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Shadow Creek Golf Club • North Las Vegas, NV
There are certain days you know are just going to be special. This day I woke up and knew in just a matter of hours I was going to be walking around heaven. Or the uber-exclusive, yet very public, Shadow Creek Golf Club. It was one of those days I’ll never forget.
I’ve been able to play some beautiful and incredibly scenic golf courses so far in my short golfing career, but nothing had prepared me for what Shadow Creek brought to the table. Words cannot even come close to describing the feeling inside as you make your way around the course.
While Shadow Creek is a public course there are some limitations. Mainly the price. A round of golf will run you $500 plus gratuity for the Caddy. The Caddies, by the way, are amazing and completely worth the tip. Another limitation will find you staying at an MGM Resort in order to book the tee time. That is a little odd yes, but, the limo ride from the resort to Shadow Creek makes up for it is an awesome way. 

Here’s arguably my most favorite golf course photo gallery I’ve ever taken. Enjoy.

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  1. @heidi_striker What a great looking golf hole! Just beautiful!

  2. Don Williams
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    Hey Matt – it’s Don from your round at Wolf Creek last weekend! I remembered your hat and found your blog – glad I did. I had a great day at Shadow, too, is that place incredible or what? If you’re ever out in the Denver area, shoot me a note (and let me know if you don’t have access to the email I provided through this post). Also, if you have Ryan’s contact info that you could send me that would be great – I imagine he’s out in Denver quite a bit with his current gf situation 🙂 Hope to bump into you again sometime and keep up the nice blog.

    • Mathew Wangrycht
      | Reply

      Hey Don!!

      Glad you remembered the site! Shadow was so amazing! Wish you could have joined us there as well! I have your email and I’ll forward you Ryan’s info.

      Thanks for reading the site, it goes back almost 5 years now so if you’re ever board bring up some of the old articles and you can read all about my struggles!! HA HA!! Take care.

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