KINONA Women’s Golf Apparel Review

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KINONA – Look Better. Feel Better. Play Better.

The only thing worse than playing a poor round of golf is doing so while being uncomfortable. Uncomfortability can come from either a poor design and fit, or from being self-conscience knowing your clothes look all boxy and unfashionable. Dianne and Tami of KINONA, have kept this in mind while designing their outfits. They have worked to develop their clothes for your real wants and needs, comfort, fashion, and most of all, functionality, allowing you to look better, feel better and play better because of it. This mindset also aids in allowing customers to be able to go ‘from the green to the grocery store’ without feeling out of place in your “golf” clothes in either place.


Being a busy woman on the go all the time, having clothes transition from the course to real life, without skimping on style, is the best thing a company can do, and KINONA hit the nail on the head with their latest designs. I also love that they named their clothing with your lifestyle in mind, not just the golf course, like their Always Working Golf Tunic Top, Chill Killer Lightweight Jacket, and Class with Sass Golf Dress. With such great products in their line, it’s the little things like this that separate a mediocre company from one that I would genuinely want to wear and represent on and (gratefully) off the golf course.

I am going to review three outfits from KINONA

• The Anti-Polo Shortsleeve Golf Top paired with the Make Waves Golf Skort

• The Sporty Shoulders Golf Top paired with the Top Tier Golf Skort

• and the Dress to Win Golf Dress.

Please, keep in mind that I am 5’5”, 140lbs, and order all the clothes I get to review for you in size small.


KINONA Anti-Polo Shortsleeve Golf Top paired with the Make Waves Golf Skort.


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This video was taken at Gozzer Ranch up in Idaho where I drove a 315-yard par 4 from the tee box – look better, play better, has some truth to it!

This top and bottom mix was the first KINONA outfit I tried on.

As soon as I pulled the clothes out of the mailer I was excited to try them on, the colors are beautiful, and the material felt marvelous in my hands. I was so excited to see how they looked on, I barely paid enough attention to put them on facing the correct way and was relieved to know that they were not inside out once I looked in the mirror. I stepped out of my room to show my caddie, and he was impressed, and that’s when I felt it.


Something I didn’t realize the shorts under the skort is mesh. They are entirely and utterly see-through. Which, after wearing a few times, really isn’t an issue. It was something I had to get used to because I’ve never worn it before. I’m used to shorts covering my entire booty when I bend to tee up on the first hole, or squat to read a putt. But, the mesh is refreshingly cool on those 120 degree days in the desert summers.

The Anti-Polo Top fits exceptionally well

You can wear it both tucked in or untucked since the bottom hem has some added trim. That allows it to be untucked and not look sloppy. And the Make Waves Skort is super cute with the bright blue colors. It, also, has the KINONA waistband that helps to smooth, without cutting circulation to your abdomen. It’s a thicker waistband than most golf skirts I’ve worn, so it looks particularly good when tucking in your shirt.

The waistband fits excellent, and once you get used to the mesh undershorts, it’s a perfect looking skort. But, if you look at the video of me swinging in it, you can see the pockets stick out on the sides of the skirt on my follow through, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. Unless they zip closed, pockets right on the seam of a skirt always stick out as soon as you start moving. The pockets are big though, so you can fit a gloved hand in there to grab your tees or a ball, but it was a little unfortunate that they are cut directly on the side of the skort.

KINONA Sporty Shoulders Golf Top paired with the Top Tier Golf Skort


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The Top Tier Skort fits very similar to the Make Waves. The waistband is incredibly flattering, comfortable and easy to swing in. The difference between the two skorts is that the Top Tier has a second layer. The lighter blue hem you see is a second layer underneath the shorter blue part. Which, one is kind of warm to have both layers, but again is nice to have the mesh shorts underneath. But, the two layers tend to sort of catch each other and ride up. I didn’t have an issue with the Make Waves getting shorter as I walked, but the Top Tier continually shortened up as I walked.

If you look close at this picture, you can even see the pockets sticking out under the top dark blue layer as the bottom lighter color kept getting shorter. You have to be conscious of this, and make sure not to let it ride up too much! The pockets are the same as the Make Waves Skort also, right on the side seam. But, with how beautiful the fabric is and how good the waistband fits, it’s easy to overcome the pocket placement.

The Sporty Shoulder Top was a pleasant surprise

In that, the cut around the shoulders is very attractive. So many times a golf shirt cuts in too far and then there is the issue with the horrible side boob/shoulder fat sticking out. Because of course we are wearing a sports bra under these shirts, to play a sport, but so many companies forget this, and it’s never attractive to have the weird sidearm fat sticking out. So I was thrilled that KINONA’s cut on their sleeveless shirts does not allow for that issue to become a problem, on or off the course.


The design was enjoyable, and the collar is extremely comfortable. Not boxy or scratchy or anything. The shirt was a little long on my body type though, so for you tall people this would be a perfect shirt, and for us, little ones, tuck it in, and it’ll look great in the thick waistband.

Dress to Win Golf Dress

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My favorite outfit from KINONA is their golf dress. I had never worn a golf dress before; it’s hard to find one that isn’t weirdly boxy. But the colors on the Dress to Win Dress and the cut are great. And I love that they moved the pockets to be in the front of the dress. Rather than on the side seam like their skorts. The color splash from the pockets stops the dress from looking too boxy and adds just enough cuteness to make it comfortable to wear this dress in real life before heading from the office to the course.

I don’t like that the lighter blue color can show your back sweat, but as long as you know that can happen so you can make sure to wear it to the office before the golf course and not the other way around when it’s 108 degrees outside! Unfortunately, my mom STOLE my dress. It started with her “borrowing it,” but it’s now in her closet forever. But I guess that just helps to show that KINONA makes a great product that can look good on so many different body types.

Additional info on KINONA

  • KINONA uses performance fabric that has UPF 50 to protect your body from 98% of harmful UV rays.
  • The end of summer sale is currently happening on the KINONA Sports website. With up to 50% off of many of their current designs.
  • Sign up for their email club when you first access their website and get 15% off your next purchase.
  • Free shipping on all orders over $140.

Something I liked, personally, about KINONA

I also have an extra soft spot for Kinona because they have committed to helping The First Tee through the 2018-2019 season. The First Tee is near and dear to my heart, I was one of the first graduates of the program in Northern Nevada and was able to participate in once in a lifetime opportunities because of the fantastic program. I played Pebble Beach with Gary Player as my partner. I spent another week in Monterey attending a Life Skills Academy. And, I touched the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in my life at another event. Any company that consciously works to give back to the community, especially to such a great program as The First Tee, automatically wins some extra points with this golf girl.

Keep an eye out on this up and coming brand

With the quality products they’re putting out I can see them growing their presence in the apparel industry. Not just socially but on the golf course as well.

Be sure to give KINONA a follow on their social sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

Most importantly though, go check out the Website to stay up top date on new releases, sales, and product information.


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