Rose & Fire Crazy Stripe Headcover Review

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Rose & Fire are pushing the envelope with their latest design Crazy Stripe, and we LOVE it!

So unless you have a mega sponsorship from Nike or other said top manufacturer, there’s a good chance you have a couple of different brands in the bag. Nothing wrong with it, and truthfully you are probably better off this way. Different brands excel in various categories. But does this dynamic and forward thinking build-a-bag have to leave your set looking like a garage sale?

Some may not have a clue what I am talking about at this point, and other (OCD golfers) are picking up what I am putting down. Get that bag looking, proper sir! Of course, I am talking about head covers!

You know those things that sit proudly in your bag to protect some of the most expensive pieces of sporting equipment in your garage and man cave. But just because you get that freebie with the club, why be crippled to such normalcy?!

The guys over at Rose & Fire certainly don’t think you should be defined by your top manufacturer’s cheesy cover of choice, instead dress to impress with some of their handcrafted offerings. In this article, I am going to walk you right into an excellent tailor and get you fitted, so you are the sharpest dressed chum at the dance.

Rose & Fire

First and foremost, a bit of background knowledge of Rose & Fire. Founder, designer, and CEO, Mike Buchfuhrer states;

“My passion for design and creation comes from my grandmother, Rose. She began her career as a hat designer in the 1940s. I emulate her classic style and commitment to quality in my constructions. Growing up spending summers with her and in my uncle’s denim, jacket, and garment facility I learned about design and what it takes to execute a vision.  After working in the golf industry designing head covers and milled putters, I began applying what I learned in my youth and some of my own techniques to head cover design and construction. I try to add a level of sophistication and quality to my creations that is unseen today. Our Los Angeles shop location gives us access to the large fashion industry here.

Quality materials, hardware, specialized machines, and skilled operators are all close at hand. I have also been fortunate to learn from local military contractors who make bullet proof vests for our armed forces. They have connected us with military fabric sources and inspired the design of many of our manufacturing processes.  Everything we create is made in California with the best domestic and imported materials. We take pride in our craftsmanship and ethics. Please browse our site and feel free to get in touch via email or social media. I promise to always give you our best.”

Rose & Fire Crazy Stripe

So at this point, you have gathered that Rose & Fire is not some off the rack, mass-produced in China, golf accessory company.

Instead, they are the beautiful designer and tailor that you go to when the perfect cut and finish is the only option. I sit back and think about how much money most have invested in their bag, and if you don’t, that’s fine too. Just means you haven’t read enough of my blog posts!

But in all seriousness, the amount of time spent on research and trial and error, to form the perfect bag, just to leave boring stock covers on, should be a sin. Mike has done a fantastic job using vivid and attractive colors so you can have a grand time matching or go abstract as you want. For me, it was a no-brainer when I saw the newly released “Crazy Stripes.”

The new covers were going to tie in perfectly with my Titleist staff stand bag and also provided the classic but modern look I’ve been wanting. The “Crazy Stripes” is a BRAND new design and boasts some fun specifications: This nylon canvas is sturdy, beautiful, and light–everything you want in a head cover. Similar to its beefy cousin Ballistic Nylon, this fabric is very durable.

However, this type of nylon because of its more exceptional 1×1 plain weave allows for a more fluid drape and smoother lines. One key to this material is that it has waterproof attributes. Hilariously enough, I got to find this out first hand.

Rose & Fire

When the flattering package arrived from Rose & Fire, it included a handwritten note from Mike on Rose & Fire notepaper.

This may mean very little to some, but it means everything to me. Service like this is what you would expect from a high-end retailer or designer. It shows commitment and actual care for what’s leaving the shop and says I want you to be a part of what I am doing here, before even opening the packaging. So, we are off to a good start. Next, I unwrapped a Driver cover (460cc head fit guarantee), 3 wood, hybrid, putter cover, and an alignment stick cover.

Rose & Fire Crazy Stripe

Right away I could feel that the material and construction of these covers were thick and well built. The white leather numbers sewn onto the covers were rich and vivid, and the interior material made me feel my clubs were going to a warm bed, lined with silk sheets. It has stitch patterns from some of my designer dress slacks, with a color change from front to back.

Naturally, I brought my stand bag right into the kitchen to see how well everything came together.

The best and most fair description of how my bag looked was this; It was my first day of school outfit. Everyone can recall that first day of school outfit; it was unstoppable. And that’s how my bag looked with these head covers. It instantly transformed from a used club selection at Golf Galaxy to a tour level bag. It was classic yet modern all in the same frame.

Rose & Fire

That very weekend I brought them straight to the course to put them through my typical Saturday morning paces, and the most horrific thing happened, every golfer’s worst nightmare, it poured rain out of nowhere on my weekly golf excursion.

How dare it? How could it? By hole four my entire bag was soaked. I used my bag towel to protect my irons, while the head covers took an incredible amount of water from the storm. I thought for sure I was going to have to go back to Mike and negotiate another set because without a doubt these were ruined.

Luckily, to my surprise by the end of the round, they were almost dry.

But were the crazy stripes going to change color or smell? I was sure of it so I brought the covers home and set them on the same kitchen counter where I had unpacked them.  I then went and cleaned my clubs from the round. By the time I had finished my club wash, they were dry! No odor. No color change. Nothing. I couldn’t even tell they had been through the Texas Hurricane just a few hours earlier in the day.

Rose & Fire Crazy Stripe

So not only do these look the part, they wear the part as well. Durable and stylish is often a term most don’t think of in the same sentence. Surely I have your attention at this point, so let’s talk about the breakdown of these beautiful creations. All covers and accessories can be found on their website for purchase. If you like to keep up with on the course photos and new releases, I would recommend following them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well.

On to the goodies:

Driver, 3 wood, Hybrid: “Crazy Stripes” Headcovers have an MSRP of $27-29 per cover

This nylon canvas is sturdy, beautiful, and light–everything you want in a headcover. Similar to its beefy cousin Ballistic Nylon, this fabric is solid. However, this nylon canvas’s finer 1×1 plain weave allows for a more fluid drape and smoother lines.

Putter Cover: Cotton Canvas with Ultralight Wax MSRP $32

This cover is made from a rugged #10 duck cotton canvas that is lightly waxed. It is waxed to resist some moisture under normal playing conditions (but not storms). The fabric will soften over time and take on a character unique to you. This canvas is 100% cotton that is impregnated (not coated) with a light wax. This allows it to resist moisture and will help keep your gear looking great.

Alignment Stick Cover:  Black Nylon MSRP $12

This cover will keep your alignment sticks tidy and look great. It snugly fits over two alignment sticks, and at about 15.5″ deep. It will cover the entire end that sticks out of your bag. The 1-piece design is made with USA-woven nylon canvas and sewn with heavy USA-made nylon thread, so you can be sure it will last.

Rose & Fire crazy stripe

All products are explained in full detail on their website.

On the website, Mike has created videos for most products. This allows him to show not only the fit and finish but how his design thought process works. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to browse the site, and figure out that all of the materials and designed are just as much functional, as they are form. The materials and stitch style are meant for longevity and comfort. Mike has done an incredible job with trial and error of different materials, to bring to market some of the very best covers you can find.

The only thing more impressive than Rose & Fires products is their story.

Check them out and see for yourself. It is truly a company that is cut from a different cloth. A cloth that offers a classic and elegant style but with a modern twist. Want to transform your bag from a disarray of cheap worn out Velcro brand specific head covers? Well, look no further. Mike and his team are waiting with measuring tape and chalk, They are ready to tailor your bag, so it is the prettiest at the ball.

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