Todd Hass

Contributing Writer

Hello! My fellow hackers and wannabe pros, I am very excited to be joining the Breakfast ball cast! I am a wannabe pro through and through. Golf has been the greatest game that I have ever played. As many of you can relate, golf has brought me some of my favorite greatest accomplishments and has also crippled me to the point where every golf meme is ever so fitting. I cannot begin to tell you the times I have come out of retirement.

Growing up, basketball was LIFE. But after I quit growing at the age of 5 (not really), I realized I was not destined for NBA stardom. Therefore, I started to play golf. My aunt bought me a book called “How I Play Golf” by Tiger (the GOAT) Woods. It became my Golf Bible and sole source of swing knowledge. Self-taught from Tiger’s book I played all through High School on the Varsity Team. I didn’t have the talent to play at the collegiate level, but the beauty of golf is it’s a sport you can play the rest of your life. Now I stick to local tournaments and rounds at the club. I am a true diagnosed club hoarder and student to the game. When I’m not at the course, I am building clubs in the garage or buying my next stroke savers on the Bay.

I look forward to sharing my obsession with golf, especially club tech, with you all and look forward to retiring a few more times before my days are over.