Summer Golf Las Vegas Style

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Summer Rates are HERE! So go play!

Oh, how I love the HOT days of summer.

My inbox has been bombarded today by course after course today talking about how summer rates are now if not soon to be in effect. Guess it just takes a couple of days of seeing triple digits on the ole thermometer to put a little scare in the Finance Director of a Las Vegas golf course.

I consider myself to be a little sick in the head when it comes to playing golf in the summer out here. I absolutely love it! You can take your 75° and pristine conditions and stick it where the sun don’t shine for all I care. I like it HOT and the hotter the better! So you can imagine my level of excitement when I headed home from work just the other day and saw this:

 Summer Fun in Las Vegas


Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Growing up in this valley I’ve had no choice but to get acclimated to the high temps.

The summer months bring and now that I’ve been here for nearly 40 years it’s easy to see why I love golfing in it so much. There are other reasons to like golf this time of year though and most in part have the heat to thank.

For one the days are so much longer and it’s not difficult at all to walk on after work, tee it up around 5 pm and still get in 18 holes.  The reason you can do this is simple. All the sane people are indoors in their nice and comfy cooled homes. Not me! I’ll take a 200 yard shot in 110° temps with the sun beating down on me any day over a cooled living room.

What makes golfing in Las Vegas during the summer the best though is the rates! Driving around town on a summer’s afternoon if you happen to pass by a golf course you’ll notice it has taken on the close resemblance of a ghost town more than a place where you tee it up with your buddies. Not being completely ignorant the courses around here, some but not all, quickly change the rates to make an effort to attract some crazy people like myself and I thank them for that!

Fewer people on the courses and you can play eighteen holes after work and do it all for a lot less money than you would spend in March or October. Yuup, it would be hard to find someone out there that’s happier than me that summer is finally starting to show its face in the Las Vegas Valley!

Here are a few of my favorite places to play during the summer,

mainly because they’re not that far away from where I live or work.

Remember though, it’s very important to stay hydrated. A crazy as we are for going out and playing in some pretty hot temps, not one of us in my group is stupid when it comes to doing so in a safe manner. Tons of water and plenty of sunscreens!

Be safe out there this summer! Now get off your ass and go tee it up, there only 6 months left before the cooler weather starts up again. Man, I love Vegas!!

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