Royal & Awesome Knicker Blocker Glory Review

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Who knew the R&A stood for Royal & Awesome

It is no secret that the golf industry has been pushing the envelope with fashion in the most recent years. Many big-time manufacturers have been getting more stylish and fitted to accommodate a younger generation — lots of changes across the board. 

Well, I am here to say that Royal & Awesome is doing the exact opposite! Bringing out ancient history within their brand is the number one rule! Their inspiration comes from the old links of some of golf’s great past times. The colors are bright and vivid. They are meant to be fun and entertaining. But will that honestly leave you satisfied with your new stylish gear? Follow me across the pond to Scotland to take a closer peek.

royal awesome


When a package arrived at my doorstep from Royal & Awesome, I knew I was in for a treat.

The clothing package was branded with “For the pars and the bars” up and down and side to side. While this was undoubtedly a clever slogan, what were my expectations? 

As I opened the package, it was like a spotlight from the sun came blaring out of the bag and I had to leave the room for my sunglasses. Enclosed was a pair of the Knicker Blocker Glory pants, flat cap, and stylish white belt. After I had double checked to make sure I didn’t accidentally get a picnic table cloth, I opened each item to inspect.

The pants were loud, soft and boasted creative pocket designs with a spot for holding your tees. Royal & Awesome proudly states they have a colorful block pattern made up of pink, yellow and blue diamonds and the 97% cotton and 3% spandex construction makes them breathable, comfortable and durable.

The amazing thing is they are designed specifically for golf and come complete with tee loops and a tour slit, and because you guys are Awesome they come with a free golf/beer tool! So right away I felt as if there was actual design behind the brand, not just picking the most outlandish color wheel.

royal awesome

As I slid the pants on, again I was surprised

a nice tailored fit that sat appropriately at the top of my shoe line. So now I am thinking, a pant designed with functionality and a good fit, what was going to be the downside? Well three outings later, and I have yet to find it. 

The color continues to stay vivid after wash, the fit is fantastic, and they are surprisingly comfortable. You can order the pants on their website with a retail price of $74.99. Indeed a lower price point than the competitors in their space and also a traditional trouser.

Royal & Awesome

Next up was the flat cap, matching of course.

I threw it on and walked into my study to greet my wife. She looked up from her book and just started to laugh. 

Now laughter was indeed not the reaction a male typically goes for when presenting to his significant other, a new fashion item. But it was well received and fun for what it was. The Knicker Blocker Glory flat cap is the perfect accompaniment to your Knicker Blocker Glory pants or shorts however the crazy multicolored block pattern made up of pink, yellow and blue diamonds can add that something special to every outfit.

The hat is a one size fits all and adjustable – an easy to use popper system makes sure of a plush and comfortable fit. I will say the hat matches the pants in fit and finish. Many times when I think of one size fits all; I think of the terrible wedding rental tuxedos that are meant for the quarterback, as well as the offensive line. Terrible fitting and awkward, this isn’t the case with the Royal & Awesome cap, the design allows for adjustments to be made with no excess material to be seen. I was impressed with the same softness and vivid color after a wash cycle. The cap is also available on the site for $29.99

Royal & Awesome

Finally, you can’t put together any golf outfit without a proper belt.

The website states,

The Royal & Awesome white belt can add the finishing touch to your outfit and makes sure your Awesome stay firmly in place.

The oversized white metal buckle is outlined in silver and features a matching silver Royal & Awesome logo while the synthetic imitation leather white strap is durable and designed to last. Each strap is 40mm wide and fits all excellent products as well as most men’s pants. Once the belt was cut to fit, a process you don’t find with too many belts out there, I found it to sit very well with the pants. It is clear that they designed the buckle to sit nicely with their pants, as they should.

Sometimes you’ll get that lopsided belt buckle because it doesn’t line up correctly with the pants you are wearing. Small oversized, until it happens to you, and you’re annoyed the entire round. The belt is on the website under accessories, with a complete package (belt and belt buckle) at a price point of $29.99.

Royal & Awesome

Now onto my big debut.

The Dell Match play was in town, here in Austin. The wife and I scored last minute tickets for Saturday’s match. (Yes, I can’t believe Spieth lost either) What better way to have some fun and debut this awesome outfit. As my wife and I entered the event, we got comments almost immediately.

My goal all day was to get noticed on television since I stood out in the crowd.

We were at the event the entire day, and it was the first time my wife openly admitted to being jealous of my golf outfit. I was getting comments from men and women, of all ages. High fives and a few photo ops, the outfit, was a success.

Royal & Awesome knicker blocker glory pants

As we were finishing the second round, a journalist walked up to us and was admiring the gear.

He then invited us to watch the last few holes from his perspective, behind the rope lines. So as the day concluded, the big reflection was, that it was impossible to be anything but AWESOME wearing this stuff.

Royal & Awesome knicker blocker glory pants
Chillin With Rors at the Match Play


Overall, the clothes had a surprisingly great fit.

that is giving me the impression that it will hold up for some time to come. The color schemes are wild and eye-catching and are perfect for any event you want to add flavor too. 

They also do a fantastic job showing fan photos and different events on their social media pages. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter

I encourage you to check them out for inspiration for the next big golf outing or if you are interested in being noticed in the crowd!

These guys didn’t build a brand for the faint of heart; you will wear Royal & Awesome and wear it loud. But you will have a blast doing it, that I can guarantee!

Be sure to check out their site HERE.

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