Golfer James Feutz

James Feutz

Contributing Writer
My name is James Feutz.

I am going to be doing some guest writing for The Breakfast Ball, covering an array of golf topics, as well as documenting my collegiate golf career at the University of Pacific in Stockton, California.

I was born and raised just outside Seattle, Washington, the only child of Pat and Terri Feutz. My father got me into golf at a young age, and although I excelled at and enjoy many sports, I decided to focus on golf. I came out of Bellarmine Prep high school as one of the top recruited junior golfers in the country touting many wins in Pacific Northwest area golf tournaments, several wins in nationally recognized events, two high school state championship wins, and a round of 64 appearances at the 2011 U.S.G.A. Jr. Amateur Championship.

Out of high school, I decided to play my college golf at UNLV, where I came into contact with The Breakfast Ball through social media. Mathew has been a great friend over the last several years, but unfortunately, UNLV ended up not being the right fit for my college career, and after two and a half years at UNLV I have found a home here in Stockton, California at the University of the Pacific. I am currently perusing a BA in Economics and carry a 3.3 GPA, as well as competing at the NCAA Division 1 level for golf in the WAC Conference for the Tigers.