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Another outstanding release from TRUE Linkswear in 2018. This time it’s the TRUE Knits.

The new TRUE Knits from one of my favorite golf shoe companies, TRUE Linkswear, have been killing it ever since their release earlier this year. The buzz is legit and well deserved. I’ve held back from writing this review mainly because I wanted to get a lot of time in the shoes. Well, the time has come, and I’m ready to spill the beans on one of the best products to come out in 2018.

Knit is not new, but it is for TRUE

For years now TRUE Linkswear has been creating shoes on a different level than other manufacturers. Not necessarily better but I’d go with different. Their unique approach to the shoe game has produced some damn proper footwear. All but a few I’ve written about like earlier this year with their new OUTSIDER. But much to my surprise, and a lot of others too, TRUE wasn’t finished.

The Knits are unlike anything TRUE has done in the past. Yes, they do feature the classic zero drop we’ve all become accustomed to with a TRUE shoe, but these are vastly different. At least for them.

Waterproofing has always been a big part of their line of golf shoes, but for the TRUE Knits, the way waterproofing was utilized is unlike any other products. Taking a step away from creating something they WANT to see on Tour and building a shoe for the average Joe golfer was a bold move. Not that the TRUE Knits can’t be active on the Tour. These shoes, in my opinion, are for the weekend golfer who wants comfort and function.

With the Knits, they accomplished that wholeheartedly.

What’s the big deal about knit shoes anyways?

I have to admit, when I saw the Adidas knit shoes I thought to myself “Who would ever wear that on the course?” I mean you want stability on the course and walking around in a doily isn’t exactly ideal. Yeah, I was quick to pass judgment. But man, was I wrong,

First off the shoes are so damn light it’s a lot like walking around barefoot. It’s the biggest draw in my opinion to a knit shoe. The weight is by far the least I’ve ever experienced in a golf shoe. Then when you add in the TRUE form of comfort you have a sure-fire winner. The sole of the shoe is the exact same bottom you’ll find on the OUTSIDER, and you know I’ma fan of that TRUE version. From top to bottom it’s a well-made product. And, when I slipped them on for the first time I instantly knew these were not a scheme to gain attention. These shoes had a purpose, and I was determined to find it out for myself.

The only question I had once the TRUE Knits arrived at my doorstep was how they would do out on the course? As I’m sure, most everyone who started receiving the boxes did as well.

Here’s some info in the knits from the TRUE website:

The knit is a golf shoe unlike any other. You’ll lace these up for your next summer round, and not want to take them off the rest of the day. They will not end up being your favorite golf shoe, they’ll be your favorite shoe period as they seamlessly transition from the links to everyday life.

The extremely light weight and breathable construction ensures you’ll stay comfortable on your next walk around the links. The TRUE water repellent treatment will keep your feet dryer on those dewy mornings, as water will bead up on the outer shell of the shoe like magic. No, the Knit is not waterproof, but the shell will not absorb water and the breeze will literally glide through the shoe keeping your feet dry and comfortable on even the warmest days. The one piece TRUEknit upper is designed to stretch and flex where it should, but be stable and strong where golfers need it most. The combination of EVA midsole, premium and bouncy PU insert and cross-life gum rubber tread will have you feeling like you’re walking on the clouds. Trust us, these things are the Knit.

Want to experience Foot Joy on the course, wear a pair if TRUE knits.

You all know I’m based here in Vegas, where the summer temps flirt with 115° quite often. Black golf shoes are off the table. But just because it’s not black doesn’t mean your feet don’t melt in the heat. Reviewing the ECCO Biom shoes has me understanding how high-quality shoes, like the ECCO, can punish your feet. The materials trap in the heat during high temps, and it can be an issue.

What I loved even more about the TRUE knits is how the air flows through the shoes adding what I call “Shoe A/C” to the mix. Most of my golf takes place using a cart and let me tell you; it’s very refreshing sticking your feet out of the cart as you drive to the next hole and feeling the air flow through the shoes. That may sound odd to most of you but I can guarantee our readers in the South West, and other scorching climates will stop reading right now and head to the TRUE website after reading this paragraph

Here you guys go: WEBSITE (please come back)

Traction like the Outsider, comfort unmatched by any other shoe on the market (again, opinion from a blogger that wears a lot of golf shoe brands) and style that right up there with some of the best looking shoes available. You can see why I’ve turned into a TRUE knits fanboy.

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4 Responses

  1. Christopher James
    | Reply

    Thanks for the article, Matthew! I will definitely try these out soon. I am a little suspicious in how the TRUE Knits are waterproof but I will try them. I love lightweight shoes that make the trek over 18 easier!

    • Mathew Wangrycht
      | Reply

      Thanks for the comment Chris,

      The material is waterproof, not necessarily the shoe if that makes sense. It is a knit shoe so there’s no way to keep water out but, it does, however, allow the shoes to clean up much better than any other shoe I’ve owned.

      I was shocked at how well they looked after I hosed them down after my trek through the jungle.

      Let me know what you think once you grab a pair!

  2. Chris Gordon
    | Reply

    I’m curious if you’ve tried the Tomo golf shoe? I love True shoes. Been wearing them for years. I love these new knits too. Just curious the comparison. Thanks for your review!

    • Mathew Wangrycht
      | Reply

      Thanks for the comment, Chris but no, I have not tried the Tomo’s yet. I’m eager to check them out. I have a few friends who have been playing in them and they’re pretty pleased.

      Thanks for checking out the site, hopefully, I’ll get some Tomo’s in the near future and be able to provide a little comparison.

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