Stance Performance Golf Socks Review

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Stance is known for creating high-quality socks.

On the other hand, a performance golf sock hasn’t been in their stable of goods. That’s changing with their new line of performance socks.

With three variations, there’s bound to be an option for you. Below is some information from the Stance website; our assessment will follow below.

  • FEEL360 with INFIKNIT


Stance FreshTek™ is an antimicrobial and moisture-wicking wash designed to keep you feeling fresh and dry for life on the move. Utilizing a specialty finish to eliminate odor-causing bacteria, FreshTek™ can now be found on all of our premium performance socks and apparel for all-day play.

About  Infiknit™ Durability

High-filament nylon yarn has been twisted into select areas of the footbed for an additional abrasion resistance that will increase the lifespan of your sock, guaranteed.

More than just creative color options.

Available in multiple knit and cushioning options for whatever your endeavor, trust in the Crew to have you looking good and feeling great as you better your best in style. Boasting a specialized left/right anatomical fit, we’ve also thrown in a reflective Stance logo hidden up top for extra safety. Fabric content may vary by color.

  • Ultralight: No cushion for a lightweight next-to-skin feeling.
  • Light: Very soft Terry cushion at heel and toe.
  • Medium: Ample soft Terry cushioning at heel and footbed.

The list of features is solid:

  • Crew Height
  • Nylon Blend
  • Medium Cushioning
  • FRESHTEK Moisture Wicking and Odor Control
  • INFIKNIT Durability
  • Channeled Air Cushioning
  • Performance Arch Support
  • Seamless Toe Closure
  • Performance Mesh
  • Reflective Logo

Now that you have some information about the socks let me get into my thoughts on them.

There is one thing that stands out most about a sock for me, and that is how it feels. If it’s starchy, tight, has a stitching pattern that bundles up under your toes, or causes any discomfort and needs to be frequently adjusted, it doesn’t matter how good it looks; it’s not going on my feet.

Something else that can be troublesome is when a sock is “too” comfy. When you play golf, you don’t want so much padding in the sock that it gives you an unnatural feel to the ground. While it may be great for the long haul, like a severe hiking sock, for golf, at least in my opinion, it’s too much.

What I have enjoyed with the Stance socks is that they have dialed in the area between insufficient comfort and too much perfectly. The socks have a great feel, and wearing them in my rounds has not been a distraction, which is the last thing you want when playing this silly, hard game.

The Price Point

Putting a value on a sock isn’t as easy as you would think. How does it hold up to wear and tear? Does it handle the washer and dryer? Do they stink after a round of golf? Did they shrink? Did the colors fade? For the most part, these take time to figure out. And since not every pair of socks is the same, there isn’t a perfect way to determine this.

Kentwool used to feature a cool display at the PGA show where one of the socks was getting stretched by a robot, and there was a counter calculating how many times this had happened. It’s pretty cool but irrelevant to a game of golf. Yes, their socks are crazy comfortable, but in my opinion, the value of their socks loses a lot because of how quickly they wear in a golf setting, which is vastly different from a robot.

While I haven’t played nearly enough golf to determine the long-term results from Stance, I can tell you I’ve been impressed. The socks are comfortable, durable, and stylish. All the data I’ve collected leads me to believe they will be in my sock drawer for a while.

Is $15 too much to pay for a tab sock?

Is $17 for a quarter sock and $20 for a crew sock going to have you looking elsewhere? That’s a tough one. With so many places like Costco and TJ MAXX offering big discounts on packs of socks, you have to look at what you are buying. Is an inferior sock on a budget worth any kind of discomfort or performance? I know you’re probably saying, “Come on, can a sock make that big of a difference in your golf game?” The short answer is yes. It’s one less thing you have to worry about. Much like a Glove, or a Grip, or a shoe, it’s all relative when you put your body in motion.

The Stance performance line is some of the best quality socks you’ll find on the market today. For me, that makes the price point very favorable.

Stance has options for you!

With the three different options, Tab, Quater, and Crew, combined with the three variations mentioned earlier, there are quite a few options. Then, when you add in all the color choices, you can quickly see there are a ton of options for you.

Whether you are someone who likes to stand out on the course and fly your vibrant wild flag, or if you could care less to showcase some color and you want your sock to be as minimalistic as possible, Stance has something for you.

If you’ve tried other performance socks for golf, then you’ll understand how much a good sock can mean to a golfer.

They are an absolute must when you visit a place like Bandon, where walking and 36 holes a day is the norm.

Do yourself a favor and go visit the STANCE Website and check out what they have to offer. There’s a good chance they are already in your local courses pro shop, so take a peak next time you’re inside paying for your round. You never know; you just might find the best sock you’ve ever played golf in!

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