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A golf bag you do not NEED, but you will undoubtedly want!

When you think of golf bags, more than likely, the images of the heavy logoed staff bags from the PGA Tour come to mind. While those staff bags serve a purpose on Tour, it certainly is not ideal for us casual golfers and weekend warriors. What probably does not come to mind is the Sunday Bag. One company, which goes by the name Sunday Golf, is attempting to change that.

Sunday Golf

If you are not familiar with the term “Sunday Bag,” it refers to a golf bag designed to hold about half of what you can legally carry for a round of golf. It is the pitch and putt bag. One that allows you to have, comfortably about six clubs, a water bottle, a couple of golf balls, and maybe your car keys. It is for those after-work rounds where you will only get in maybe 5-6 holes.

The evolution of the Sunday Bag

Back when Sunday bags were more popular, they were just called golf bags. There is so much more “stuff” players are bringing to the course with them in today’s game, and golf bags have had no choice but to evolve. Gloves, Tees, Balls, Rangefinders, Ball Markers, Divot Tools, Tripods, Cameras, Speakers, Snacks, Sunscreen, Cigars, Cigar Essentials, Towels, Phones, Chargers, training aids and do not forget the clubs! The list could go on, but we will stop there.

What used to be a simple tool for hauling around your clubs has evolved into a personal space with identity. But Sunday Golf has decided what used to be awesome about a small golf bag also needed to evolve and has created this new “Sunday Bag” they call the Loma, with some modern conveniences today’s golfers I think will love.

What I have enjoyed about the Sunday Golf Loma Bag

There is not much to the bags, and that is a good thing. When you are wanting a Sunday bag, it does not need to be cumbersome. It is tiny in comparison to a typical stand bag. Like, VERY SMALL. I took the bag out of the box it came in, and I was shocked. There was no way I thought it was going to be enough of a bag to work. Yeah, I was way off. The book is the furthest thing from its cover.

I loaded up with six clubs, plus a putter, some golf balls, some tees, and a water bottle. I then tossed the bag on my shoulder and was impressed with the comfort I was feeling. You would think the clubs would overpower the bag, but that wasn’t the case at all. They fit in the bag perfectly, and it looks like they belong.

Was there anything about the Sunday Golf Loma bag I didn’t like?

Honestly, no.

Sure, it’s a tiny bag that doesn’t have a ton of function for a weekend round with the crew. But I don’t believe Sunday Golf is trying to invade that space at all. Let alone take over some highly competitive real estate in the big box stores. They understand what they have and are looking to fill a need for those golfers who like to take a minimal approach to the game.

I also love their approach to this product. Sunday Golf has one bag they sell. That’s it. Of course, some other accessories like towels, hats, tee’s and other items are available. But, as far as the bags go, there’s one.

There are eight colorways to choose from:

  • Cobalt Blue
  • Heather Gray
  • Matte Black
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Seafoam
  • Sandstone (this is the one we received)
  • Ron Burgundy
  • Midnight Green

That, in my opinion, is quite a collection of colors out the gate. And come on, Smoked Salmon and Ron Burgundy, how sick are those names! Sunday Golf, just like their bags, has kept it simple. If you are looking for a Sunday Bag, this is where you should end up.

The price is right for this minimalistic golf bag.

Initially, the Loma Bags sold for $134.99. But they are on sale right now for $114.99


At that price point, I think there is a ton of value for what you are getting. Here are some product details from the Sunday Golf website:

The Loma by Sunday Golf in cobalt blue is your go-to Sunday bag with legs when you’re heading out to the local Par 3 courses or playing a 6 club challenge. With this carry bag, you can keep your round nice and light – even when you throw a few cold ones in the frosty pocket. So grab the built-in handle and enjoy your next round on us!


  • Strap included
  • 31” Height
  • 1.95 Lbs 
  • Frosty Pocket for a tasty bev
  • Velour lined valuables pocket 
  • Dualflex stand system
  • Waterproof Zippers 
  • Full-Length Divider 
  • Built-In Carry Handle 
  • Velcro Glove Holder
  • Tee Holder

Not bad for a little bag, right?

When I first talked about the bag on the podcast, I was impressed right out the gate. The thought of owning a Sunday bag had never crossed my mind. If we play the local Par 3 course around here, I grab my smallest bag and head out the door. But now, I’m looking forward to the next time we have guys’ night out at the pitch and putt to show off the Loma!

Loma Bag

Visit the Sunday Golf Website and follow them on their socials

The Sunday Golf Website is excellent! All the information you’ll need is on the site. Sunday Golf likes to run specials, too, so be sure to give them a follow on their socials and signup for their newsletter!

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