Subtle Patriot Covert Golf Stand Bag Review.

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A new name you need to consider for your next golf bag is Subtle Patriot

Sometimes it takes a significant change in your life to find a calling. For Tom Gocke, the CEO of Subtle Patriot, that is precisely what happened when his former employer, OGIO, was sold to Callaway.

Gocke was head of the golf division for OGIO the twelve years before Callaway obtained it. To say he has extensive knowledge about the golf bag is a gross understatement. To put it bluntly, he knows his “stuff.” The story of how Subtle Patriot came to be is a good one, and I’ll dive into it here in a few, but first I’d like to showcase the golf-related item I received from their first release. Then I’ll go into more on the other lifestyle items they offer.

Subtle Patriot Covert Golf Stand Bag

Working with OGIO for so many years has its benefits. For one, Goeke is familiar with all the vendors used by OGIO in their production of golf bags. When Callaway took over, they walked away from those vendors and left the door wide open for Tom and his team. Gocke knew the success from the Liberty line of OGIO bags was something the public not only liked but wanted. And when Callaway decided to abandon that style of golf bags, Gocke seized the opportunity and has run with it in creating Subtle Patriot.

subtle patriot covert

Taking some of the key elements from his original designs at OGIO, the Subtle Patriot line of products have a fantastic look to them, in a subtle way. See what I did there?

The Covert bag is one of the best golf bags I’ve seen in a long time. What I look for in a golf bag may differ from what you’re wanting, but I think we can all agree, if the bag doesn’t function on the course, no matter how it looks, the feedback will not be significant. I have a few bags that I love to look at, but in no way are they making it to the course with me. There has to be a functionality to the bag for it to house my clubs. And in my opinion, the covert bag is the best I’ve seen.

Bag Features

The Five-Slot top

The opening is something I’m come to enjoy. I’ve, how would you phrase it, “graduated” from the 14-slot love affair. While it’s great for the organization, it’s a bitch to carry from the car to the practice range. If I ever get to a point in my life where my clubs live on a golf cart, I’ll most definitely utilize a 14-slot top. Until then, I’m a total convert to the five-slot. I keep my woods, since I carry 4, in the large opening, then go 5-7, 8-PW, Wedges then the last slot is for the putter. They all fit nicely and stay pretty well organized for the most part. I’m more to blame for the mess my clubs turn into while playing rather than the bags fault.

The clubs tend to get a little tight when the bag’s legs are in use. For instance, if you’re on the range. The unique base of the bag confines the grip end of the clubs wit’s used. It’s not, however, only found in the Subtle Patriot bags. I’ve seen this happen in other golf bags as well. It’s far from a reason not to consider but be aware that it can get challenging to pull clubs in and out of when the legs are in use.


What I love about the bags pockets is their placement. They are not oversized and are in ideal locations. The zippers are made of very high-quality materials and have worked with no issues since I’ve put it in play. The pockets are deep and can hold a large amount of gear yet still maintain a sleek appearance. The protection pocket is one of the ideal valuables pockets on a golf bag, I have ever seen. It’s deep, offers fantastic protection from getting beat up in the car or the garage.

subtle patriot covert

Then, when you throw in the design elements and see the interior paneling, your mouth will drop. The design is intentional, and it is where the name Subtle Patriot shines. The patriotic artwork is bold, aggressive, and in your face. I can see why Gocke decided to keep it under the hood. But do not worry you, proud patriots, there is a new line that has flipped the design, and the patriotic pattern is now fully displayed on the outside.

My favorite pocket is the one that holds your rangefinder. It has a unique enclosure that allows quick access to your laser if you’re carrying it or if its on a cart. The pocket stays closed all the time because of the design. There are two bands, similar to the snap rulers we Gen X’ers used to play with when we were kids, are installed on either side of the opening in a way that they snap back into place upon the removal of your hand. The spread apart very easy and close very quickly. There is no chance of the rangefinder falling out once it is inside. It’s a remarkable feature.

Subtle Patriot Covert

There’s one more pocket I’ll mention here in a few. It’s a feature on the bag; some of you are going to love, and others may not.

The Kickstand Legs

The kickstand legs are some of the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve had several bags from different manufacturers, and none of them have held up over the long haul. Maybe that’s the plan they have in place; repeat business. I get that if it’s the case but I’d rather have a brand charge a little more for a product that lasts then offer a more affordable version that doesn’t. The base if the bag is the pedal for the legs to kick out.

Subtle Patriot Covert

There are two factors I love about this, the first is fewer parts to break and two, the bag fits on a cart with no need for turning it sideways.

subtle patriot covert

The average carry bags do not get along with golf carts. The Covert, though, has been outstanding. There are no adjustments needed after a few holes. The bag stays in place the entire round and is ideal if you utilize a cart.

The Shoulder Straps

Subtle Patriot has a patent on their shoulder straps, and there’s a good reason. It’s one of the best on the market.

Gocke told me when we met that there are a bunch of imitators when it comes to their strap system, but none of them can do what they have designed. Where the straps cross, basically in the middle of your back, they have an incredible design that allows the straps to pass each other and not get tangled up. That’s not the difference; a lot of bags are using these “circle” cross points. Where Subtle Patriot has differentiated themselves for the pack is how it adjust in more than just one way. Allowing movement not only from side to side for a player with broader shoulders but also up and down, independently from each other is a game-changer. What is allows is a smooth, free-flowing shoulder harness that adapts to the player, not the other way around.

Before the arrival of this bag, I had changed from one I enjoyed because it was not comfortable to carry. The shoulder straps were limited, and my build was not in their designs. The Covert Carry Bag, on the other hand, has been nothing but a joy to carry. I knew it was going to be a good bag when I was on my trip to Oregon. I had several caddies that week and not once did I have to adjust the bag to fit them. Even the two caddies that carried it for me at Bandon were impressed with the Covert.

Extra Features worth mentioning

A design element that’s a show stopper

The outside of the bag has an American Flag pattern that is heated or burned into the material. They did this for a couple of reasons. One, it looks badass. That’s a good enough reason for me. But for Gocke, he wanted something that was going to last. He told me they saw one of the Hoth camo patterns they did while at OGIO a few years after the release and it was already yellowing and faded. In no way was that going to be suitable for Subtle Patriot, so he found another way to incorporate the design element he wanted in the bag.


In my opinion, they nailed it. When I’m showing the bag to people I meet out in the course I go through all the features of the bag, but I don’t point out the exterior flag design until they’re done looking it over. It’s not easy to see unless you’re looking for it. Then, once I show them their mouth open, and their jaws drop. It’s such a distinctive element of the design, and it brings the Covert bag to life.

The Covert Carry’s hidden pocket

As with all the products Subtle Patriot carries, aside for apparel, there is a concealed carry pocket or pouch on every item. Yes, even this golf bag. I’m am a concealed carry permit holder and believe you me; there’s more than once I’ve had my gun with me when I’m on the course. Not every neighborhood in Vegas is in an ideal location. So when I found out, there’s a hidden, zippered pocket, that is where the bag meets your back I was overly impressed.

subtle patriot covert

I know not everyone reading this will feel the same way I do about this feature, but it is unlike anything I’ve ever seen on a bag. Of course, you don’t HAVE to use it for a handgun. I find it’s an excellent place to store scorecards. They don’t get all bent and warped, and they stay dry. There are other uses as well, and you don’t have to limit it to a firearm. Get creative if you’re not a fan of guns, but if you are, you’re going to love this feature on the Covert Carry.

It’s customizable

The Covert has a velcro patch that dons the Subtle Patriot Logo. This patch can be customized to feature your branding or whatever it is you want to add to a bag. And it’s not just limited to the golf bags. Subtle Patriots entire line features this unique patch. From their backpacks to duffle bags and even the smaller personal bags, you can have a custom patch made. The benefit this adds to golf courses is you can logo the merchandise and if you need to return anything, let’s say a tournament didn’t have as many participants as planned. You can remove the custom patch that was created from the product and return it to Subtle Patriot. It’s a brilliant concept.

subtle patriot covert

I’m looking forward to adding a few Breakfast Ball logos to mine as well as a few Chasing Daylight ones as well.

NS2 Serves

Everyone needs to take a few minutes and check out NS2 Serves and how Subtle Patriot is helping this fantastic organization. Please follow THIS LINK

When Mr. Gocke told me all about NS2 Serves and what they are doing, I was blown away. Veterans have a special place in my heart and to find an organization that is doing so much good to help out our veterans was impressive. Then, to find out Subtle Patriot donates a portion of each sale to NS2 Serves, well, I guess you know how that made me feel. Goeke is doing things right and has established an outstanding company and brand. With our hands over our hearts, we salute you, Tom, the work you are doing is remarkable, and I’m honored to have several of your products!

Where to buy and how much?

On the Subtle Patriot WEBSITE, you can purchase the Covert Golf Stand Bag for $239.99. Currently, they are on sale from the standard $300 price tag. The Patriot edition, the one with the patriot design on the outside of the bag is also selling for $239.99

If you’re in the market to buy a new bag, we highly suggest you consider one from Subtle Patriot. Regardless of all the fantastic features, the bag alone is worth the price. It’s a great golf bag, and it is one we feel you’ll be happy with for years to come.

More than just golf though

Gocke wanted to bring more to the table than just his golf background. He also wanted to make this a lifestyle brand and incorporate more items for use beyond the golf links. They have released a bevy of items in the covert line that coincide with the golf merchandise.

  • Hybrid 22″ Cabin Luggage
  • Rifle Case
  • Hybrid Backpack
  • Carryall Tote
  • Hybrid Duffle Bag
  • Pistol Planner
  • Man Kit

They also have a golf bag travel bag that has some excellent features as well.

Adding all the other items to their catalog of products, let me know that Goeke is looking for more than just golfers to enjoy his brand. Gun enthusiast, as well as people just looking to represent their patriotism, should consider Subtle Patriot. Besides my Covert Carry Bag, I’ve also been a consumer. I have the Covert Backpack and the Covert Duffle Bag, and I love them. Those two pieces are what I took with me on the five-day golf trip to Oregon, and they worked out perfectly. Next up for me will be the travel bag, and the Cabin Luggage and the….. well, you get it.

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It was great getting to know Tom Gocke, and I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next.


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