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I recently discovered the RazorMax from myCharge.

Raise your hand if this statement fits: “I’m never than two feet away from my phone at all times.” 

For me, the ONLY time I’m never in possession of my phone is when it’s on a charger. Or when I’m outside, and I have it laying down on the green while I work on my chipping and putting.

Yes, I’m obsessed, and yes, I don’t care.

myCharge RazorMax

As much as I use my phone when it’s not near me, I tend to lose it just a bit. For instance, once I misplaced my phone and went into pure panic mode. I tore my backpack completely apart. Then retraced my steps throughout the entire park complex every stranger if they had seen my precious. It turns out after I assumed my life was over, I had left it in the cup holder of my fold up chair. It was in the trunk of my car the entire time.

Since that little endeavor I make sure my phone is never more than a few inches away, and if I need to move away from where it is, for any reason, the first thing I do is grab it.

Finding my need for a RazorMax charger

I’m sure everyone is aware one of the top issues regarding the iPhone line is battery life. With how much I use my phone I go through a charge rather quickly. 100% at 5 am when I wake up and typically less than 40% by noon.

To keep my phone charged up throughout the day, I had to make some changes to my surroundings. I have a car charger, a charger at work, a charger in the garage and one in my nightstand. Everywhere I go, I have a charging port I can plug my phone into for some revitalization of the battery.

However, some circumstances arise where I’m without power. And, for a paranoid individual like myself, the thought of running out of juice can cause a Chernobyl-type meltdown.

With my fear firmly supplanted in the back of my mind, you can see why I was intrigued when myCharge reached out and asked if I’d like to review one of their portable chargers.

I had never thought about adding a mobile charger to my everyday carry.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been curious. What has prevented me from taking the plunge was a lack of knowledge on my part and also, as I mentioned earlier because I’m never far from a place when I can juice up.

For this review myCharge send out one of their more popular models the RazorMax for me to drop, bounce, charge up, kick around and abuse.

The only problem was the charger is too nice to do all those nasty things to it so instead of treating it like a crash test dummy, I started using the charger the way it’s intended. Sorry, no bullets penetrating through the case in slow motion videos today.

myCharge RazorMax

The RazorMax

The first noticeable element for me was the case itself. Made from anodized aluminum the charger is a very sleek, modern, and elegant looking device. Beauty and looks aside the charger features a 6000mAh battery, two USB charging points that deliver a combined 2.4A output and a stylish four led light system for providing you with informing on the status of the charger.

myCharge RazorMax


There’s a change you’re numb to all the scientific terms.

Who in everyday life knows what the 6000mAh for a battery means. I’m far from a science nerd, although I do love me some Discovery Channel, so I’m going to try and simplify it as best I can.

From what I’ve Wikipedia’d the 6000mAh rating is close to what would be the equivalent of two AA batteries and one AAA. It’s no 700+ horse powered SRT Challenger Hellcat by any stretch of the imagination. For what it is and what it is designed to do, though, it works flawlessly. Anyone who’s techy and can refute this info, please do so!

The first test I put it through was a full charge of my phone.

I let the battery get down to 6% and didn’t touch it again until the phone had a full charge. In just over 2hrs (124 minutes to be exact) my phone was back at 100%, and my crippling 2hrs of solitude away from my phone was over.

After the full charge, the LED indicator lights still showed a 26-50% power level, and I consider that to be quite impressive. myCharge RazorMax

RazorMax shines in real life situations

I figured the best way to utilize the RazorMax would be to add it to my backpack (something else I never leave behind) and relax a little bit when it comes to making sure I have a full charge on my phone all the time.

Just a few days later I was at one of my daughter’s softball games when I realized my phone was sitting at a disturbingly low 4%. Because of my OCD when it comes to keeping a decent charge on my phone, this would have never happened in my day to day activities.

Had it, I would have made the trek to my car, started it up and let my phone charge up for few minutes to get a little juice in it before heading back to finish watching the game. Not the case with the RazorMax in my bag. I pulled it out, plugged in my 6” USB to lightning cable and kicked back while the phone charged up.

myCharge RazorMax

One of the parents nearby was curious about what I had hooked up to my phone. I showed them what I was using, and they politely asked if they could charge their phone next.

Having the dual USB ports came in handy.

Before picking up the 6” cable, I used to carry the typical 3’ one. Luckily I still had it in my backpack at the time. I grabbed it, plugged it in as well and handed it to parent. She was grateful and said, “Now that’s a nice feature.” I couldn’t agree more.

myCharge RazorMax

Being able to charge up two devices at one time is not a must-have by any means, but it sure does come in handy. Now I don’t leave home without it. It’s a permanent element in my everyday carry and just like the situation above it’s been a great tool to have when you need it.

myCharge RazorMax

I brought it along for golf to see how well it stayed in the cart when it was in use.

Also to see if the added device was too much clutter to have in the cart during a round of golf. The charger is not bulky at all. It’s slim and lightweight much like another cell phone if you were to carry it around in your pocket.

The charger weighs only .38 lbs; it’s similar in size and weight if we were to compare it to an iPhone 6 that weighs in at .34 lbs. The same goes for the dimensions. Measuring 4.4” x 2.6” x .5,” the charger is very close to the iPhone 6 dimensions of 5.4”x2.6”x.27”.

A perfect fit for the golf course

I left my house and about 5 minutes into the car ride I plugged in my phone to my car charger, and when nothing happened, I was a little irked. The cable had come loose from the connector, and the wires had frayed. My car charger was dead. I did have enough battery to get through the round.

For the sake of the review, though, I decided to let my phone dwindle to single digits. So that I could test out how well the RazorMax did outdoors in the spring heat of Vegas.

myCharge RazorMax

I use my phone a lot when I’m playing. Mainly to take pictures for sharing on Instagram but I’ll also listen to some music, track my distances off the tee and also keep score with an app. I’m always using it EXCEPT for phone calls. I hate phone calls on the golf course; it’s freaking rude so knock it off if you’re one of “those” people.

With all my use the battery in my phone spiraled out of control and before I made it to the 9th tee box I was sitting at a low 2%. I unzipped the pocket holding the RazorMax, plugged in my phone and placed both the charger and the phone in one of the cup holders.

The RazorMax didn’t miss a beat, with music playing, score keeping taking place and even a few photos and video of the day when I returned the cart to the clubhouse my phone was proudly displaying a 100% charge.

It did get a little warm, so I recommend keeping it hidden from the sun as best you can.

Like I mentioned before it has become a permanent feature for my everyday carry. It not only is an excellent device for making sure you have the juice for your devices when you need it, but for me, it helps control my twisted mind and has allowed me to relax a little bit and not be so paranoid about running out of battery on my phone.

myCharge RazorMax

Having a RazorMax from myCharge be a part of your Every Day Carry is something you should consider.

The RazorMax sells for $69.99 and can be purchased directly from the myCharge website. There is a WIDE variety of portable chargers on their site. Many of them offer some outstanding feature beyond what the one I reviewed has to offer.

I for one never thought I’d need a portable charger. A lot like I no longer need a watch, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. If you’re in the market for a portable charger be sure to check out myCharge. I guarantee you’ll find something you like as much I do my RazorMax.

Here’s some additional information from the myCharge website:




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