The Amazing Wade does it again!

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Thanks to a swing refresher courtesy of Wade a few nights ago, I think the problems that took place over my Father’s Day weekend round have been eradicated.

It’s amazing how just talking about the golf swing with someone like Wade, who has some amazing knowledge about the subject, can open your eyes to the errors that took place.

It all boiled down to my setup. I was stumped for several days about what took place, especially since I had been playing so well over the previous four rounds. I had my ideas of what happened and I mainly blamed my head for not being in it 100%. Wade assured me though that he didn’t believe it was a mind meltdown like I had claimed but something simpler.

Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, It all started with my foundation or base. As I was going through the round I was hitting some really good shots here and some awful shots there, it was a total mix of good vs. bad. It wasn’t until the 15th hole that I realized I was not in my proper address position and Wade confirmed how disastrous not being setup correctly can be.

During our Skype session I was demonstrating to Wade how I assessed my improper setup by showing him what I believe was taking place and then comparing it to a correct setup. Instantly Wade saw a mistake I was making that was critical.

The upright vertical posture that is crucial for the swing we are working on was gone. Not only in my reenactment of my improper setup but also in what I believed to be my proper setup as well. It hadn’t been completely erased but I was doing was allowing myself to be a little bit too relaxed and that resulted in my upper body becoming too bent over at address. After a few minutes of getting into the correct posture I could feel immediately the difference from where I was and where I should have been.

We ended our Skype call and I went right to work. With my address/posture now in the correct position it was like my body was back from its blackout and once again remembered how to swing a golf club. I continued to work at home on my posture and setup and over the next several days and over those days I saw the return of my confidence I had prior to the round at TPC Las Vegas.

Nothing like a triple digit score to wreck your confidence right?

To set my mind at ease, this past weekend I went out to Callaway Golf Center to get in some work and see if what I had been working on for the past week was going to bring my game back. Honestly, ten swings into my session I was ready to go home. I was hitting the ball THAT good! Everything was clicking from my wedges to my irons and even the Driver. Let me tell you how much of a relief it was to see a straight ball flight!

Hopefully this was just a little hiccup and most importantly a lesson that I can learn from. All indications show me so far that I was able to assess the problem, with a lot of help from Wade, and put a plan into effect that has fixed the flaw.

The next round will be the tell all and hopefully that can take place sometime this week or this weekend. All I know is I cannot wait to get back out there! That triple digit score is haunting me!

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