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The Headcover is such a personal but marketable product, and Golf Iconic is leading the way.

The golf headcover business is a booming one. New companies are popping up every year, and the work they are putting out is fantastic. We recently covered Dormie Workshop out of Canada, and now we’re taking a look at an American company called Golf Iconic.

But first, a little backstory about this piece.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’re probably wondering why I’m doing this review. JT is, by all means, the “headcover” guy and I’ve been fine with my OEM covers on my putters. For the most part, the ones that come on putters nowadays are just as well built as the custom ones you find. They just lack personality.

But, after my review of Dormie Workshop, a lightbulb above my head moment occurred. Seeing the quality of work they turned out impressed the hell out of me and even JT. And, it got me thinking about a few things. One of them being a special edition headcover for the site.

How the Breakfast Ball Anniversary covers came to life.

Just for fun last year I took the seven-year anniversary of the blog and made a parody image. While not the most creative thing I’ve ever done in my life, I did love how it looked. To continue the newly started tradition of an anniversary image, I followed up the 7th year image with the eight-year anniversary image.

After I designed (hacked) the Super 8 logo, I started thinking about how it would be cool to take the images beyond just a static photo. I wanted to have something to hang on to, something I could show off a little and something that maybe turned a head or two.

I reached out to Neal from Strokes Gained Custom Putters and asked if he could put me in touch with his headcover builder, and the rest is golf blogger history.

Golf Iconic blew me away with their professionalism.

In just a few email and text message exchanges Justin (the owner of Golf Iconic) and I had everything worked out. He explained to me the different leather options for the headcover, and we went with a full grain version. I’m so glad he decided to go with the full grain. Both headcovers turned out incredible. Far exceeding every expectation I had when we started to process.

The colors Justin chose for the leather was perfect. I was told the yellow had to be special ordered because he wanted to get it right. It’s a work ethic like that which separates companies like Golf Iconic from others in the industry. I’m sure Justin could have “found”  some yellow leather to make it work, but he decided to go above and beyond and provide the customer, which was me, the perfect product.

When Justin sent me the first images (above two photos), my mouth dropped. I had a feeling he was going to be able to pull it off, but wow, he nailed it.

The results… just amazing.

The best was yet to come.

After seeing the images, Justin took I couldn’t wait to get the covers in my hands. Continuing with outstanding professionalism, they shipped out the covers in no time. I received the final product shots above, and three days later I was holding them. That alone is impressive. But once I could see the quality of work, live and in person, I was thrilled with the results.

The premium leather stands out of course, and the embroidery work is top notch. Justin also surprised me and had magnets installed in the cover. That did it for me. A premium headcover with my logos on it AND a magnet enclosure to keep it on the putter.

It looks like I’ve started to the slippery slope of collecting headcovers now. LOL. As for now, the Seven Year Anniversary cover is in the bag. I’ll be rotating them frequently though. The covers are way too cool to be left at home, on a shelf collecting dust.

Remember, there is a purpose behind headcovers.

As cool as it is to showcase some personality on your headcovers, there is a purpose behind them. Protection above all is the main focus for a headcover and no matter what they look like or what they say, if they do not do their job, it’s pointless.

Nothing is worse than a headcover that will not stay home on the putter. Or, one that is impossible to get off because of a tight fit. With a custom headcover, you have to have a little bit of concern about the fit because it’s being built from scratch and not from the spec an OEM brand may have. I was impressed not only with the quality of the covers but also how well it fits my putter.

I have a Wide Body Ricky Johnson Custom Putter and even with the extra width, it fits flawlessly inside the cover. During my last round, the first one I took an anniversary cover out for a spin, the Golf Iconic cover performed as good as could have, and turned some heads too!

It’s everything you could ask for in a cover. Amazing quality, fantastic looks and perfect performance.

JT jumped at the chance to own one if each cover too.

When I showed JT how the covers came out, he quickly hit up Justin to order one of each. Originally the covers sent to me were going to be the only two made, you know, adding to the exclusivity. Ha. But, when JT showed an interest there was no way I was going to deny him the chance to own history.

JT’s interest got both of us thinking. Maybe we should come out with a Breakfast Ball line of headcovers? The idea has been kicked around by the two of us, and we believe there’s enough of you out there who would show some interest.

Time will tell if we can get on the same page and put something together. We both have such a difference of opinion; I’m sure whatever ever it is we end up doing it’s going to be a hit!

Either for business or personal use, you need to check out Iconic Golf and their headcovers.

More and more companies are doing head covers, and we’ve covered a lot of them. Golf Iconic is a one-stop shop though, and everything is done in-house. Everything.

From the Golf Iconic website:

Golf Iconic produces custom golf club headcovers, made out quality materials, professional embroidery, and expert craftsmanship. We have the most custom options available on the market, and no minimum order, which makes us stand out amongst our competition. Here at Golf Iconic, we own every stage of our manufacturing process which allows us to have amazing quality control and power over our turn around times. Golf Iconic is easily accessible to everyday consumers, wholesale accounts, and distribution channels.

Justin Dahrling story is a good one too:

Golf Iconic was started by Justin Dahrling, a PGA Class-A Professional, in late 2013. Justin graduated from New Mexico State University with his Bachelors Degree in Business, major in Marketing with the option in Professional Golf Management. Right before he graduated he was a Head Pro, Director of Golf, and General Manager at Sonoma Ranch Golf Course for 8 years. Working in the golf business, and being addicted to golf, naturally he was always paying attention to tours, equipment and the latest in the golf industry. He was an avid golf club collector and enthusiast. His favorite thing to collect was putter headcovers. He was always in awe of the little works of art on each cover. This led to paying attention to what headcovers PGA tour players had in their bags, he started realizing that pretty much all of the stars had one of one headcovers. He thought that was pretty cool, but how come everyone couldn’t have a one of one headcover in their bag, PGA tour star or not?

Read the rest of the story on how Justin started Golf Iconic on the “about us” page from their website.

An Affordable custom headcover option you’ll be happy to own.

Ranging in price from $45-$90 Golf Iconic has a wide variety of options. Look to spend approximately $100 for them to create a cover from a blank canvas.

But, for that price you get some badass work, just look at this Instagram post:

Golf Iconic has a great website and their social media accounts are on point as well.

Give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Some SWAG for you guys

Justin was kind enough to send over some gear along with the covers. Check out these hats he sent.

I’m going to be giving a few of these away on our social media accounts. But, if you want to leave a comment below, I’ll add your name to the giveaway.

I’m so glad I was able to make the connection with Justin and learn more about Golf Iconic. I now have some sweet headcovers to rock on the bag and I’m looking forward to working with him in the future.

Look for the giveaway soon on our social media pages and be sure to give Golf Iconic a follow as well!

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12 Responses

  1. Tony
    | Reply

    Great article, really cool to see the care and quality of Golf Iconic’s work. The hat designs are all pretty cool, though the red just takes it for me!

  2. Mathew Wangrycht
    | Reply

    Thanks everyone for commenting. I’m going to do the drawing this Friday the 23rd.

  3. Kevin Rea
    | Reply

    Very cool! Always good to learn about new companies, especially ones that have some sick gear. Love to personalize my head overs so I’m always looking for something new!

    All those hats a nice, but the black one is top notch!

  4. Donny
    | Reply

    Love the article, great read…Would love to have the Black and Green one.

  5. Lisa
    | Reply

    Golf needs products like this! It really spiffs up a dull outfit. Love the navy ball flight, but all are cool. Love the Masters putter covers!!!!

  6. Josh Giesige
    | Reply

    Great article. Custom covers really help you stand out among your peers. And that ball flight hat is SICK (awesome)! Cheers

  7. Gary Brown
    | Reply

    Custom putter covers are awesome! A cool company. The ball flight hat rocks.

  8. Nelson Flores
    | Reply

    Very cool article and cool company! I can’t wait until the day I have some excuse to get a custom headcover haha

  9. Ryan Gilbert
    | Reply

    Both those hats are legit. But the ball flight hat is a really cool idea that I haven’t seen from any other hat companies. Dig it

  10. George
    | Reply

    Thanks for making me aware of Golf Iconic.
    Love the trend of customized headcovers.
    Also love the blue hat with slice – hook on it!!!

  11. Tim
    | Reply

    Great stuff. May have to design my own putter cover. Love the red hat

  12. Mike Hallee
    | Reply

    They make awesome looking headcovers and the two covers they made up for you are some of the coolest ones I have seen in a while. That red hat rocks!

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