Henty CoPilot Messenger Travel Bag Review

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Functional Traveling with Henty and Their CoPilot

I travel regularly for competitions and appearances and always had to worry about having wrinkled clothes when I show up to the golf course. I usually travel pretty light, but throwing my clothes into a duffel bag and tossing that up into the overhead compartment on an airplane is apparently not the best way to treat a golf skirt. Unless, of course, you want to show up to the golf course looking like a hungover college kid without an iron.

Henty created their bags with the traveling/commuting businessman in mind, hoping to keep suits wrinkle free before a day on the job, but for a quick golf trip, they are perfectly designed.

I have their CoPilot Messenger bag, which is a suit carrier wrapped around a duffel bag. This means that I can hang my golf clothes in the suit carrier and keep them wrinkle free wrapped around the duffel carrying everything else I need for a quick trip. The 20” inner tube is one of Henty’s biggest bags, and it is just on the cusp of carry-on dimensions for the new airline rules, but they have options ranging from a 12” long compact backpack to a 26” for your travels.

Henty CoPilotThankfully, I’m pretty small, which means that my clothes are pretty small. I was able to fly with a cocktail dress for a pro-am party, golf clothes for the event, two days of everyday clothes and workout gear for my last trip. I did pack my golf shoes in with my clubs, so that freed up some room, but I still had high heels, sneakers, and all my makeup for my adventures.


Henty CoPilot


My dad took my CoPilot to Reno last week. Being bigger than me, I was a little worried about the size of the bag for his clothes. He was able to pack for an interview, a round of golf, and a couple of hours at our old fishin’ hole; all in just the one carry-on bag, with no plans to use an iron when he landed.


Henty CoPilot


Thankfully, the CoPilot worked its magic, and he was able to show up to the interview and the golf course without looking like he just pulled his clothes out of a backpack. They did get slightly wrinkled on their way home, but that’s more because he used my CoPilot as a pillow while takeoff was delayed five hours than anything else.

Henty CoPilot


There is only one hanger in the suit carrier since it’s designed just for the overnight. Sometimes it takes a little imagination to get everything hung up, but if you hang your polo inside of your suit, then you can get a little extra room for your hanging clothes. I even hung my shorts on another hanger behind my dress, and that worked nicely.


Henty CoPilot


The inner tube also clips in and out of the suit carrier and has its carrier handle in case you want a smaller bag to use as a day bag while you leave your suit in the hotel.


Henty CoPilot


The CoPilot has three pockets on the outside of the wrap. So while you’re traveling, you can keep your necessities easy to access. I keep my headphones, cell, and wallet in one, and a couple of snacks and protein powder in the other (necessities!).

Henty CoPilot


The biggest pocket is big enough for a laptop and paperwork. Also, Henty makes a great padded laptop bag to slip right inside there.

They also have a great toiletry bag that snuggles inside the inner tube for those overnight trips.


I Highly Recommend The Henty Copilot. It’s a fantastic travel bag.

Be sure to check out their website for all the items Henty offers. And of course give them a follow on their social media pages; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube. 

The CoPilot Messenger bag retails for $249.00 and can be purchased directly on their site. You’ll see there is also a backpack version for $279.00 if you prefer that style over the messenger version.

Here’s some additional information on the Henty CoPilot Bag from their website:


COPILOT MESSENGER: 1.2kgs (2.6lbs)

Rolled: 56 x 22 x 25cm (22 x 8.6 x 9.8 inches)

Unrolled: 56 x 101cm (22 x 39.7 inches)

Inner Tube: 0.35Kgs (0.77lbs)

50 x 22cm cylinder: 20 litres




CoPilot (suit and garment compartment):

  • 2 x suit (2 x jacket and 2 x pants/skirt) + 3 x shirt/blouse
  • 13-inch laptop
  • paper files

20L Inner Tube (gym/utility bag):

  • 2 x pair of shoes, gym gear, jeans/chinos, T-shirts, jumper, towel, toiletries, phone and charger, wallet, keys.

SIZING: Full shoulder up to 60cm (23 inches)

  • 20 liter Inner Tube – Heavy duty tarpaulin gym/utility bag with shoulder strap
  • Large external pocket for passports, tickets, documents, keys, and accessories
  • Removable 13-inch laptop pouch
  • Padded adjustable shoulder strap with Henty’s tough aluminum buckle
  • Stabilization strap for cycling. motorcycling or walking
  • Reflective piping for flare attention at night
  • Webbing loop for bicycle light
  • Henty coat hanger (with pivoting hook)
  • Leather haul hand for easy, briefcase style carrying option
  • Waterproof rain jacket with taped seams to protect your bag and belongings
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