Round 2. Coming round the Mountain

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110. Better.

I got to the course early. It’s not a far drive from my place but not exactly down the street. Come-on Randy we need to play Revere Damn it! The course was packed, I could tell that we we’re going to be in for a long day. We had no clue just how long it actually was going to be.

Things on the range went good. I was hitting the Driver well enough that it wasn’t worrying me about using it. I had practiced a little with my 3Wood at Callaway so I was ready to use it if things went astray. Didn’t get a chance to putt and I’m regretting it now. 43 putts is pretty bad for 18 holes. No four putts though, I guess that’s the only thing to be positive about with my putting today.

Randy’s friends weren’t able to make it so we got paired up with some guys from Chicago. Life lesson learned today; when golfing at Black Mountain in the early spring with the rates at $35 for 18 holes expect the place to be PACKED! OH MY GOD. It took us 30min just to play the first two holes. Longest round of my life!

I said I wasn’t going to dwell on the negative, but here is some of the negative that took place. I’m terrible off the tee. My first shot I caught so clean, but straight left. Good distance just way left of the fairway. Key point was it was straight. Second hole, Jitters now disposed of, same thing caught it clean and smoked it, right. I was on fire! Two tee shots two penalties. A par three was next and I was hoping to get some relief from my driver. Bogey 4, better. Next tee shot my slice showed up to the party and said “HOW ARE YA, DID YA MISS ME!” Hell no I didn’t miss you, you ungrateful ass hole. Lucky for me my slice was just a minor problem. My irons were weak, my woods didn’t help me any (their fault of course (and my putting was awful.

After two more bad tee shots on holes 10 & 11. I said enough is enough. The 13th is par 5 and I decided to start using my 3Wood. Best decision I made all day. I hit the fairway on all the remaining holes, hit 3 out of five greens. Ended the round with a nice par on 18, the truth being told I gave myself a mulligan on the last hole. I hit my 3Wood way off to the right and was pissed. I grabbed my driver and crushed it dead center about 270 yards. It was a downhill fairway, so I got some good roll!

So I’ll take my 110 and be happy, at least it wasn’t a 113! I know what I have to work on next week at the range. My driver is killing me. Can’t work on approach shots if you can’t get to an approach shot!

Three more rounds to go until I can generate a Handicap, hopefully my next round will be better.

To the range I go!

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