The Crazy Comfortable Zoriz Golf Sandal

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Grip It and Flip It

When Zoriz first reached out to me, I was extremely apprehensive. A flip-flop golf shoe just didn’t sound very supportive, but I decided to try them out anyway.

I tried on my first pair about four months ago. I ordered them a size too big so my feet were slipping around a little more than they probably should, but thankfully, my Nana is a size bigger than me and decided to try them out.


My papa said that she couldn’t possibly wear those on the golf course. But, Nana was determined to try them out. Mainly because she wants to get rid of her sock tan before my cousin’s wedding. You boys have no idea how hard it is to be a woman that has to dress up for special occasions when we have permanent socks on our feet from playing golf all the time! Socks and high heels is not a good look – my prom pictures are an embarrassingly good example.



Nana made it through 18 holes her first day wearing her Zoriz flip-flops. She was raving about them the whole day. So much so that my mom had to go and grab herself a pair. Since mom’s pink pair arrived, I haven’t seen her wear an actual pair of shoes on the golf course. She loves hers and can’t wait for the tan color to be added to the Zoriz line to match more of her closet.


We all live in the desert, and it’s hotter than Satan’s toenails outside. Both my mom and nana love that they don’t have to have their feet enclosed in shoes for four hours on the course. All of Nana’s friends at her course want to get a pair as well; apparently, having no tan lines is a big hit with the ladies over there.


My dad tried a pair out the other day as well, and I finally got mine in the correct size. Both of us swing a bit harder than my mom and Nana, so swinging full is a little different for us in the flip-flops. They’re still comfy, but as soon as my feet started sweating in our 112-degree heat, my toes started getting a little slippery. My dad really likes his though. He has a problem with over-swinging his driver lately, and his flippers were helping to teach him to keep his ground, and he started striping the big dog.


My dad and I both love to wear ours during range days out here, especially for short game practice sessions. They’re supportive and comfortable enough to practice for hours.

I thought bunkers were going to be a bigger issue, like trying to walk on the beach in sandals. But when my mom had to hit out of a trap the other day she was able to just shake the sand right off of her Zoriz. It was easier to take care of than when my foot slid into the sand and filled my socks.


When you order your Zoriz, make sure you order the right size. They recommend a size smaller than usual for men and two sizes smaller for ladies. That’s because if they aren’t snug on your feet, then you’ll slip right out of them!

From the Zoriz website:

The ZORIZ golf sandal is built specifically with the golf swing in mind.  ZORIZ are constructed with an EVA mid-sole that provides comfort and support. The patented heel has a deeper heel cup and higher sidewalls that help keep your foot in place during the golf swing.  A contrasting out-sole consists of removable spikes.  The thong style upper has a reinforced toe post designed to sit comfortably between your toes.  The easy-care synthetic upper is padded with neoprene cushioning which holds your foot securely.

If you’re looking for a comfortable alternative to your rounds or practice sessions, give Zoriz a look.

The Zoriz sandal sells for $59.95 and can be purchased directly from their website. You can also visit their social media accounts to keep up to date with whats happening at Zoriz; Instagram, Facebookand Twitter

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  1. Mike Hallee
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    Would be worth a try if you ride in a cart!

    • I’m willing to give them a try. Would be perfect for my backyard chipping and putting sessions.

    • Mike Hallee
      | Reply

      The Breakfast Ball Golf Blog good thought, chipping and putting where you don’t have a lot of ankle movement

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