Laura Martin

Laura Martin

Contributing Writer

Born and raised in Colorado, I cannot play golf year-round but have grown to love the Astroturf I’m forced to use during the winter. The summer golf is unbeatable, however, unlike many other states in the West. I’ve been around the game of golf my entire life, starting with plastic clubs on the local municipal course at the age of three. Raised on the two best sports, golf and skiing, I was a ski racer and varsity golfer in high school. Captain of my high school team for two years and a state championship contender for two years, I played tournament golf for almost ten years before heading to college. I gave up golf during college to focus on my studies, although I was offered scholarships to play D1 golf (much to my parents’ chagrin).

Now I play for fun (and money) year-round either in Colorado or Arizona. A second home in Scottsdale allows me access to some of the best courses in the country, although Vegas boasts excellent courses as well.

In my spare time, I attend law school and watch sports. A die-hard Broncos fan, my Sundays in the golf off-season are spent either at the game or on the couch. Golf is the best mental release for the stress graduate school has added to my life.

I hope to add a well-rounded women’s perspective to the game of golf. I might not be as physically strong as the guys I play with, but I’ll take your money with my short game. You can bet on that. I’ve learned that if you bet on anything in Vegas, you should always bet on the outsider.