Rokform G ROK Golf Speaker Review

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With ample space in the segment, Rokform brings the G ROK Golf Speaker to market.

I say ample space because nowadays, most retailers can set up an online retail store and not have to worry about fighting over shelf space. While big-box retailers are still the Mt Everest of achievements for small brands, it’s not mandatory anymore. More and more brands, like Rokform, are finding new ways to add to their revenue streams. For them, a speaker just seemed to fit their mold.

When you hear Rokform, if you’re anything like myself, I doubt the first thing that comes to mind is a speaker brand. Yet, here in 2020, practically anything is possible.

For this review, we’re taking at the new Golf Speaker, the G ROK, from Rokform. Is it as good as the others that are out there on the market already? Does it come in a good value? Will you want this? These and more questions get answered for you.

A speaker from a phone case company??

The first thing that popped into my head when Rokform reached out to me was, will it have the excellent locking feature their other products utilize. That was silly, of course, it does. And if you haven’t experienced the RokLock in action, you’re missing out. I’ve had one on my Mountain Bike for years, and it’s fantastic.


I scratched my head at the speaker, though. Rokform is a brand that primarily deals with phone cases and mounting systems. Cars, Motorcycles, Bikes, and UTV’s. So I was a little perplexed at why they went the route of a speaker and why go even further and label it as a golf speaker. But they have a fantastic history of making an excellent product. They even titled this video Why Rokform:



Regardless of my curiosity, I was eager to check out the speakers when they arrived. Would they a viable competitor to other golf speakers? I was about to find out.

The arrival of the G ROX Speakers

You may have caught “speakers” in that last sentence. Rokform sent us two of their G ROK speakers because the new technology in the BlueTooth allows pairing multiple units. And this is must-have now. No longer are we ok with simpy one speaker cranking 90 Gangster Rap we have to have it in stereo.

The pairing was the first feature that had me smiling after I was able to crank up both units, more on that in a few.

Out of the box, I was impressed. Well, more so about how the speakers came in the box. The packaging is impressive. I’ve mentioned it in the past, most recently on my Jack Grace review, packaging can be a huge selling feature. I’m a total sucker for companies that can go over the top in areas like the packaging. Is it necessary? No, not at all, and most probably think it’s a waste. But if you are fighting for shelf space, which I believe Rokform is, your packaging better help when it comes to selling your product. Theirs does, and it does it very well.


What’s in the box:
  • G-ROK Speaker with built-in Twist Lock and Magnets
  • Removable Aluminum Hook (for storing or hanging on golf bag)
  • Aux cable for connecting to non-wireless devices
  • USB power cord
  • Instruction manual

Some information and product description form the Rokform website:

The ultimate easy to use golf speaker. A portable wireless golf speaker that instantly sticks to cart and other metal surfaces. This rugged iPX7 Waterproof & Dustproof wireless portable speaker is perfect for taking on the course. The G-ROK will provide you with 24-hour battery life, 30 Foot range of wireless quality sound, and one heck of a powerful magnetic hold to your cart. This speaker is a must-have for all golfers!

  • Easy to use Magnetic Mounting
  • iPX7 waterproof and dustproof
  • Rugged drop-resistant construction (5 ft)
  • 24 hours of playtime
  • Built-in speakerphone
  • Wireless up to 30 ft
  • Optional Micro SD Card stores up to 5,000 songs


Rokform came out guns-a-blazing with the G ROX

The construction of the speakers is excellent. It’s solid and feels like it could fly off the cart in a tight corner and survive. Waterproof and dustproof are significant aspects as well. We don’t get much rain out here, but I have enough dust in my backyard for the entire country.

The design is sleek and straightforward. All black with just a hint of orange like you’ll find in their logo. It’s a good size too. Not overwhelming by any means. One speaker will fit in your bag with no issues, and I’ve had two in mine for a bit now.

They nailed the packaging and construction. But like any product out there, there is a purpose. The G ROK is there to kick out the jams, so let get to the good stuff.

Sound is everything when it comes to a speaker.

Much like comfort is to a shoe and feel is to a putter, if the sound sucks, you’re not keeping the speaker. The G ROK comes with two 8 watt speakers, and from my vantage point, they sound great. I use them in my garage for the shop area, and I have been nothing but pleased with the sound.


I’m far from an audiophile; those years are long behind me. However, I can appreciate a good quality speaker. Is this the best speaker ever made? Probably not. There are some incredible high-end manufacturers out there that have a speaker similar to this in the $1000 range. But, for what Rokform is attempting to build, it’s a damn good speaker.

The bass may be lacking when compared to other speakers I’ve used and tested. But in no way is that detriment to the product. The mid-range and high frequencies are excellent, and I feel for most users, they’ll be more than satisfied with the sound output.

A couple of features I love with the G ROK speakers

First off, the magnets are legit. I mentioned earlier that the construction of the speakers feels like they would survive a bailout from the cart. The only way that is happening is if someone yanks it off the cart and throws it out. The magnets are STRONG AF! No lie, it’s one of the best elements of the speakers. Mounting it to any metal surface is instant, and it’s not going anywhere! Not having to worry about it falling off the cart is a plus


Next up is the pairing feature. With the advancements in Bluetooth technology, this isn’t something you’ll only find in the Rokform speakers. Any new speakers coming to market are going to have a pairing feature, it’s just too valuable not to have it as an option.


The ability to pair a second G ROK and give yourself some stereo sound is pretty awesome. We messed around with the different placement of the speakers to find the best place to have some music and still be able to communicate. The area of the cart I like the best was the posts behind you where you’d find sand bottles typically.


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But if I’m honest, the speakers sounded great wherever we placed them. And, it was effortless to pull it off and turn to face the green when we pulled up to putt.

I’m also a big fan of the MicroSD card feature. It’s a great option if you’re looking to save some battery life from your phone. Download your playlist to the SD card and plug it in. It’s that simple.

My only gripe may have been user error.

The pairing of the speakers was a pain in the ass. I’m a nerd when it comes to electronics, and I struggled to get the G ROK’s to connect. I followed the instructions word for word and didn’t have any success. Not sure why or for what reason, but I was very frustrated trying to get it to work.


I have no idea how it happened, but after screwing around and trying different things, it just started working. I wish I would have paid more attention to what I did, but I’m just glad it works, and since then, I’ve had no issues firring up the speakers and getting them to pair. It happens automatically after the initial pairing, so thankfully, it was just a one-time situation.

If you’re reading this and had a similar issue, leave a comment below and let me know how you got it to work so others can find this post and not go through the stress I did. Or, if I’m just a bonehead, feel free to say that as well. Haha.

In Summary

The Rokform G ROK speaker sells for $99. Which I feel is an excellent price point for the features you get. For $200, you can get two high-quality speakers that you can pair together.

They’re built to last, and the sound quality, I feel, is on par with most of the speakers in this space.

If you’re someone who’s looking to add some sound to your cart for this upcoming golf season, even though we’re being delayed right now, I can highly recommend the G ROK from Rokform.

You can purchase the G ROK directly form the Rokform WEBSITE.

Make sure you’re following Rokform on their social pages as well.

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