Srixon Z785 Driver Review

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Want to play with the big boys? Make big boy claims!

The new marketing campaign from Srixon golf is taking no prisoners and showing so much confidence you could bottle it. New materials, new paint job, and top of the line shafts had us extremely curious to lift up the hood on the new Z785.

Add speed and distance to your long game, guaranteed! The Z785 from Srixon

New Z Series Drivers are our fastest, longest, and most workable yet. We guarantee it. Buy them online or in store and if you aren’t happy with your ball speed gains, send them back within 60 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

-Team Srixon

Over the past couple of years, Srixon is the internet’s favorite “sleeper” iron. Countless blogs and social media outlets praise Srixon for its irons that don’t seem to ever get the credit they deserve. In street racing and high school football, it’s to your advantage to have a “sleeper” or an unsuspecting secret weapon. But when you are a significant enterprise trying to gain more market share, I can’t imagine executives gather in the boardroom to discuss how to make badass products that don’t get the credit they deserve.

It’s evident that Srixon is tired of sitting on the sideline watching, in the game of market share.

They have produced some of the best products in their company’s evolution over the past couple of years, and they want you to know it! It seems like nothing gets the masses excited like a driver release. There is only so much marketing excitement that is generated by a pure feeling iron. The golf addict will line up to gain that extra couple of yards each year when a driver is released without hesitation, but to my knowledge, I can’t remember a release this bold ever before from  Srixon.

Callaway and Taylor Made have been playing tit for tat in the driver category for the past decade. Have there been other great drivers released? Of course, there has been. But on most occasions, when you are playing in your weekend golf groups, these are the most common brands that are seen.

So what do you do as a company when you want to gain market share from top producers?

You go right after their throat! I applaud Srixon for this campaign. It could be my inner love for Srixon or my competitive nature, but to make these claims with a money back guarantee (See the bottom of this post for the details) gets me drooling. It’s like watching a movie on a great underdog story of a small town sports team. Under no circumstance should this team win, but they believed in the idea of winning so much, they couldn’t settle for anything else.

Owning the predecessor of the new Srixon Z series, I thought it would be fun to compare them head to head. You will see the data from both clubs further down in the article. Bold as it is to go after the top dogs, my curiosity was more so to see what kind of evolution did they do. The growth of new product expectation created by the industry is a double edge sword. As fun, as it is to walk out of the store with that brand new shiny toy, the consumer in you, has to be somewhat skeptical. How is it possible, year after year, for a company to make said club better.

My honest opinion is that they don’t.

Very often you will see almost no variation in tech. Instead, a shiny new paint job and some new crazy marketing campaign. Srixon seems to not conform to the industry pressure of annual releases. Alternatively, you will see new product releases every 2-3 years. Leaves you to wonder if they take that much more time to make things better. Or maybe, the current product is just that good-the urgency is subdued. Either way, I couldn’t wait to find out.

I remember the release of the Z565 series driver and how excited I was at the time. Various golf outlets were raving about how good it was. One thing that caught my attention before even swinging the new Z series is that the buzzwords seem to have real sustenance behind them this go around. Srixon was proud about a few things in the previous Z series model; new power wave sole, stretch cup face, and a new lightweight crown.


Fast forward to the Z785, and these are the buzzwords flying around; titanium, carbon fiber, and a quick tune system. To me as a performance-driven enthusiast, those tell me they have put some R&D into this. Those are the types of materials and tech I would look for when going into battle with industry leaders. To me, it says, we have arrived.

First Look:

At first glance at the new Z785 you can feel an energy shift in the R&D team almost instantly. You have a beautiful carbon fiber shell, hot rod red paint job, finished off with the new titanium face with noticeably fewer grooves than any previous driver model. Looking down at the Handcrafted HZRDUS black shaft, that comes stock with every driver, tells the pilot that this jet means business. It is an ultra-sleek and visually appealing club that just feels flat out different than its predecessors. Topped off with a red vinyl cover with carbon fiber inlays is the literal cherry on top.

What’s New:
  • New Z Series Drivers feature an all-new Cup Face built with exotic Ti51AF Titanium. This lighter, stronger alloy allowed us to go thinner and stretch the face farther around the crown and sole.
  • A lightweight carbon crown moves mass to the perimeter for more forgiving, more accurate drive
  • That larger face area flexes a lot more at impact. And it’s that flexibility—the compression and decompression of the driver’s face that gives you more ball speed than Rogue, M3, M4, and G400 drivers.

Srixon Z785 Driver

Z785 Driver – Tour look, Tour feel, Tour performance

The Z785 driver is 460cc with a tour-preferred look and profile. It promotes the low-spin, penetrating trajectory that better players demand off the tee.

Srixon Z785 Driver

Adjustability perfects performance

Work with the characteristics of your swing, not against them, to experience your most consistent long game performance yet. An adjustable hosel sleeve on the Z 785 Driver allows you to select the loft, lie, and face angle that best suit your swing. And interchangeable weights on both Z Series Drivers will enable you to change swing weight for total customization.

On the Z785 a premium shaft from ProjectX comes standard.

Project X HZRDUS delivers remarkable distance for the stronger and more aggressive golfer, without sacrificing control. Featuring increased stiffness along the full length of the golf shaft, you can put more power behind the ball while keeping spin low and maintaining control.

Srixon Z785 Driver

Testing the Z785 head to head with the Z585

Concerning your time and attention span, I have simplified some quick testing data here. There is a great outfit here locally called Swing Zone. It is an indoor facility with all the latest technologies and cameras to capture data. I use it exclusively when testing products that are coming in and out of my bag.

As previously mentioned, I brought my old Srixon Z585 driver along for comparison purposes. Below you can see the data. An improvement in almost every category adds clarity to Srixon’s confidence level in their new woods line. The feel, sound, and numbers were entertaining to see.

After a somewhat lackluster feeling from my old Srixon driver, this was a brilliant change. The characteristic shift was like getting out of a Camry and hopping into an Italian sports car. This shift was also easily visible from the data gathered below.

One aspect that I was amazed at was the forgiveness of the Z785. Comparing the two clubs, the Z565 was designed for more forgiveness/ better launch. So when I found the new Z785 going further than its older brother, even on off-center hits, I was bought in. Players everywhere are looking for drivers that are as fast and hot as physically possible. But they also with the most forgiveness. You will find both with the new Z785.

Final Thoughts

Srixon is ready. They are prepared to get the respect and market share they deserve. Cleveland has been a top-selling wedge for years. Srixon’s driving iron was the most popular on tour last year. The irons have gained a ton of traction with various forged Z models. So it is no surprise that they were ready to grab the wheel on the tee box. The Z785 leaves nothing to be desired.

The sound produced at impact is classic and rewarding. The face delivers incredible ball speed with low spin. It does not punish you terribly for hits off center, and it has one of the industry’s top-selling shaft in its factory. They have backed their claims of performance with a 60-day guarantee to satisfy any final reservation you may have about the new technology. It is the absolute complete package, and I suspect to see more in tour players and amateur golfers hands soon.

The Z785 Driver is available TODAY!

They have been pre-ordered for a little while now but 9-14-2018 is the release date. That means all your golf retailers and courses should have them in stock.

The Z785 will retail for $499.99 and can be purchased directly from the Srixon website, or at a participating retailer. That last part is important in regards to the guarantee.


With the release of the 2018 Z Series Drivers, Srixon is offering a 60-Day Performance Guarantee on new Z Series Drivers for all customers from the original date of purchase.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the incredible performance of the Z 585 or Z 785 Driver, return it to the store where you purchased it and get a full refund: No Questions Asked.


  1. The original receipt or order number must be presented in order to receive your refund. Drivers returned without the original receipt or original order number, will not be accepted.
  2. All 2018 Z Series Drivers will be accepted for return regardless of condition, no questions asked. This offer applies to both stock and custom options.
  3. Offer strictly valid when purchasing through or at participating retailers. To redeem, return the drivers to the store where you purchased it.
  4. To find a retailer near you, go to
    1. If you purchased directly through, your credit card will be refunded the full value of your purchase.
    2. If you purchased through a participating retailer, be sure to check with them on their policy for executing the refund. This will most likely come in the form of store credit or a gift card.
  5. Guarantee is valid only on purchases made from August 27, 2018 – December 31, 2018.
  6. Srixon reserves the right to adjust this program at any point in time without notification.


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