ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3 GTX Golf Shoe Review

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I finally got my feet into some ECCO shoes. It only took 45 years!

ECCO Golf, with the BIOM Hybrid 3 GTX release, continues to impress as their portfolio grows.

Shoes are a fun part of the golfing wardrobe. Back in the day, well back in my day, golf shoes were an afterthought. It was golf clubs, check. Golf balls, check. Some tee’s, check. LET’S GO!

Times have changed drastically. Not only have golf shoes become a performance-based necessity, but nowadays players are scripting their outfits based on how well it pairs their shoes.


Long gone are the days where a golf shoe’s purpose was to increase your grip with the Earth. The style seems to be on the forefront of most manufacturers. The challenge is to bring function to the table as well. Ecco Golf and their BIOM Hybrid 3 GTX release is a perfect example of golf shoe companies taking on this new strategy.

ECCO Golf is not your typical golf shoe, or is it?

Since the first time I saw Fred Couples casually walking up the fairway in his ECCO shoes, I’ve wanted to try a pair. Back then a spikeless golf shoe was unheard of, well, at least to me. I was still trying to find a shoe that fit correctly, didn’t cause any blisters and gave me some traction. My golf ideology of “swing as hard as you can” back then didn’t correlate to a spikeless shoe so even though I wanted a pair, it just didn’t make sense to me at the time.

I’ve always considered the ECCO products to be an “out of my league” shoe line. That, coming from a budget golfers perspective, wasn’t a fair assessment at all. The higher price tag always seemed to lead me to other companies for my golf shoes. But now, in 2018, there are so many high priced products on the market, ECCO is more in line with the norms than the upscale retailer I thought they were.

The BIOM Hybrid 3 GTX retails for $200, and as of today you can pick up a pair online at the ECCO website for $179 By comparison to other, higher-end brands, that’s on the lower portion of the scale.

Much to my surprise in learning about the ECCO shoes, I found out the price point is much better than I had initially thought. And, when you consider how well they construct them, it’s an affordable price as well.

What makes the BIOM Hybrid 3 GTX a shoe you should consider for your game?

Comfort, performance, and waterproofing. These are all factors you should consider when looking at the ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3 GTX.


ECCO Golf prides themselves on comfort. A quick Google search, and you’ll find “Most Comfortable Shoe…” all over the place. And to their credit, it is a very comfortable shoe. The most comfortable though? I’m not a convert as of yet.

I’ve played about six rounds with the ECCO’s and one of those days it was back to back 18 holes. I knew ahead of time we were going to play 36 that day, and with the heat, I figured it was going to be an excellent test for the BIOM Hybrids. How’s that for dedication? LOL, just kidding, it’s what we do so I was up for the challenge.

I’ve never experienced any pain or discomfort. It is a well built, well-designed product that I feel is built to last. A few hours after playing you can generally tell if a shoe is going to work for you. I made a poor judgment error in the past and found out the hard way that there are high-end shoes not designed for the course. Definitely not walking 72 holes in two days.

Hard to believe, I know. In that instance, I knew right away, after peeling them off my feet, that I had made a wrong decision. The ECCO BIOM Hybrid though was the exact opposite.


The fit is perfect. I requested a US size 8 and received the Euro 41 (which you can see from the chart below is comparable to a US 7/7.5).

For the BIOM Hybrid 3’s, I would suggest going down a size. I would not have ordered the 7/7.5, but it turned out to be an excellent fit. ECCO knows what they’re doing it seems.





After playing the rounds, I was quite pleased with how the ECCO’s performed. They weigh more than most of my other shoes, and I thought that was going to add up over time. Had we been walking, I think it would have made a difference, but on a cart, it was no problem. There were a few instances where I experience some slipping on full swings. I can’t narrow it down to why it happened, and it wasn’t consistent. The tee boxes were pretty much all in the same conditions, and in other outings, it never happened. More than likely it was my swing each time and not necessarily the shoe.

Overall, I think the ECCO Hybrid 3 is a damn good golf shoe. The stability on full swings as well as silly angles was excellent. I was trying to find something that made  It’s hard to judge a shoe over a short period compared to the life of the product, but I’m starting to understand the people who stand by ECCO so profusely.

Bunker play was typical.

The bunkers out here are not the reason why tourists bring their golf clubs with them to Vegas. However, Primm Valley recently went under a bunker renovation. Some much-needed funds were supplied when they were awarded the Champions Tour Qualifier. Because of the upgrades, the bunkers are now fantastic. It was a perfect proving ground for a shoe review. And, as much as I wanted to avoid the fluffy white stuff, there were a handful of occasions where I had to dig in to escape the sand, and the ECCO’s were terrific. A ton of grip and stability I wasn’t expecting.

The sole of the shoe is the winner if you ask me. ECCO calls it TRI-FI-GRIP.


More from the ECCO website regarding the TRI-FI-GRIP sole.

Whether you are hitting an approach to the green, or going for a stroll after your round, you are sure to benefit from this shoe’s innovative outsole called ECCO Tri-Fi-Grip®. With three different zones – one for stability, one for durability and another for rotation – the outsole assists you from back-swing to follow-through. It is also extremely comfortable and flexible when you are walking.


The shoes are waterproof and with waterproofing comes with some extra materials. Compared the Puma IGNITE shoes I reviewed earlier this year the weight is very noticeable. As far as waterproofing goes the ECCO’s passed my “Stand in the water hazard” test with flying colors. The waterproofing comes from the GTX name of the shoe.

From the ECCO website:

GORE-TEX® Waterproof technology combines optimised breathability & protection against the elements

More from the ECCO website:

Other technologies include BIOM® NATURAL MOTION®, which encourages a more natural walking motion for added power and efficiency, as well as enhancing feeling and stability. Uppers crafted from yak leather help to make this an extremely breathable and hardy shoe, while the GORE-TEX® construction ensures it is 100 percent waterproof.


As I’ve said before in other shoe reviews, there’s not much need for waterproofing out here in the desert. But, it is nice to know that if I ever have a trip planned to Bandon, Canada or maybe Houston, I’ll have a shoe that I know I can bring and not have to worry about my feet getting soaked.

Did ECCO pass on style and focus more on Function?

With personal preference being such a focal point for most golfers, I knew there was going to be as many haters as there are fans of the ECCO BIOM Hybrid shoes. I’ve heard “They look like bowling shoes” to “Wow, I’ve never seen that colorway. I’m adding it immediately.

Finding the “perfect” style for a golf shoe is not easy. It’s even harder to appease the masses. I give ECCO some credit though. They could have easily gone with a standard style that more fits their niche. Or maybe they did. Some of you ECCO loyalist out there will have to let me know your thoughts. I think the idea of having a performing shoe over a socially acceptable one is the wiser of the two.

My only beef with the ascetics is this odd looking seam you find on base (see photos below). It’s on the front and rear of the shoe and stands out rather aggressively. I was a little taken back by this. It looks almost like an error in manufacturing, but after checking out a pair at a local golf shop, I saw it on a few other pairs as well.

I hate being critical over something that small, but for a $200 shoe, this was unexpected. In hindsight, if that’s the worse I can come up with, kudos to ECCO.

Did the ECCO BIOM Hybrid 3 GTX make the rotation?

Well, yes and no. I love the fit and the functionality or performance of the shoe. However, the added weight and durability of the BIOM Hybrid is a little much for the summer heat in the desert. Winter time I can see myself walking the fairways in the ECCO’s for sure. With the quality of the materials they use, I know I’m going to have a shoe that won’t disappoint in bad weather


These being the first pair of ECCO’s I’ve ever worn or played golf in, I was pleased with what I found out. The shoes are as comfortable as many say and I can only foresee over time as they break in, they’ll become even a better fit. While I’m not overly ecstatic with the look, they are not nearly as bad as the naysayers think, and they’ve grown on me as I’ve worn them more. Aside from the extra weight I wasn’t accustomed to, I have to say the ECCO’s are right up there with the other outstandingly comfortable shoes on the market.

ECCO has an excellent shoe on their hands with the BIOM Hybrid 3 GTX

As I mentioned earlier, the ECCO’s will be on the shelf until the cooler weather gets here but that doesn’t discredit the shoes by any means. It’s a solid performer and will be a great shoe for a ton of players.

If you like what you read here and think the ECCO BIOM Hybrids are something you’d want to try, go ahead and give them a follow on their social accounts. Facebook and Instagram. And, spend a little time on the website exploring all the other options ECCO offers in the golf shoe field.

I know I’ll be keeping an eye out for new releases and I hope to find a lightweight, summer shoe that I can wear more frequently.

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