger era. I wasn’t as obsessive with the game the way I am now. I do know wool covers like the Jan Craig headcovers were very popular back in the day because almost every photo from the 60’s and 70’s the golfers have a set on their clubs.

Several years ago there weren’t as many options as you have currently. Companies like Stich, Seamus, Cru, Golf Iconic, Ace Of Clubs, Grindin Golf Co, are all now making names for themselves just like Dormie Workshop has. We even featured a few of those companies in an article JT wrote last year.

What I have found about these smaller, growing companies is their passion for perfection is unmatched by any retail giant. Expressed in every stitch, in every seam and every wrinkle you find is the blood sweat and tears it takes to get a business going. For me that means something.

The Fit

There’s no aggressive pulling needed to remove or install the cover. I’m excited about it naturally taking the shape of the club. The Callaway EPIC has a big head and fits perfectly inside the cover.

The Putter Cover fits my Wide Body Ricky Johnson Putter with no issues. It has a larger than average magnet that keeps the two sides together. I say larger than usual because that magnet sticks to everything! When pulling a wedge from my bag, it liked to grab on to the steel shafts of those clubs. IT wasn’t an issue though. Just means to me they used a good product.

The 3Wood and the Hybrid cover both fit equally as well.

Lugging my clubs from the house to the car, then from the car to the course, all the covers stayed in place. The fit is tight enough that you will not lose any during the travels your bag will take throughout the day.

One thing I liked about the covers during a round of golf is they’re not overly large. I loved that because when you’re searching for an iron to play the covers don’t get in the way. They’re big enough to showcase the work Dormie Workshop does but not so big they cause delays in pulling or putting away your sticks.


Is a custom cover set right for you?

It boils down to if you’re a fan of what custom work can do for you. If you like the headcover that comes with your club and you want to rep the company then probably not. Or, if you could care less what cover is protecting your driver just as long as it’s doing its job, then probably not. But. If you like to add some flair to your bag and show off some incredible work or, you want to display your love, no matter what it is, then you’re ready to step up to your game and add some fantastic headcover to your bag.

Here are a couple of other examples of the custom jobs from Dormie Workshop from their website and how you can see adding some custom work enhances the covers.

Dormie Workshop also offers more than just headcovers.

While I’ll stand by their headcover work as some of the best out there, they also dabble in other products as well.

You’ll find items such as Hats, their Everyday Portfolio, and the incredible Tailgater Apron (you need to go read about the apron).

All of the above items are for sale on the Dormie Workshop website.

A custom cover will range in price from $80 up to $160 per. I image that has to do with the amount of detail or work that goes into creating the cover. So don’t hold me to those figures if you have an elaborate design you want to have them build. I would suggest that you take a look at their Our Designs page first so you can see the outstanding work they do.

Get to know Dormie Workshop even more.

It’s only a matter of time before you start seeing the works from Dormie on a grander stage. A great way to keep up to date with them is to follow along on their Social media accounts.

For example, the Dormie Workshop Instagram page is awesome. (Clicking on the photo below will take you directly to their page)

Dormie Workshop

You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook if you prefer those social media accounts.

I’m happy to know my long clubs are now protected for a long time to come.

I want to say thank you to Dormiw Workshop for giving us this opportunity to showcase their work. I’m super stoked to have these covers in my bag. I honestly can’t see ever switching to something else. The only thing I might consider is adding some more cover to my collection from Dormie. Maybe something with a Vegas Golden Knights theme!

Here’s a gallery of covers, you can click on the photos to open up a slideshow to see the photos a little bit bigger than in the article (Desktop works the best).

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