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Photo Ball Markers are a fantastic way to add some much needed personalization to your bag and game.

In a golf equipment world of everyone seeking the latest and greatest, there will undoubtedly be overlap of gear. It might be your buddies jump on the band wagon once you have come across the best new wedge, or even a complete stranger you are paired with. It happens. Some of us don’t pay any attention to it, but if you are like me at all, you HATE it!

A player’s bag is personal, it is built for him/her, and should not be duplicated! But it will happen and not much the average golfer can do. This is where Photo Ball Marker LLC. has ultimately gained a special spot in my heart! A company built from a husband and wife idea while out on the course. Ken Barley shares his simple and relatable story; During one of our visits in June 2008, Charlotte and I were making our latest and greatest golf purchases, when I pointed to the display of ball markers and mentioned that it would be cool to have photo ball markers. Char normally shakes off my ideas for products I think are cool but this time she surprised me with her response. She thought it would be a very good product for golfers and make for a wonderful golfing gift.

photo ball marker

This is such a fantastic idea for many reasons. Anybody who is married, and their significant other agrees on an idea being a winner, calls for a celebration. HA. But in all seriousness, I can’t think of a more personal idea for golfers. The ball marker ideally is used every hole. It is placed on the green in front of many others to see. And it is the last thing you see before setting up for that birdie putt. It’s a concept most can get behind, and once you see the finished product, will be another product all your buddies will jump on. BUT WAIT! This is where this idea becomes so genius. Personalized golf gear that you create on their site, and you and only you, can order this item.

I’m sure by now you are on the edge of your seat wondering what their product offerings are. Relax, we are getting there. Ken and Charlotte did not want to limit anyone with just a ball marker, so they brought a few items to the table. Photo Ball Marker offers ball markers, regular and JUMBO, hat clips, divot tools, necklaces, and keychains. All of which you can add your personal touch. The website is utilized to author all custom creations, and broken down into a few simple steps. Design and ordering are rather painless and will give you the custom creation you desire in only a few minutes.

Photo Ball Marker

When it was time for me to place my order, it was about 2 months out from my wedding. I decided to use two photos for my collection. One was a logo we had designed for the wedding in which both of our names were incorporated. The other, was a picture from our engagement session at Red Rock canyon in Las Vegas, NV. I figured that if I went with one text and one high definition picture, at least one would come out desirable. Fortunately for my own sake, I was wrong. Both markers came out great with very vivid detail on the image. When my order arrived they were all individually wrapped in foam squares and plastic bags. Most consumers can tell immediately the quality of a company’s product with the type of effort that is put into the shipping process. The same held true here.

Photo Ball Marker
The entire process took about a week from order date, customization, and arriving in my mailbox. As I unpackaged each marker, I was impressed with the weight and gel coating. The top showcases your individual design, with a gel coating on top. As you flip the marker over, you will see a polished stainless steel bottom, which really makes it look sharp. Overall a well thought out idea, matched with brilliant execution.

Photo Ball Marker

Now it is realistic to say, the level of excitement is certainly not like unwrapping a brand new club that you have been drooling over, but I will tell you that it will become such a unique and personal touch to your gear. There is usually a time in the round where I will pull out my marker, not thinking about it and set it on the ground to prepare for my putt. I will look down and notice the meaning behind what I have created and it has been pretty special.

The wife and I play many rounds together, and we have not gone a round yet, without mention of the marker. It is a fun conversation starter, a memento of a great memory, and will more than likely be the most unique marker on the green. If you are looking for a unique way to stand out on the green, besides a 3 putt, I would check out Photo Ball Marker.  Approach shots are special, putt preparation is unique, and scoring is the goal. Why wouldn’t you want your marker to be equally as cool?

Photo Ball Marker

In my customization package, I opted for the “Create Your own” bundle. This yielded me 5 custom ball markers and an accessory. I opted for the magnetic bag key chain. This would allow my wife to place her ball marker on the outside of her bag, in the event her outfit of the day did not include pockets. This package includes all that I listed above, for $34.95 plus shipping. These awesome markers can be found on their website HERE. Be sure top also check out there social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

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    The Murphy #company #golf #ball #markers turned out great. Awesome way to promote your #business.

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    Wow, love this article. Well written about such an amazing product. Thanks for the share JT!

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