Brianne Sutherland

Contributing Writer

I am so excited to have the opportunity to contribute to The Breakfast Ball!! My golf story is just a little different than the other writers. And I hope to bring a unique perspective to the blog.

I am a hospital pharmacist who calls Kansas City home, and while I’ve lived all over the state of Missouri, I’ve settled just West of the state line on the Kansas side (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!). Kansas City is a pretty cool little city. There’s lots of big city and suburban feels all sort of shrunken down into easily navigable neighborhoods. And, if you’ve never had our BBQ, you’ve never had “REAL” BBQ. Shout out to Joe’s KC and Q39, my personal favorites.

But let’s talk golf, that’s why we’re here, right? I. Love. Golf. SO much. But before the summer of 2018, I’d never touched a club. Golf was not a part of my life in any way. I didn’t grow up on the course or have experience as a student-athlete. No one in my family played golf. I certainly didn’t spend HOURS of my free time analyzing swings or drooling over equipment. Nor did I look longingly at golf courses when I drove by; I honestly didn’t even notice they were there! (And there are a lot of golf courses in KC. Really, really good ones.)

So what happened?? Someone invited me to play.

A friend who knew I’d never swung a club before asked me to play. While it may not have been LOVE at first swing, it was an infatuation that became an addiction that is evolving into a lifestyle. I am a firm believer in growing the game and believe there is so much more to this sport than many people realize. In the attempt to document my golf journey, showcase golf courses in the KC area, and add ONE MORE female golfer’s perspective to social media, I created @kcgolfgirls on Instagram (The friend who introduced me to golf is the other KC Golf Girl)!!

If you’re still reading, you are probably a fellow golf-addict and know there’s just so much to love about this game. The courses, the community of fellow golf addicts, the tech and equipment, the way this game teaches you about yourself as a player and a person. But, it’s not *always* love, right?? To know me over the last year or so is to know that I’ve threatened to quit many times. And yet, it doesn’t take long though for those fairways and greens (ok, ok, and the rough, AND the water) to call my name, and I’m back out there.

During our golf season, which is April through October, I try to practice and play several times a week. My goals at the moment are to lower my handicap, get fitted for clubs, and play more courses in the area!

So let’s get out there together! I’m always ready to share my love of all things golf, and l hope you’ll join me in continuing to discover new things to love about this fantastic game!!