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It’s not easy to look like a Tour player, but with IJP Design in your wardrobe, it’s easier than you would think.

He’s cocky, arrogant, abrasive and one of the most clutch players in the history of the Ryder Cup. Ian Poulter is not afraid to take on the best players in the world over 18 holes on the golf course or the trolls on twitter for that matter. Love him or hate him (and being American you’re required to hate him of late) you can’t deny Ian Poulter has a flash and style about him that makes people look. Starting his clothing line was inevitable and let me tell you I’m glad it happened, even if I do despise the way he dismantled the USA Team several times, his style is fresh and exciting, and I was thrilled to get the opportunity to do this review.


From time to time, you come across a product or equipment that you are unsure how you will even write a paragraph about. For me, golf clothing usually falls in this category. I can spend hours looking at putters and wedges, and even tour bags. But for some reason clothes often fall into a small category for me; do they fit? Does the cut work for my body? Cool. That usually details the outline of my train of thought when making a purchasing decision of new golf clothing.

IJP Design Ian Poulter

Tour Quality Golf Apparel

This basic logic for me has recently been overhauled after receiving a package from across the pond. A lovely package from IJP Designs hit my doorstep, and I momentarily felt a glimpse into the life of a tour player.  But beyond that weird/awesome fantasy, there was a real upper class of feeling opening this package. As I pulled each product out, I realized that these weren’t just any old rags I picked off the clearance section at Golfsmith. These were an experience. As I opened each individually bagged and labeled item, it was very apparent this company was never meant to target the clearance section polo consumer. This was an upper echelon experience, and truthfully, it was more than I ever could have imagined.


IJP Design

I have always been a firm believer in if you like how your clubs look, you will feel confident with them in your hands. This holds true for golf attire of this caliber. Included in my package was a Tour Shard shirt, Tour Tech Golf trousers, and a black Double Breaker Belt. Finally, being the true putter hoarder that I am, included was a whistling blade putter cover. Still, to do this day, I am not sure which product I was more impressed with, so I won’t try to tell you. Rather, give you a vivid explanation of each fantastic article.

The IJP team puts more effort in their bottoms than most companies do to their entire line. From the company:

The IJP Design philosophy is to ‘lead with the legs’. we start by designing our tartan golf pants and then build the collection by coordinating the rest of the outfits around them. Our men’s golf pants are designed for high performance and functionality made with high quality fabrics. We offer a full range of golf pants which allow you to transition from the golf course to an evening out.

It’s no surprise these pants felt and wore, as good as they looked. IJP spends a true effort in making the foundation of your golf outfit is a strong pant, making the rest of the outfit easy to accompany. Fit and finish were what you would expect from a tailored dress slack, but with material you would expect from a high-end dry weave type jacket. It was something that would breathe, but also wear well out to the clubhouse bar. Retailing at $157 the Tour Tech Pant can be found at www.IJPDesign.com

IJP Design

Channeling Your Inner Ian Poulter

A shirt is a shirt, right? WRONG. Unpacking the Tour Shard Polo gave an instant feeling of tour status. The shirt is filled with Fully embroidered tour logos on the collar, chest, and right arm. This may not be for everybody, but it was certainly for me.

IJP Design


I know that this beautifully constructed shirt was going to fit and play as good as it looked. And the best golf I have ever played is when my confidence is on my side. With that being said, that’s exactly what this shirt offers. A very comfortable, tech jersey type material that will support not only your physical game, as well as mental. IJP Design reminds us who they actually designed this shirt for;

We are proud to produce luxury, contemporary men’s golf shirts that perform to the highest standards and stand out on the golf course. Our men’s golf shirts work well on and off the golf course, combining functionality and style allowing every golfer to look and feel great. This season we have used bold, bright colors to liven up your golfing wardrobe.

Retailing for $117 this is a real head turner.

IJP Design

IJP Design Golf Belts are made from 100% leather or 100% Italian leather. At the cost of $68, they are cut to fit once arrived. They have ensured there is a belt to complement every pair of golf trousers and golf shorts and that there are buckles to match. They are all about creating outfits at and with their co-ordinated collections it’s easier than ever. Opening the package containing the belt was similar to purchasing a beautiful leather good. The powerful aroma of the rich leather escaped the enclosure and filled the air with its presence.

IJP Design

Every step of this outfit spewed class, it screamed for attention, and it was sure to deliver.

IJP Design Putter Cover

Now my true pride and joy, the putter cover!! I have a nice collection of covers going on at the house I enjoy it so much; I have a black walnut rack at home displaying them all. And I must say, for a company who has no tie to a golf club to put these covers on, they knocked it out of the park. Or maybe, they “stuck it tight” would be more appropriate!!

IJP Design

Designed by Ian himself and Inspired by the rugged, whistling, windswept course; Whistling Straits, this cover features a silver leatherette with embroidered whistles, IJP logo, and signature branding. Each cover has a branded metal and enamel ball marker attached by magnet to the covers. The magnet is a personal favorite of mine, being that the cover comes with me to the each and every green. Nothing more annoying than yanking on Velcro each hole. This cover was nothing short of icing on the already well-mastered cake. Retailing for $61, and can be found on www.IJPDesign.com.

Be Sure to Spend Some Time on the IJP Design Website

IJP Design has an incredibly detailed website full of angles and color options on all of their products. And even with the tremendous time they spent on the site, I don’t know if you can truly appreciate the quality. This brand markets an elite consumer, after a look that is not following the trends, rather one that is tour’esque. One that spews class and sophistication. An outfit that will make you feel as good as you wish you were playing.

IJP Design Ian Poulter


Now to keep current with IJP product shots, check out their Instagram and Twitter accounts. They feature fun behind the scenes photos, products, and news. If you are looking for a social venue with a bit more meat and potatoes, the IJP Blog will not disappoint. Check out their site for both product purchasing and the blog. IJP Design creates outfits, so you don’t have to! I would suggest you let them build one for you and your game sooner, rather than later.

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