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Well it’s taken me almost a week but I finally think I’ve gotten my internal clock back on Vegas time. I’ve never had this much trouble adjusting to a time zone change. For the most part I only really travel north of Vegas or back east so this was the first time going west and I’ve been a disater ever since we got back Sunday morning.

Due to that extended batch of Jet Lag I haven’t had much time to work in my game this week at all. It didn’t help that I was way behind on a bunch of other stuff as well from being off the reservation for a week but I did want to give a quick shout out to a new friend.

The Thursday before I headed out of town I got the pleasure of playing a round of golf with Ryan Peterson here in Henderson at The Legacy Golf Club.

Ryan was in town from Utah for some business and had some free time so we got together for a late afternoon round.


Here’s Ryan admiring a shot from our round at Legacy.


You’ve heard me say it before but I’ll say it again; one of the top things that I love about writing this blog is the interactions that I ‘ve been fortunate to have with so many amazing people. Through this site, my twitter feed and my Instagram feed I’ve met and made some really good friends. Ryan is no different. He has a passion for the game and strives to get better every round. We actually had a lot in common, which is nice because it just shows that I’m not the only golf crazed lunatic out there!!

Ryan is based out of Utah and has an incredible Instagram account @utahgolf which is how I first came into contact with him. The pictures he posts makes me want to pack up my clubs and move up to Utah. The majority of them are from the courses he frequents in Utah and they are spectacular. Occasianlly he get out to some pretty awsome courses like most recently East Lake in Atlanta. So if you’re a fan of golf course photography, like I am, be sure to give him a follow. He’s relatively new on twitter too, so you can follow him there as well @utah_golf.

Thanks for lettting me hack around with you Ryan. I’m looking forward to the next time we can tee it up!

I plan on getting back to my regular schedule next week and have a few rounds planned in the future. One out at Conestoga and I’m finally going to get out to Bali Hai, something I’ve been wanting to do go a while now. I was pretty happy with how everything went at Kapalua but there is a few things that went astray that I’m eager to get worked out.




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