PHOTOS: Southern Highlands Golf Club

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Southern Highlands Golf Club
October 20th, 2013

Nestled gently in the southern hills of the Las Vegas Valley is one of the true gems of the West, the Southern Highlands Golf Club. This course has been on my wish/bucket list dating way back to 2000 when I bought my first home in the Southern Highlands community. That house was nowhere near some of the exclusive homes you’ll find lining the fairways as you make your way around the course, but I loved the area and drooled every time I drove by the stunning front gate.

I finally got my chance to play this premier course with a new friend Robby Anderson and to say the course and facility didn’t disappoint would be a huge understatement. Perfect greens, amazing weather (which was a blessing) and one of the best layouts I’ve played out here in the desert, Southern Highlands Golf Club was, for me, a perfect golfing experience. I certainly look forward to the next time I can tee it up out there and hopefully the next time Mr. Andrew Ganey will be there to join us!

Enjoy the pictures. I know everyone says this about photos but they truly do not do the course justice. It is an amazing place and should be tops on many, many lists when considering premier courses on the west coast!

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  1. Robby Anderson
    | Reply

    Rest of the week was amazing. 83 degrees and zero wind for 10 days of golf doesn’t get much better than that. Ended up playing 4 rounds at TPC Summerlin, 2 at Southshore and 2 at Southern Highlands. Friends all arrived Monday night / Tuesday morning without issue and we had a great week. Southshore was perfect condition, course had been closed month prior to us playing for overseeding and had just reopened. Played a little soft but was as lush as you could have imagined. Little depressing to play Southshore and look down over the old Reflection Bay course, quite a reminder of times gone by. Will be back in town first weekend in December for 4 days of golf if you have any desire to get out and play. I think there will only be 3 of us. Talk to you soon and enjoy the sun and year round golf, it is snowing here today. AGAIN

  2. Robby Anderson
    | Reply

    Email a playing partner the roll of pictures from our day at Southern Highlands.

  3. Robby Anderson
    | Reply

    Man, I didn’t realize you took that many pictures that day. VERY NICE !!!!

    • Mathew Wangrycht
      | Reply

      How did the rest of your week go Robby? I’m curious if the Caddy was any better on Friday? Would love to hear what you thought of South Shore as well.

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