JT Murphy

Managing Partner
My name is JT Murphy, and I have a golf problem.

(Who doesn’t?) A relatively new resident of Las Vegas, err Austin, TX, err Houston, TX, I will be joining the roundtable with other members of The Breakfast Ball.

My golf travels began on the East Coast, where I spent over 20 years enjoying sauna-like golf all over Florida. While in Florida, I attended the University of Central Florida majoring in Business Marketing. Playing many courses on the east coast, I can truly admit that golf out West is an experience. From our year-round weather conditions, mountain views, and my favorite, minimal sweat. My love for the game has grown exponentially with the course offerings out West, and I hope to share that with you.

As previously stated, my first true love is marketing.

I will be bringing a heavy focus on products, courses, tools, and more specifically how they are brought to the market. It is an exciting time to bring products to consumers, with channels that have never been used before. We will explore these channels and all the kick-ass products that come down them. My name is JT, and I have a golf problem. Why don’t you?

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