TecTecTec ULT-X Review

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We took the ULT-X From TecTecTec and put it to the test.

Rangefinders have become very important for every golfer serious about scoring and playing a better pace. Having the ability to get your distance in a matter of seconds, and not have to pace your yardage to the markers and pull out your protractor when things get hairy, is like having a 15th club in your bag. With the market saturated with rangefinders now, how do you choose which one will be a good investment for your money? Will a TecTecTec rangefinder make its way into your bag? Will it make it into my golf bag? Here are my thoughts.

The ULT-X is TecTecTec’s budget-friendly slope capable rangefinder.

The rangefinder has a nice solid build with grippy rubber inserts and an excellent compact shape that makes it very easy to hold steady. The rangefinder offers a jolt when you lock on to your target, much like the more expensive brands out there. Where you begin to realize you are using a budget rangefinder is in the features. Yes, this one has every feature you would find in a rangefinder twice its price; however, the consistency of these features is where you see the difference.

TecTecTec ULT-X

The jolt option is very stubborn.

There are times when locking on to your target is as quick and easy as a simple jolt. Then there are the times where you cannot get the ULT-X to jolt no matter how hard you try. Does this affect playability? For some, yes, for me, no. Jolt is excellent, but having that feature be inconsistent is undoubtedly not going to make me want to spend twice the price for a vibration when I lock my target. Now you can press the action button firmer, and sometimes that provides a better response, but again, it’s not consistent. However, this does not impact playability, and the ability to lock onto targets (minus jolt) is just as natural with the ULT-X as it is with a higher priced model.

The “X” in ULT-X, is used to describe it is slope capable.

The ULT-X has probably the most intuitive slope offering on a rangefinder that I have ever used. I’m going to add in a little back story here. When I first took this rangefinder out, I compared it with another rangefinder that used slope. The competitor slope was turned on by default. The only way to see if it’s on is to look down the lens and toggle the mode button. Now the ULT-X was very frustrating because I could not get the slope mode to turn on for the life of me. I’ll be honest; I was very displeased with this “slope” function that seemingly did not work.

Now growing up as a millennial, it’s not in my DNA to read instructions. So, for the entire round, I was irritated not being able to use the slope. Now, why is this feature the most intuitive for me, especially after what I just said? Because when I swallowed my pride and read the instructions, the slope feature was ideal. To activate the slope, you pull apart the device from both ends. Magic, the bright yellow ring is exposed around the front middle of the unit and lets you know that you are in slope mode. You can view the slope reading easily on the display. With an arrow pointing up or down and a +/- showing your adjustments.

I found the slope feature to be very consistent

When compared against the numbers I shot with the other two slope capable range finders. The reason that I find the slope feature so intuitive is it makes it extremely easy to know when the slope is on and off. I am a member of the Oregon Golf Association and play local tournaments. During tournament play, as we all know, using slope is not permissible. Being able to quickly tell that you’re not in tournament mode (non-slope) by merely seeing the yellow ring is excellent. A quick click of the device hiding the yellow slope band, and you’re in tournament mode. Kudos to Tec on utilizing such a simple feature that can easily save you strokes, penalty strokes.

So, how accurate is the ULT-X as just a rangefinder?

I found it to be very consistent and precise. It was always within 1-2 yards of the other models I use. The one issue I have is the jolt lock-on feature inconsistencies. Now when you lock on, and it tells you it registers a firm number — for example, 131.5 yards. But when you cannot achieve the lock, the numbers track up and down with every movement that you make. For example, you shoot your flag at 131.5 yards, but as your grip adjusts (which let’s be honest who can hold a rangefinder perfectly steady), so too does the yardage. It will scroll from your yardage up or down an extra 3 or 4 yards just by moving the laser even the slightest bit.

It’s the consistent movement of the number that can become very frustrating. Now for me, this is also not a deal-breaker. But, I do see how this could be irritating for some.

TecTecTec ULT-X

In conclusion

I have enjoyed using the TecTecTec ULT-X rangefinder. Where it struggled in some respects, it makes up for it in having every feature you could ever need and being capable of operating all of these features well enough — coupled with an affordable price point around the $250.00 mark and a great build and design. It’s hard not to have this in the discussion when thinking of your next rangefinder. Whether you’re in the market for a budget laser or a top of the line unit, I think you would be surprised by the features and capability of the TecTecTec. Would I game this and trust this for my everyday carry? Absolutely, and for the slope integration alone. I am happy to say the Tec is in my bag to stay and has “shot” my old gamer to the backup bag.

Head on over to the TecTecTec WEBSITE to see this ULT-X model and also the other rangefinders they offer.

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